Partial Rapture Believers

Usually more spiritual brothers and sisters.

Watchman Nee did the best work on partial rapture.

None of the three schools can completely ignore the others, yet only one is correct. Let us therefore examine them with fairness, having the attitude of a judge sand not that of a lawyer. As interpretations of verses in support of each view vary, depending upon which school of thought is embraced, I'll not go into a study of each. Rather! I would join the company of Paul, ". . . commending ourselves to every conscience of men before God" (2 Cor. 4:2). Excerpts taken from The Collected Works of Watchman Nee (LSM), Vol. 19, p502-503.

None of the three schools can completely ignore the others, yet only one is correct. Let us therefore examine them with fairness, having the attitude of a judge and not that of a lawyer. Taken from King and the Kingdom of Heaven, Christian Fellowship Publishers, page 272. The King and The Kingdom of Heaven, by Watchman Nee p271-289.

These two writings above are taken from the same source, yet one adds. In the first quote there is two more sentences added on nowhere to be found on page 272 of King and the Kingdom of Heaven. As is the case always, however true some things may be, we should not alter another man's writings, embellish them, or add to them as Witness Lee was apt to do in altering Watchman Nee's writings at LSM.

Do not trust anything from Living Stream Ministry of Witness Lee for they misrepresent Watchman Nee and alter his writings in the LSM's Collected Works of Watchman Nee. I do not believe Witness Lee was a Christian for many reasons cited. That aside, who else believed in partial rapture?

This List of Partial Rapture Believers Below Will Surprisingly Add No Benefit to Your Spiritual Life Beyond What Watchman Nee Has Already Said Because All that They Have Said, In Their Varying Perspectives of Partial Rapture Were Somewhat Off On Certain Details. That Can Be Dissatisfying to One's Mind and Spirit, as Much as it is Holding Other End Time Views.

I Believe the Reason Why People May Shy Away From Partial Rapture (apart from it being deeper and wholly of the Spirit) is Due to These Errors in Detail. It Is Not Beneficial to Make a Life Study of Dissecting The Intricacies of Errors of the Below Writers for It is enough to Have Made Many Mental Notes Of These Writers Catching Them in Errors Constantly and in Catching These Errors have derived No Benefit in that area of study.

for example, Brubaker's view of what "first resurrection" means is wrong in his book, Rapture. The
correct view of first resurrection was provided by Watchman Nee which is a more powerful effective and accurate statement. I have found Watchman Nee's intricacies as detailed as one can be and most accurate on all aspects of partial rapture. Any other view jeopardizes the effectiveness of the revelation of partial rapture. this should be duly noted if one chooses to read these other writers so as to be able to draw the distinction on the most minute details.

this is not surprising these findings considering nee had a genius IQ, photographic memory, had a library of over 3000 Christian books and read the bible over 100 times.


Robert Wilkin, Grace Evangelical Society


G.H. Lang, The Revelation of Jesus Christ. London: Oliphants, 1945. 2nd edn. Paternoster Press, 1948.


“…there are some who seek to discredit the doctrine by alleging that it negatives the truth of the eternal salvation of those who are born of God through faith in the Son of God and His atoning work. No accredited teacher of the view in question will admit this, for it is of the essence of our view that we emphasize the contrast between life eternal as a free gift and sharing the glory of Christ as a reward. The assertion serves to give some very greatly needed body and weight to their opposition…the fact that it is found necessary to use this makeweight is silent testimony that the (partial rapture) view is consistent with the faith.” (G.H.Lang, The Disciple, p.77-78, Schoettle Pub.Co. P.O. Box 1246, Hayesville, N.C. 28904)


T. Austin Sparks also believed in partial rapture, but he went into the least amount of detail than anyone, and he even stated such detail was unecessary (that is wrong). This is wrong because to forsake detail is a wrong statement for it is in that detail the Word blossoms in our heart. He seemed to be in resurrected life all the time, less in identification of co-death, in the way he always conveyed himself. In a fleeting moment you feel like he has reached some truth, but then upon reflection his words seep away forgotten. Then at times something he said resonates long after. I believe the cause of this has to do with the fact that he is as he admitted, less into the details. Therein lies the problem. It seems almost like self-ecstasy listening to himself word himself on, then other times he seems to have touched the truth. I suppose whatever reason Watchman Nee went to visit him, I too will visit Sparks from time to time. I am lead by the Holy Spirit to read Nee for precision detail and Sparks for something else, a message here or there seen in a different way, or just to recall what I had already known but slightly forgotten. Maybe just a verse will explain it best, Proverbs 19.20, "Singing cheerful songs to a person whose heart is heavy is as bad as stealing someone's jacket in cold weather or rubbing salt on a wound." However, this is a good point that he makes about partial rapture, about ADVANCED PARTIES, when he said "It is a principle in every realm of creation and Divine method. There are –HARBINGERS IN EVERY SPHERE".


D. M. Panton, (1875-1955), Judgment Seat of Christ, editor of The Dawn, with it's many contributors: William Leask, Ira E. David, John Scruby, W.H. Hubbard, Sarah Foulkes Moore, J.Buchler, etc.

G. H. Pember (1837-1910), The First Fruits Rapture


Robert Govett,  Biography, The Saints Rapture


G. H. Lang, books, Firstfruits and Harvest


Anthony Norris Groves


G. Campbell Morgan


Miss A. G. Morgan


George N. H. Peters


Hudson Taylor, founder of the China Inland Mission


Sentinel (Randall) Kulp, Well of Oath


Robert C. Chapman


A. B. Simpson, founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance


Paul Radar


Joseph A. Seiss


John Wilkinson, founder of the Mildmay Mission to the Jews


Otto Stockmayer


Samuel Wilkinson


Dr. Donald W. Gilmour III, "These truths have been held and taught throughout church history."


Joey Faust, Kingdom Baptist Church, "If you look on our site under RAPTURE category in the articles, you will find a partial list of OLDER believers in the partial rapture. There was a time when it was the most popular rapture position (1830-1890). In the U.S. the Darby position gained ground, primarily through Scofield's bible. Fausts' book, "The Rod" - It lists believers in Millennial exclusion, and many of these also believed in a partial rapture. Here is a short list of other names: J.R. Graves, W.F. Roadhouse (1875-1951), H.W. Fry. Faust says, "Today, I only know of a few folk who believe (partial rapture) position. But I predict the number will grow once people are presented with the option. Most do not believe it because they have never been presented with the idea. Their reading of Scripture is colored by tradition". Note Joey Faust is wrong on some very important points about Hades and the Lake of Fire. It is better to read Robert Wilkin instead). Joey is a hard case. Yet his book is a valuable collection of quotes.

Joey Faust writes, "Very soon many Christians will be left watching C.N.N. with the reality that they were not translated. They will pay for believing in a false priesthood of scholars to interpret for them. Yet what shall be the reward of those teachers? Only Christ knows. Yet, we do well to take heed."

Dr. Ray Brubaker, (1)The Purpose of the Great Tribulation. St. Petersburg, Florida, 1968. (Out of Print). (2) Rapture, A Reward for Readiness, 2003, (published by God's News Behind the News). In 2003, Ray is now 80 years old. Missing Christians.

Possible other partial rapture believers - Tertullian, Tilney, S.S. Craig


The idea then is

because Partial Rapture is true

is to read more spiritual Christians

who discerned this truth

as you may come across

other truths by those writers

equally as important  

Partial Rapture

Study done by Mike Morrill

7 year Tribulation

Jesus returns to earth and sets

up His Millennial Kingdom

1000 year reign of Christ

Specific Distinctives:

Teach that only a small number of Christians in ‘watchfulness and perseverance’ will be raptured

Those not taken in the Rapture will endure the Tribulation as a time of purification

Some believe the 5 foolish virgins (Matt 25:1-13) are carnal Christians left behind to endure the Tribulation

Some see the Transfiguration as a type of rapture wherein only 3 of the disciples were present while 9 were left behind (Matt17:1-8)


First articulated in the mid-19th century by a small group of Pretribulationists in England

Their main publication was The Dawn magazine edited by David M. Panton

Robert Govett (1813-1901) was the first proponent of the modern theory of partial rapture in 1853

George H. Lang was its ablest proponent (1874-1958)


George H. Pember (1837-1910), The Great Prophecies (London: R. F. Fleming H. Revell Co., 1912)

Robert Govett, Entrance into the Kingdom (London: Charles J. Thynne, 1923)

George H. Lang, Firstborn Sons Their Rights and Risks (London: Oliphants Ltd., 1943)

David M. Panton (1870-1955), The Letters to the Seven Churches (London: R. F. Hunger Printer, 1912)

George L. Rose, Tribulation Till Translation (Glendale, CA: Rose Pub., Co., 1943)

Charles H. Welch, The Testimony of the Lord's Prisoner (London: Fred P. Brininger, n.d.)

J.W. White JR., The Partial Rapture Theory Explained (2008)

Ray Brubaker, Rapture, A Reward for Readiness (2003)

Theological Persuasion:

Some are Calvinists and some are Arminians

Some hold to charismatic theology


Baptist and some charismatic churches

Past Notables:

G. H. Lang, Robert Govett, Watchman Nee, Ray Brubaker, Hudson Taylor, Sarah Foulkes Moore, Robert Chapman

D. M. Panton (editor of The Dawn), G.H.Pember, J.A.Seiss, T. Austin Sparks

Robert Wilkin of Grace Evangelical Society

A.B. Simpson, founder of the American Christian and Missionary Alliance, taught it in parable of the 10 virgins but was more closely associated as a Pre-Millennial Historicist

Current Notables:

Henry Haney, Troy Brooks (, Joey Faust

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Henry Haney (

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Jack Shelton (

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Ray Brubaker Files (


"He gave His disciples no reason to believe that their readiness for the Rapture rested on any experience of salvation they

may have had. He made it pointed and plain that their conduct at the moment of the Rapture meant the winning of the prize.”

(Sarah Foulkes Moore, Herald of His Coming)