None of These are Proper End-time Views

I fear for preterists because they are too rationalistic, that is, too much in their mind, so focused on the physical.

I fear for the amillennialists because they allegorize everything and they seem hard people in that not only do they blunt the warning for the last generation, relying on being historicalists, but they harden themselves inordinately making the Great Tribulation right now that is obviously for the last generation, not for now. It is like saying we are always in hell and that is a reflection on their lives. Take for example 300 RCC priests who believe this and molest children. Sinful seed planting thoughts beget sinful life.

I fear for the post-millennialists because they also blunt the solemn warning for the last generation of the Great Tribulation, and they specialize in gnostic knowledge as historicalists matching up events, just like amillennialists in making a millennium right now inordinately allegorizing events that are clearly for the last generation. But they also make another mistake, in depending on social change (instead of an amillennial hell), an improving outward lifestyle as their touchstone - ever increasing material and social systems to misdirect their attentions away from Christ.

I fear for the pre-wrathers and the post-tribbers because they have a problem to a lesser extent of being historicalists too. But more importantly, they take away the hope of escaping the Hour of trial, that hour which is to come upon the whole world in Great Tribulation (Rev. 3.10) which is clearly promised to us by God if we are ready, and He accounts us worthy (Luke 21.36), matured unto sonship in being prayerful and watchful, keeping the Word of his patience. Let us not be so hardened for death and the Antichrist first before Christ. Death is no hope. God wants us to be received before the throne and not put us through the Tribulation.

I fear for pre-tribbers greatly because they overassume their rapture before Tribulation, in self-avoidance of the time of testing, and therefore, when they most certainly enter the Tribulation, they won't even realize it is happening. Who is to say if they would not take the mark since to them they are not in the Tribulation, so there is no question to them, they would not ever be presented with such an option.

I fear for pan-tribbers because they have given up, but who have they really given up to?


Do you want more detail so you can make the right choice? And can God bring together pre+post?


Troy Brooks