Shabir Ally is Going to Hell


Shabir Ally,

I have some problems with your view because you seem to be accusing God your creator rather than heeding His word.

1) The reason why Israel was to kill the tribes in Canaan was because they were engaging in human sacrifices and even if they killed only the adults, the children would grow up to do the same, so it seems to me God's reasoning is justified.

2) God obviously considers adultery quite horrendous even to the point of stoning under the law. We are reminded of this today. Apparently, it was happening so much then, this was the only option.

"If a man commits adultery with another man's wife, both the man and the woman must be put to death" (Lev. 20.10).

3) Women not allowed to speak in church meetings was like you said, conducive of the times. Women were quite emotional in church meetings and raising a ruckus across the isles. Eve sinned first and was beguiled by the serpent whereas man sinned in his affection for Eve. Women in those days were not considered credible witnesses. This was not always going to be the case. Just this past century women can vote. But it troubles me to cover women so you can't even see their face in Islam because of the rampant sinfulness of Islamic men. Two evils don't make a right. If Islamic men gave their lives to Christ and died on the cross with Christ (becoming a child of God) they would have power over their flesh to stop raping women. Just like false Roman Catholic priests who are pedophiles.

4) Regarding the bald man Elijah and the mauling of 42 children, I think you have a double standard with your valuing context. The context is Elijah is surrounded in a town of pagan worshippers and he is the most spiritual man in the world at the time, yet children or teenagers in Israel are mocking him and berating him. If children grow up with this attitude, Israel is lost forever. God had no choice but to respond.

5) The New Testament was written in the first century, so referencing Nicene in 325 AD is irrelevant. So when Paul said in 1 Cor. 15, Gal. 1 & 2 he met the apostles who told him they saw Jesus resurrected in various group settings this proves Jesus is God. Peter confirms this in Peter. Jude confirms this in Jude. James confirms this in James. Matthew in Matthew. John in John. Mark knew Peter and Paul. Luke traveled with Paul. Luke wrote Acts and said Acts was part two of his writings. Luke was the first part of his writings, therefore, even earlier. They went to their deaths as martyrs, but do people die for something they know is a lie? They truly believed they saw Jesus alive from the dead.

6) Jesus said the sign of Jonah and raising His body on the third day would be the greatest sign He is God. This poses a problem, because Jesus said he would die, yet according to the Qur'an he did not. That makes him a false prophet, not a true prophet, but the Koran says he is a true prophet. It is in the contradiction we find out who is telling the truth. Jesus would also be caught in a lie because he said to the disciples he was resurrected. And it also makes the disciples liars because they said they saw him resurrected, but obviously they couldn't really believe that if they saw Jesus all beaten up, scourged down to the bone, blood pouring out of his head, a chest cavity drained of blood and water from the spear. Jesus would have lied yet again, since he claimed he was God when according to the Qur'an he was not. He also lied giving the appearance of being sinless, but no mere man has never not sinned. I just don't know how the disciples go to their deaths as martyrs for the resurrection claim if they didn't truly believe their eyewitness accounts in seeing Jesus resurrected and His claim He is God.

7) If Allah deceived the disciples into thinking Jesus died and resurrected, isn't Allah a liar? For the disciples had every impression Jesus died, and they died for the resurrection of Jesus as proof of His deity and claim of being God. The church fathers record their deaths. James, in Scripture, was the first Apostle to be put to death and Paul had near death experiences several times before his final martyrdom in 65 AD under Neronian persecution.

8) What basis six centuries later does Surah 4:157 in the Koran have to say Jesus didn't die on the cross? No credible scholars do history that way.

9) Why do you misconstrue the sin of Adam being Eve's fault? Adam sinned of his own volition. Someone did sin first. That is the law of cause and effect. That's reality. Women don't come out in any worse light, for both sin just as much.

10) It would seem there was a practical reason for men to administer the Church while women were giving birth to 10 or 20 children and tend to take care of the children more with such large families. Adam sinned knowingly because of his affection for Eve whereas Eve was beguiled directly by Satan. Who should take more authority in the church? Man or woman? Christ is the head and man is head of the household. He is the breadwinner.

11) The Qur'an actually says many times this land was given to the children of Israel, the chosen people, so why don't Muslims adhere to that? Therefore, it does not belong to the newly created identity of Palestinians. The Romans in 130 AD rebuilt Jerusalem they had destroyed in 70 AD. It was rebuilt as a pagan city dedicated to the god of Jupiter. They built the temple on Temple Mount. The Jews fought back and were successful for awhile, but the Romans brought in legions to finish them off. They killed a half a million people which was another holocaust against the Jews. The Romans renamed the land Palestin
a. The name was changed but it was still all Jews living in the land. There were no Arabs at that time. The Jews were dwindled down to practically nothing. So it would seem to me the motivation of Muslims today is ill-gotten. In 1956 Muslim leaders were saying there was no such thing as Palestine or Palestinians, then in 1964 their tune changed. Abraham was a Chaldean. His wife was an Egyptian. They entered the land of Canaan. How is that Palestinian?

12) The United Nations declared the Jews may have a strip of land and the Arabs were told on radio to get out to provide them that small amount of space. The Arabs did not listen and decided to fight. Israel had a right to defend itself and from further incursions by creating a buffer zone of protection from the constant attacks determined to destroy Israel. Muslims are not abiding the UN Resolution, because they know it is a prophecy of the God of the Bible being fulfilled and irks Muslims to no end. Islam is a religion of antichrist. You can't keep attacking Israel, otherwise Israel will continue to get more land as a buffer zone, and the prophecy will eventually be totally fulfilled.

"In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land,
from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates" (Gen. 15.18). "I will drive them out little by little ahead of you until you have become numerous and take possession of the land. I will set your borders from the Red Sea [Gulf of Aqaba], and from the wilderness to the Mediterranean Sea [the Sea of the Philistines], and from the wilderness to the Euphrates River. I will place the inhabitants of the land under your control, and you will drive them out ahead of you. You must not make a covenant with them or their gods. They must not remain in your land, or else they will make you sin against Me. If you worship their gods it will be a snare for you" (Ex. 23.30-33). Israel is sinning by continually appeasing by giving up the Gaza strip and other portions they had held in recent wars.

Arabs don't want to abide in the UN Resolution and do not want to heed the injustice of the Romans stealing this land from Israel to restore justice, nor listen to God's promises in the word of God that this land belongs to Israel. The purpose of Israel is not to kill Palestinians like God wanted Israel to do in Canaan, but God's providence is at work, because of the sinfulness of Arabs rejecting Christ. God is using Israel to not just fulfill His promise but certainly to come at a time when Muslims are doing evil acts in the world or having the capacity for those evil acts such as siding with Hitler against the Jews, attacking Israel every 5 years, trying to push Israel into the sea, covering their women when they did not do so in previous centuries, suicide mass murderers, and flying planes into buildings.

It is estimated by some intelligent agencies that Muslims have 7 to 10 dirty nukes in United States right now as we speak (August, 2009), and their plan is set them off all at once. Satan the great Restrainer is restraining them from doing so. I am not sure what Satan is waiting for. Pray for revelation. God knows the evil heart of the Muslim who wants to conquer the world by the sword all the while saying he doesn't want to. The double standards expose the Muslim. Whereas God of the Bible will conquer not at the hands of Christians, but when Jesus returns in Person. The actions of Islam speak loud and clear in their hostility to Christ. It all starts with rejecting the word of God and calling Jesus and the disciples liars.

This is a matter of conscience. The Muslim doesn't have a conscience
the land belongs to whom it was stolen from. It was stolen from Israel. It was not stolen from Muslims. In 130 AD it was changed and there was yet another dispersion. Israel could return at the appropriate time of the iniquity of the Muslims reaching their fullness. Palestinians were not called Palestinians until years after Israel entered the land. Subsequent UN Resolutions are conditional upon the Arabs recognizing Israel which they are unwilling to do. So therefore, Israel has not violated those resolutions.

If a Muslim becomes a Christian, he is safe for a time. But in Saudi Arabia, his head is cut off. That's the law. No Jew is allowed in Saudi Arabia. Christian churches in Egypt and Pakistan are afraid when a Muslim gets saved and comes into their congregation, because the reaction is usually a bomb then they have relocate rebuild elsewhere.

Troy Brooks