Matthew 27.52 - Hades

"And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose,"

Along with the events that occurred at this time, this event shows that God did it, not man. This was done to show significance of the event at hand. The authority of Christ's resurrection is for everyone who wants it, can also have it. Though they may not be in heaven yet, they are somewhere. David still has not rose to the heavens, yet he is at least somewhere (Acts 2.34) where Enoch (who represents believers who are alive and are raptured - 1 Cor. 15.51b-52) would be now and Moses (represents those who have died and are resurrected - 1 Cor. 15.52).

Not unlike raising Lazarus who was raised from the dead, these above instances show significance to prove nothing can get in God's way of resurrection pointing to the resurrections of the 7 year Tribulation at the consummation of this age in Christ's parousia.

Since David is not before the throne, and if he was risen from the grave at Matt. 27.52, then he obviously is somewhere, though not before the throne, which takes place at Rev. 7.9, waiting yet to occur at first rapture, at the start of the Tribulation before the Trumpets are blown by opening the 7th seal which opens the 7 trumpets.

Enoch and Elijah too have gone some place but it is not heaven since they have not been given newly clothed spiritual bodies. You can't get into heaven without a newly clothed spiritual body, because you can't be on an equality with Christ to sit with Him on His throne, since parousia has not yet come. Since these two men have never died, I don't believe they are in Hades (that is for certain), but some place else special since Hades is reserved for those who rest. Enoch and Elijah are not resting underneath since they were raised and never died. The will though as the Two Witnesses in Rev. 11.

It is possible that those who are raised from Hades (Matt. 27.52) go to that place Enoch and Elijah have gone to, and not go back into Hades, and Lazurus did not go back into Hades as he is only appointed once to die. So after he was first raised, he lived out his life, and must have been raised somewhere, though it was not to heaven. Since in the raising of Lazurus, or those in Matt. 27.52, they had died already once, they are not to be glorified to the throne though not until Rev. 7.9 at the earliest.

The good side of hades is Abraham's Bosom, and when Elijah and Enoch return as the Two Witnesses, they return from  that other place, not the heavens for Acts 2.34 says David is not in heaven yet. We are appointed once to die (or never having died in the case of Enoch or Elijah then to die as the Two Witnesses). Therefore, all those who have been raised do come out of Hades, but they are not in the heavenlies yet; not until the parousia of Christ and the Tribulation of the Last Week.

Troy Brooks

(noone has gone to heaven yet but Christ - Jhn 3:13 And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, [even] the Son of man which is in heaven.)