Deceptions of Wayne Dyer

Teaching How to Feel Good by the Power of the Flesh

Wayne Dyer is hellbound, his own personal choice

He believe the source of all things is the source of INTENTION. But he is unable to say that source is Jesus Christ, none other. Wayne also says and assumes that we are one with the source. And it is the belief that we are one with the source that lets us connects with the source. But my view as received by God's Spirit, is that God says we are not connected and that we need to get connected by believing in His Son.

Wayne also says that if we are not feeling good, that we are disconnected. He is really judging our feelings like a psychologist working his ability around them to make them positive. The truth is that  we can not do this, for we are using our self-life power to achieve an objective, a perceived intention, to reach some unascertained ultimate, really. Yet such feelings of a feeling that are negative are real and authentic since feelings have both their negative and positive side. Such a feeling has its role and purpose, and it will even be used by the evil spirit to gain a foothold on us, so we must realize who it is we are really at war with in spiritual warfare.

If a person has a sad feeling, feel sad. For it is not feeling that is our guiding principle, but it is spirit, and a spirit in Christ with the Holy Spirit indwelt. Feelings can easily deceive. But Wayne's suggestion is to almost "pretend" self-positivism and it will then manifest. By imagining that which you want, you shall have it, he says. Yet, by his words, grace is not a consideration, the grace of God, in this dispensation of grace. We create our own reality, he says. Contemplate ourselves around these conditions to achieve them, he says. And the essence of this is connecting to the vibrating source energy in vibrational harmony of the highest energy in the universe, he says. Yet how is this possible, I pray, if there is a rejection of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for you? How can we reject the man who said he was the "First and the Last" and the One who died and rose again (Rev. 1.18), and who said "I AM" as God of the Old Testament said. For in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. (John 1.1) Jesus Christ.

It is impossible to make such a statement and then seek a profit, even one cent.

Help for Wayne Dyer - Why does Wayne make these mistakes in separating himself from God? It is called filthy lucre. Money and the world, keeps him from being regenerated. So, God says it is harder for a rich man to get into heaven than a camel to go through the eye of a needle. Ask Wayne to give up all his money. He can't, just as he can't give his life to Christ. This is the wall he puts between himself and God. It is not that some Christians can't be rich and some poor for God glories in diversity and uses money (or lack thereof) as a means to overcoming in Christ, but when money is keeping one from coming to the cross as a helpless sinner to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, then the only choice is to give up every dime he has, that which Wayne Dyer simply, can not do - WILL NOT do! Wayne will sugar-coat it on the PBS channel with his product sales, but it is not authentically receiving God's saving grace, for he has not met the condition of John 3.16,18; he is still try to save himself with his own works, talents, and man-made teachings. Think of it as a way of saying this is how far gone Wayne has become, that he must give up all he has to receive God's uncreated life: eternal life and the Holy Spirit in his spirit. He is so fraught with man's endless words of wisdom, he can't see behind the words, the light and the word of God that is often contrary to man's wisdom that Wayne so heavily relies on. God of Creation and the Bible has many great things planned through resurrection, but for those who want no part in resurrection life, God is left with no choice but to separate them and Wayne into perdition, since the new city and the new earth will be without sin, independency and disobedience. The greatest sin of all is to call Jesus Christ a liar, which is what Wayne does. Let us pray for him. The Word of God says it is not possible to blaspheme the Holy Spirit, so even Way Dyer could be called by God to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and eternal life. But be careful, when praying for Wayne, do not pray incorrectly since his condition is so quite fargone already after all these years. In all probability he will never give his life to Christ, so pray accordingly. If the prayer is not right before God, it would be like praying for your spouse to bring home 12 apples when you told him or her to only buy 3 at the store.

Do not believe Wayne, in his claim, that too feel good is to feel God with an extra "o", for God never reaches you through your feelings, but through your spirit (in your inner man), and even if you feel bad, is this really so bad, but it is another opportunity for your faith in Christ to be tested. Wayne presumes already our connection with God, but what we learn is that a man who says he believes in God is not the same as another person who says he believes in God, since the former does not believe in Jesus Christ as God in the flesh and the latter does.

What is Wayne Dyer really doing? First off, obviously Wayne Dyer is not a Christian. Secondly, he is depersonalizing the three Persons of the Godhead into a vibrating energy impersonally, attempting to degrade and define or dissect God, or make Him but a "field of energy" as he puts it, not keeping the Creator and the created separate. For such a separation is necessary in order for us to come closer. In the eternity of future, salvation is God's gift to those who believe - with God and the Lamb at the center of the New City in the New Heaven and  those who are saved as pillars in the city (Rev. 21 and 22.1,4).

Wayne is using his vast talent for goodness and great concepts, but the reality is that he is not exalting Jesus Christ but another god. Wayne in so doing, is really exalting himself and his talents, even for profit of book sales. His guiding principle is an energy level and the "good self", his own standard. He keeps saying, "be positive, be positive" and you will be positive, is the essence of his teaching. How much more beautiful if what he did was for Christ and not for hostility towards the Son of God, and nothing less than who He is, God in the Second Person, resurrected who was forever in the past and forever in the future. Not even once does he glorify God in such a way. What are we to think?

The reality of truth in Jesus Christ, is that God does not operate this way in what I like to call "positivism" or as Wayne Dyer calls it, "7 fields of intention" or "summoning power". Wayne uses the terms "sorcery" of the "sorcerer", always taking away God's 3 Persons, a belated attempt, for it is sorcerers that try to access fields of energy of a non-descript sorcerer. This is really a self-summoning, self-convincing, self-inspiring without the grace of God. Talent can make it look authentic.

True faith lasts forever and receives true grace. We can not force ourselves to be that which we are not for it is like covering up sin, or trying to override God. No mention of sin and the law is identified as the cause of separation by Wayne, which is not a self-identifying law, but the law of God. Self-convincing is never a means of receiving the grace of a conscience in Christ.

Watchman Nee said it best, that a Wayne Dyer type would be a man operating in the "latent power of his soul" though unsaved. Wayne Dyer has not received a dividing of his spirit, soul and body to walk after the spirit because God has not given Wayne Dyer the gift of the Holy Spirit to do such a dividing that comes through spiritual life from receiving eternal life. But this should not be surprising since all Dyer is doing is rejecting Christ and accessing a vibrating source of the evil spirit for self-actualization sugar-coated reasonings, famous quotes, and displays, that of false prophets, as refined as any man can be with no consideration of men who were for God or not for God in their contemplation - that is, God of the Bible. It is not in Wayne Dyer's consciousness to realize that the Hebrews were the first nation God revealed Himself to after the fall.

To observe how separated from God men are and how hard it will be to truly believe according to John 6.47 (to simply believe, such a simple acceptance of the one who made you) by the fact that so few come to Christ, all we need to do is turn to the Word of God and God's plan for the new city. When I discern which of the four major groups opposed to Christ, the category that Wayne Dyer falls under is Thomasines - New Agers. As Solomon, the wisest of men in the Bible, said in Ecclesiastes, "Nothing under the sun is truly new. What can you point to that is truly new? How do you know it didn't already exist long ago? (v.9). Such men were here before, and they will come again. They will be forgotten as hard as they try in vain to be remembered (v.11)."

In view of these findings, it must be concluded the reason why we don't receive any benefit really from Wayne Dyer's book's is because he is not operating in the way, the truth, and the life. It is really is no more complicated than that. He has not been able to touch spiritual reality. If you wish to know God's will for your life begin at a better place, and it won't cost you a dime but your time. Surely you have the patience for some time to consider heaven and the greatest choice you will ever make in your life of the One who created (Gen. 1.1) the universe and you, in no less than 13.7 billion years - the Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Troy Brooks