Samsonís Victory


Samson's victory was God's wrath which commences at the false altar and temple. Something similar is described in Amos 9.1: Then I saw a vision of the Lord standing beside the altar. He said, "Strike the tops of the Temple columns so hard that the foundation will shake. Smash the columns so the roof will crash down on the people below..."

The Philistines use to perform human sacrifices, watching them performed, as they sat on the flat temple roof of their temple. Their god was called Dagon, of grain and harvest. Many of these temples were built as local entertainment centers to watch these human sacrifices in hopes of a better grain harvest.


When the Ark of God was placed next to their god Dagon in a similar temple, that idol fell over and broke into pieces (1 Samuel 5.1-7). Godís strength goes beyond numbers and physical might.


In spite of Samsonís past, God still answered his prayer and destroyed the pagan temple (Judges 16.23-31) and worshippers by using Samsonís mighty strength one last time. Samson was a picture of a man still able to be restored to right relationship with God after all that had happened in his life and the guilt over his sin he caused upon himself. When Samson had killed 3000 that day, and Samson with them, that was more than he had ever killed of the evil nation of the Philistines in his entire life. Samson was hated by the Philistines because of his constant feats against them. He was truly the thorn in their side.


Samson was a Nazarite who sacrificed his whole life by letting his hair grow long and not partake in wine, but he always tripped up along the way showing us how weak our flesh is in committing ourselves to God. We are shown that when his hair was shaved his power was lost and his eyes were plucked out (Judges 16.20-21). We do not have light and we do not see because we are not wholly consecrated.


You can be sure that people began to think twice about the human sacrifices after the Ark of God performed its work against the god of Dagon as well as God using Samson to topple the temple and killing miraculously 3000 Philistines.


If you were imprisoned in an evil institution and your only option was to topple the regime in swift blow, like USA did to Japan, then it is accounted worthy. This is not an example of suicide bombers of today for he was imprisoned. The mohammedistic suicide bombers of Islam are not imprisoned. If they accepted Godís promise they would not try to occupy land promised to the Israelites from the gulf of Aqaba to the Euphrates River, but they do. That would be their sin. Israel has lost much of that territory because of their own sin falling short of Solomonís day. What God is showing us is that He is leading to a peace covenant of 7 years to be broken after three and a half years by the Antichrist. (see Daniel 9).


If there is the thought of imprisonment of the Palestines by Israel today, that is not reality for it is not the big picture. They imprison themselves for there are many surrounding nations from whence they can go to, or even remain in Israel in peace right where they are if they could live peacefully, but they can not. They proclaim in no uncertain terms they are not satisfied until Israel is wiped off the map. This is not the act of imprisonment but a warmonger. In fact Islamís entire teachings are to conquer the entire world, and not stop till it is done. Let us not be naive about these things.


Therefore, the only solution by the Holy Spirit of these problematic sins are as follows as outlined in the Word of God: 


1)       Samson was imprisoned for life so his one option was to destroy a temple to send a most powerful message. The consequence: praise the Lord that evil nation is now destroyed for its brutal human sacrifices. In those days such measures were needed for we are speaking of the future of humanity. In fact, Israel was suppose to wipe out every last person in the Canaan, after their peaceful entreaty to enter was refused when they were not allowed to enter, because these nations were utterly evil, but they failed. Hence the problems we have today exist in large part because of sin being allowed to flourish.

2)       A suicide bomber's work is not an act from a state of imprisonment if the aim of that suicide bomber is to kill the entire nation of Israel for no good reason other than they are Godís chosen people. This gives no excuse for Israelís sins either, but Israel does have as much right to Palestine as the Palestinians, especially considering the fact that the Palestinians want to wipe out the Israelites; nothing can appease the Palestinians except their being put in their place so one day they become humbled and give up Allah-Satan.

3)       God will resolve the sins of Israel vs. Ishmael with a peace accord broken by the Antichrist and then the return of Christ in Person to end all the petty self bickering. In the Bible, it mentions from the 1290th to the 1335th day from the start of the Great Tribulation, Israel will finally receive her glory and its boundaries will be respected by all nations of the world in the millennial kingdom because then Jesus Christ will reign with an ďiron rodĒ (mentioned 3 times in Revelation) after the dispensation of grace ends. Though Israel will not reign as kings, they will be the center of all nations in God's theocracy. God's overcomers (Christians that are ready to be received) will receive the reward of reigning with Christ in the millennial kingdom as Kings and Priests.


Praise the Lord!


Troy Brooks