Warning About Jude3.info Forums! - The War Room

A study on discerning the unsalvation, as revealed by God, of a tare in the outward appearance of the kingdom of heaven

I found the moderator(s) of this forum most beguiling, worthy of this examination and because they do not allow this information to be posted. This is a warning about the claims made by the moderator(s) at Jude3 forums, whom (askthe[false]preacher) say that Christians can not receive revelation from God about the unsalvation of others, especially its moderators, or even the salvation of others.

Does this not strike you as arrogant? Indeed.

And the same moderator also falsely teaches that a Christian includes those who say God is not God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit. They (Malcomite) also claim that the Father is the Son by inference to their believe when he said, "I truely beleive in Jesus, and is the Spirit with me". Modalism is not of God. Jesus is not the Spirit. Jesus is at the right hand of the Father, and the Father and the Son give the Holy Spirit to indwell believers. Jesus lives in me by the Holy Spirit.

Let us recall the false teachings of askthefalsepreacher (moderator of the Jude3 Warring Room),

"You are never in a position to discern the salvation of another person...you are wrong and have deceived yourself into believe that God speaks to you about the salvation of others. If you truly have discernment, you would know that this is not of God at all... God is not telling you who is saved and who is not, and neither is the Holy Spirit...I don't see the Scriptures telling us God is going to reveal who is really and who is not really saved to individual believers like yourself...everyone knows whether or not they have a personal, daily, saving relationship with Jesus Christ...Please show me the term triune Being in the Scripture!...Some have said that I make salvation to easy...This does not make her [Iris, who does not believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit] as less saved...[In response to "You sound jealous of what revelation God has given His children", askthefalsepreacher writes...] God has not given it to his children".

Does not all this seem fiendish? Now the question before us is whether or not askthefalsepreacher is a Christian, for those who do not know already. The Lord has already revealed it to me that he is not born-again; it is shown in this false fruit, and God says we shall know them by their fruit.

Clearly, we see here that askthefalsepreacher believes that Christians can not receive revelation from God about the salvation or unsalvation of another. This of course makes no sense since I fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ that I know are born-again.

Additionally notice the unbelievably low moral standards in claiming that one who denies God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit is still a Christian. He admits that others before also have made mention of his "easy" liberal theology. I would not be the first to notice this about him.

There is the additional false claim that everyone knows whether they have a relationship with Christ. There is, in his mind, no possibility of one deceiving themselves thinking they have a relationship with Christ, when in fact, they do not, such as the tares. One of those tares is askthefalseprearcher. They look very much like Christians in Matthew 13, but they are not born-again. They scurry in the outward appearance of the kingdom, and sometimes it is very difficult to determine if they are a Christian or not. They are what the Bible calls the "swine" with the outward appearance of being clean on the outside with cloven hooves, but inside they are dirty not chewing their cud (unregenerate).

These horrible false teachings by askthefalsepreacher claiming Christians can not discern is more than enough evidence to substantiate what God reveals intuitively and in a pure conscience, by the Holy Spirit, that he is unsaved.

Why would a tare teach this? It is for the purpose of trying to control souls. There is no love, so they try to control souls, and they do it with doublespeak, when they should be "not doubletongued" (1 Tim. 3.8). They claim who is a Christian, but say others can not know the salvation or unsalvation of others if God reveals it. This is a common tactic of cult leaders, pointing to themselves as the center and teaching that you can not discern particular things, to cause you to go into passivity. Shame on them! Shame on askthefalsepreacher!

Who made him God to say what info God can't reveal? Is he not placing himself above God? Is this not judging falsely and being judgmental towards Christians whom God reveals certain things?

We should not abuse this verse as askthefalsepreacher has tried out of context (which is dealing with babes in Christ, rather) to disallow the discernment of the unsalvation or salvation of another as revealed by God, "Who are you to pass judgment on the servant of another? It is before his own master that he stands or falls. And he will be upheld, for the Master is able to make him stand." (Romans 14.4 RSV).

Someone by the nickname of Truman (a non-Christian) at this forum said, "Askthe[false]preacher does not believe God has foreknowledge", even though the Bible says "according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through sanctification of the Spirit, unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ: Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied". (1 Peter 1.2). He agrees that askthefalsepreacher belittles God, but says, "If you're a true Christian, then I'm Mickey Mouse." He is crass and crude, and not Mickey Mouse. Christians do not speak to brothers and sisters in Christ this way. This is a false fruit, not of God.

I knew of a forum this rude and crude before. They called themselves Jude 2. This is evidence that the tares can use the Scriptures. What are they really pointing towards in their flesh? Justifying their horrible ideas, making themselves those God warns about in Jude 1.4.  

"May you receive more and more of God's mercy, peace, and love" (Jude 1.2). "Dearly loved friends, I had been eagerly planning to write to you about the salvation we all share. But now I find that I must write about something else, urging you to defend the truth of the Good News. God gave this unchanging truth once for all time to his holy people" (v.3). "I say this because some godless people have wormed their way in among you, saying that God's forgiveness allows us to live immoral lives. The fate of such people was determined long ago, for they have turned against our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ" (v.4).

Praise the Lord for this discernment!

Love, in Christ,