Are You Atheist or Agnostic?

My main point is to show "agnostic atheism" is a contradiction for to state God does not exist atheism is the only word that I know of in the English language and would be in direct contradiction with being agnostic since an agnostic says he has no evidence either way, thus, he can make no claim either way. He can't be an atheist because he can't state that God does not exist since he admits he doesn't know. The atheist makes the claim God does not exist. These are the traditional meanings of these two words, so the meanings you find on wiki are obviously devised by atheists to convolute and play down the evil nature of being an atheist. Satan is the author of confusion. The fact of the matter, all too often, the person who calls himself an atheist is really a closet agnostic, but the term agnostic doesn't roll off the tongue. It is based on feelings only, not logic.

If you want to find another word for the belief that you do not have faith in the existence of any deity, by all means come up with a word, but I for one disallow you to change the traditional meaning of atheism and agnosticism since there are no other words in the English language to claim God does not exist and of not being sure either way. I need to identify what you really are so you can't deceive others and myself. If you don't believe God exists then I call just what you are, an atheist. If you have no faith in any God because you are not sure either way, then I call you an agnostic. If you don't like that, that's your problem! I can't force you to accept reality, but I can reiterate it. If you know God exists but have no faith Him, that's another matter altogether. Satan knows God exists but he has no faith in Him, yet he is not agnostic nor atheist. He is just screwed in the head for we all know God exists and therefore, should have faith in Him (Rom. 1.20).

You should clearly see the error on the wiki page that obviously is being propagated by atheists to try to make themselves look less evil. In fact you are being even more evil by playing this nonsensical game, being couth, and trying to remove from the English language the word for claiming God does not exist to cover up your deplorable condition when that is not what you believe anyhow since you're really an agnostic. Trying to make atheism actually agnosticism is like Satan trying to change the times and the ways. Perhaps you feel we are unable to attack you with the truth by getting ride of the word in the English language that says God does not exist. You're just sugar-coating atheism. You'll have to come up with a new word for the fact you have no faith in any God, but you still are atheist; that is, you believe God does not exist. Unless of course, you are agnostic in which case you are not sure either way.

When you do "not have belief in the existence of any deity" this would be agnosticism not atheism, because agnosticism says one doesn't know either way so you are free to say you have no faith in the existence of any deity since you believe there is no evidence either way (though the evidence is there for all of us to see). Whereas atheists clearly claim they do not believe God exists. Common usage of a term can be wrong, for if you remove from the English language the word for claiming God does not exist then there is no word to describe your actual belief, thus you feel you can't be attacked with the truth. Clearly such antics are intellectual dishonesty and self-deception.


Regarding abiogenesis, we simply can't get it to work as you would expect for that which has no life can't create that which does. It has long been shown mathematically it is impossible. There has not been enough interatomic interactions in the history of the universe to bring it about. You are free not to have any problem with still believing in it, but that would be your fantasy life.

If man could create life, it would have taken our intelligence anyway to do so and still could not have come through interatomic interactions in through history of the universe. Either way you look at it, it proves God did it! Information does not come about by natural processes. It always requires a mind. The DNA code is organized information.

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