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"All of the books where LSM and CFP have the same title and source for a text are cases where CFP had translated it first," CFP.



Partial Rapture

Watchman Nee



Misreading Nee


Nee's View of Tongues

G. Michaels Understands

Daniel Azuma's stratagems  

The Crow's planning overindulgence

Watchman Nee Honored

Pat Knapp's cult

Mark legalizes lying   

Dennis McCallum is perplexed

Judson's cult misjudges, misuses

Miles Stanford misreads everything

Unregenerated Miles Stanford

BARM calvinism, modalism, pretrib-only

Balancing act 

Money and Business

M.Stanford, S.Amato, and J.Martyr

Jim Moran's Mistakes 

Head Covering

Boston's Amato

Steve Antinomian -  Pig in the Church

Absurd Conversation with Steve Amato

Sentinel Kulp lsm/lc leeist in disguise

Joey Faust confuses "hell"

Bipartite Fallen Man

How Did Nee view Madam Guyon?

Berean Call Classic Misreading

Cephas a Collector of Dead Works

Ed spoke the truth about Nee

Nicholas Stivers has an Untruth Bias

Tom Smedley - Historicalist & Mystic

Dave Chu, Wesley, and Nee

Westmin's man-made philosophy

David Henke: another Master

Doubts of Roy Hershberger

Anton Hein a Child Molester

Hodgepodge of Confusion

Vincent Blazina's Hazy Blaze

Watchman Nee's Letters

Nee was OSAS Arminian

Dimensions of Untruth

Bill the Cat seeks latent power

How did Nee view shouters?

Exposing the Expositor

Close-minded Presbyterians

Help for Orthodox Presbyterians

thebereans.net concealing truths

"Untohim" is the Sick Stalker

Ground of Locality

Help for Kerry S. Robichaux

Against the Tide

Two Principles of Living

God's Economy

Reveal locality

Selling All

CTZ Forums cult

Brutal Tricia Tillin

A View on Pentecostalism

Disgusting Facts of Disgusting Minds


T. Austin Sparks

The Pride of T. Austin Sparks

T. Austin Sparks explains

T. Austin Sparks Asked a Question

Sparks Mistreated Lewis


Tag Team of Dana Roberts

and Richard Fisher

Watching Out for G. Richard Fisher

G. Richard Fisher Exposed, Again!

Dana Roberts' Misunderstanding Nee

Dana Roberts'  Witch Hunt

The Secrets of Dana Roberts

The Local Church Cult


The Little Flock vs. The Local Church

Little Flock Refused The Local Church

Nee's Apologetics of Lee's cult

Appearances of subjection

Unspiritual Riding Spiritual Coattails

A Critique of Nigel Tomes (2009)


Central-hub Command & Control

Dennis McCallum and Locality

Treacherous Judah



The Local Church Cult in India


Bearing False Witness Against Nee

lsm/lc altered The Spiritual Man

lsm/lc altered Hell to Hades

lsm/lc altered 1st rapture

lsm/lc confused soulical and soulish

lsm/lc legalized locality

lsm/lc altered MOGW

lsm/lc believes in a Greater Sabbath

Paradise and Hades

Altering Nee's little flock

Making Up Nee

K. H. Weigh-The Normal Christian Faith


Summary of Sins of Leeism

Questions you can ask leeists

6 major sins of leeism

15 sins of leeism

Some Differences

Key to understanding Leevitcalism

False Gospel of Witness Lee


False Salvation

False Salvation


Deliverance for Leeists

Deliverance for leeist calvinists

Escaping the lsm/lc cult

Test a Leeist

Method of Deliverence for Leeists


Testimonies of Deliverance

Testimonies of Truth

Leest Letters

John So Testimony

A letter to lsm/lc (May 15, 2004)

An Open Letter

      Press Release

      Formal Response

David Wang - A True Account



A New Book

Deviating from theLord's Recovery (pdf)

 (Making Straight the Way of the Lord)


Sin of Calling Yourself God

Witness Lee said he is God

Man Becoming God

God-man big problems

Baby Gods

God Talk

The Acting God

Pride of Deification - MacArthur

One New All-Inclusive God-Man

This is Demented

Albert Says He is God

Leeland & Leevites


Latest News

News blog about LSM

Witness Lee's Money Laundering


Sin of Modalism

Norm Geisler on Lee to Hell

Sean Heath Rejects Triune God

Leeists Prefer Modalism

Witness Lee a False Witness

Two Person Godhead

Mixing up the 3 Persons

Jim Moran - Local Church Modalism

Lee's Modalism

The Processed False Christ


The Self-Exalted Man

Enjoying Christ through W. Lee


Screamers' Sin

Where is Paper Pope?

Audio Requests


Acacia: Unworthy God-Man

Audios of Possession


Brutal Quotes

Historical Quotes

Horrendous quotes


Demonic Possession

Deliverance for Thaiv from Texas


An Unholy Trinity

Matrix of the Leeism


  False Recovery

False Authority

Denying Apostles and Prophets

Authority and Submission

False Recovery



Ron Kangas, lsm/lc spokesperson

False Teachers - John Pester


Mingling Confusion

Mingling Mess


Unrepentant Teachings

Teachings of lsm/lc


Jim Moran Articles

False Oracles



Lee Club for Men


Similar Cults

Mount Zion "Of Cities" Cult


Endless Controversies

The Ministry of Strife

lsm/lc controversy with Christians

Neil Duddy


Rejecting the Literal New City

New City Foundations Rejected

The New City is Not the Church


Sin of Calvinism

Hank Hanegraaf - Preterism

LSM Nonsense


Confusing Sin and Satan

Confusing Sin and Satan


Hiding History

Summary of Hiding History

Hiding History

Living in the Past

History of Controversy

What is the White Flight?

Two Turmoils

Hiding History in the U.S.





Tim Samoff, Vague Blammer

Gullibility of Roger (ex-lsm member)

A Leeist Suicide

Rick's experience with leeists

Rick's Findings

Bill Freeman Not So Free

Jacques Hanging with the Leeists


Aggressive Leeists

Factnet.org's Terminill Revilor

Brad V. Sneed Stalker-loverofanotherchrist

The scheming at Factnet.org



You can produce Moran articles

Herald Hsu exposes the Anger

Human virtues exalted

Walking Papers  

SCP Newsletter + Pedophiler's Index

Who was like Dotrephus?

Churchese Nomenclature

Bill W. Delusions of Grandeur

Yahoo Groups for The Local Church

SCP Newsletter

Lacking Humility

Mindlessness in ex-lee members

Peter Techeng Jang is material

Teachings of The Local Church

To All Zealous WL-Teaching Followers

Important Facts about Lee's cult

Ron Salgis Took Action!

The Passantinos' Error

Organizational Skills Gone Awry

Wang Xincai


For the Money

Harvest House Corp. Statement

How many sued?

Suing Christians for Faith

Hiding funds

USA Profits

lsm/lc lost in court

Suing Harvest House

Torah of the lsm corporation

lsm/lc tries to Exterminate SCP

Falling Revenues

I have not been sued yet

1980, another year deceit

Feeding a Lie

Nathan Cheng and the Cellmate