Arnold Schwarzenegger Would Like to be the Antichrist

Arnold speaks of gangbangs as if they are no big deal, and his father was a Nazi sergeant in WWII.

There is quote of Arnold saying homosexuals are misunderstood. Funny. My apologies for misunderstanding why a man needs to stick his ..... inside another man's ..... How could I be so selfish? How misunderstood was Sodom and Gomorrah.

Remember that story in the Bible about a woman needing to be cut up into 12 pieces to show the most horrible sin in Israel's history? The men of the town gangbanged her so hard she died. They gangbanged her instead of the guy who just came into town that they had originally wanted to have sex with, but his concubine was given as a replacement. He loved her, went to retrieve her, and she ended up getting murdered instead. According to Arnold there is proper approach to gangbanging men or women. When you gangbang someone according to him, it needs to be done tastefully. The Bible, according to Arnold, fails to make this vital distinction.

So what did Israel do? Israel had no choice but to kill everyone in that town since that town refused to repent from this vile act. So it was a battle of epic proportions and Israel put them down. It had to be done otherwise that evil would gain legs and gangbangers would be the norm.

The irony of the whole thing is that the Antichrist in the Tribulation will promote abstinence. From gangbangs and acceptance of homosexuality to abstinence. Perhaps Arnold will do a 180 from his gangbanging days. He says 95% of people need to be controlled and told what to do, as part of his Nazi heritage so he will use abstinence to gain respect from people with already decrepit morals.

Troy Brooks