Finding Agreement in Premillennial Partial Rapture

Parousia During the Last Week (7 Years) Consummation of this Age


How can we bring Christians together into a unifying singular truth agreed upon in the Scriptures about our future if it is true that God has one view in mind and not several as people contend with different views, not reflecting God's Will?


There is no recourse or agreement for those under historicalism since they are so far off, but what if we could unite the premillennial view into coherent agreement well pleasing to the Lord as He originally intended?


Can you see how this is possible whereby those who are raptured before the Tribulation come to the throne NOT because they are saved, but because of reaching maturity in salvation?


“Behold, I come as a thief” (Rev. 16.15) who comes secretly, is never preceded by a band, and always steals the best. They are "taken" (Matt. 24.41) not "left" (v.42). His eternal will "brought forth a man-child" (Rev. 12.5), and with "white robes given unto every one of them...wait ye a little longer" (Rev. 6.11) they are told "before the throne" (7.9) who "stood on the mount of [heavenly] Sion" (14.1).


These matured ones who "overcometh" (Rev. 2 & 3), and if alive at first rapture, are able to be received upward whereas those who are "left" (Matt. 24.41,42) make up the completion in the generation resurrection at the seventh trumpet before the bowls.


"Great voices in heaven" (Rev. 11.15) are heard at the "last trumpet" (1 Cor. 15.52), "trump of God" (1 Thess. 4.17). They are those who are "alive and left" (vv.15,17). Waiting to be harvested, "blessed is he who watches" (Rev. 16.15) until the final "harvest is ripe" (14.14-16). Those who "die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours" (v.13). During the Tribulation, they are martyred like the Two Witnesses are and raised up three and a half days after they go to rest. There may even be some Christians who are left to be gleaned during the last trumpet (3rd woe) period of twenty-four months; that is, after the 1st woe which lasts 5 months and 2nd woe 13 months.


The vintage spoken of in 14.17-20 is the same event as the battle of Har-Magedon in 16.16. "Know in which watch the thief would come" (Matt. 24.43), not just for the first rapture (Luke 21.36, Rev. 3.10) to steal the best (martyrs from the past 20 centuries, virgin virstfruits and living overcomers), but also for the last harvest resurrection and rapture.


The advanced party is a great blessing. There are harbingers in every sphere. First rapture is a last warning (Rev. 22) to the world. The final harvest of believers takes place before the battle of Har-Magedon is fought. Those who are gleaned after the general harvest are gathered one by one before Jesus steps down on the mount of olives at the conclusion of the last 24 months of the seven-year Tribulation.


Troy Brooks