The Word According to Rick Warren

Can you find the holes in Rick's world?

5 Major Teachings of the major Saddleback system, profit monster , and celebrity Rick Warren:

Don't Ague with the Devil
He's better at arguing than you are, having had thousands of years to practise. You can't bluff Satan with logic or your opinion, but you can use the weapon that makes him tremble - the truth of God. This is why memorising scripture is essential to defeating temptation. If you have no Bible verses memorised, you've got no bullets in your gun!

What about the spirit instead of methods or tricks; changing, exercising, and strengthening the inner man instead of outer man tricks like memorization? What is the point of memorizing if you don't use the information correctly?

Love Now, Not Tomorrow
Why is now the best time to express love? Because you don't know how long you will have the opportunity. Circumstances change. People die. Children grow up. You have no guarantee of tomorrow. If you want to express love, you had better do it now.

What is love? Is it just a method of declaration? Is that love? Whoever thought to love later? Or to keep love in the past? This is a dumbed-down teaching.

Always Love God, Even When He Seems Distant
God is real, no matter how you feel. It is easy to worship God when things are going great in your life but circumstances are not always pleasant. The deepest level of worship is praising God in spite of pain.

Instead, trust Him for love undefined can be selfish.

Jesus Cures Death
If you have a relationship with God through Jesus, you don't need to fear death. It is the door to eternity. It will be the last hour of your time on earth, but it won't be the last of you. Rather than being the end of your life, it will be your birthday into eternal life.

Death is not the door to eternity so why not just commit suicide saying you are a believer then? I do believe Rick Warren is tickling peoples' ears with these catch ideas. You don't cure death, you overcome it. Death is incurable. Just like the flesh is incurable, how can then death be curable?

Care for Unbelievers
God has never made a person he didn't love. Everybody matters to him. When Jesus stretched his arms wide out on the cross, he was saying: 'I love you this much!' Whenever you feel apathetic about your mission in the world, spend some time thinking about what Jesus did for you on the cross. We must care about unbelievers because God does. God leaves no choice.

Many will go to hell. Do we continue to love or do we forget righteously there presence, knowing that is where they want to go? God says he does not know many that He created. He actually says He "does not know them". We are to love our enemies, but are we to cater to them?

Warren will soon be a stealth pastor no more. 'I never wanted to be a celebrity,' he said. But his huge influence and his church's enormous wealth are putting an end to that. 'I guess I can't really hide away any more,' he said.

Welcome to the next Billy Graham! Even a larger profit behemoth, an even more refined system. Men love to point to themselves. The best thing that Rick Warren could do for His life and to help others is to receive God in heaven, selling everything he owns, and give it all away. It is harder for a rich man to get into heaven than a camel to go through the eye of a needle. Dismantle the Saddleback Ranch and and proclaim his error of building a behemoth system, yet another religious Rome, having had no faith that Jesus Christ, instead, will come to set up the kingdom. Will Rick do this? Of course not. He loves what he has, and he won't be giving it up in this life time. He will let himself see how far he can take this love of his.

Troy Brooks