Children 14 and Older

A very enlightening survey was conducted by the Barna Research Group titled Third Millennium Teens: Research on the Minds, Hearts and Souls of America’s Teenagers. The research consisted of extensive nation-wide surveys of teenagers. Using statistical analysis the margin of error is less than 5%. The research discovered some enlightening information concerning the average age in which people accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. According to the Barna Research, "The data show that if a person does not accept Jesus Christ as savior before the age of 14, the likelihood of ever doing so is slim."

Barna Research went on to say, "if they’re not saved by age 13, they probably never will. The data shows clearly that the prime evangelistic years are those before a person becomes a teenager". (Third Millennium Teens, Barna Research, p. 65)

Wow. No wonder the Lord Jesus Christ put so much emphasis on the "little children". Would you like to be saved?

Terry Watkins