What is Faith?

Faith is Believing that you were not preselected or pre-made for salvation but you came to Christ by your own free-will made in His image so that God could give you the grace of His life as He gave you the grace of His image of free-will.

Faith is saying I love you so much God that I know you whom have saved me will never take my faith away or my eternal life for you, because I am forever in you.

Faith is saying Lord I have a walk in Christ that is so consecrated, that I need no copouts of the flesh or false mediums to replace praying with babble as I sense that still small voice in my spirit in prayer and all things at all moments.

Faith is saying that I hear and sense that still small voice in my spirit, that is without reasoning for it is solely intuitive and in conscience of the mind of Christ in communion with Him in my inner man where I sense those inner registrations.

Faith is saying God if I am ready to be received to heaven You have given the Hope you will rapture me at first rapture to the throne but if I am not ready you will have me go through the Tribulation to allow me to be ready and rapture me instead either in martyrdom or at the end of the Tribulation, after the time of testing.

Faith means Jesus has not come yet to reign with power for a thousand years with an iron rod and reward His first resurrection overcomers for overcoming.

Faith says I look forward to that day as I mature in Him and know that even if I am not quite ready, that God loves me so much He will make me ready in outer darkness after he burns off the dross of my sin by the lake of fire, that is, the second death which we can still be hurt by. So that we are ready for the new city. What grace.

God loves me so much that he will never annihilate a single soul because He loves our intrinsic value.

God loves me so much that He would never take away the solemn warning at the end of this age and say it has already occurred, in order so people heed its coming and realistic in faith.

God loves me so much that he would never make me totally deprave or anyone, and that those who become totally deprave, will only happen when they are finally forever thrown into the lake of eternal separation and punishment for that is totally depravity, reality. When we fell that never implied we were preselected as zombies like pawns to be saved.

God loves me so much that he will put those in hell forever when they disagree on these points for they are rejecting you God when they do this and don't really love you. Thank you Jesus.

Troy Brooks