If you want to know if God is real and exists, you do not need to know all the science today that we were not privy to thousands of years ago or even a hundred years ago. Though today’s science proves God, God wants science to not be the reason why you chose Him. The reason a person comes to Christ, is because he sees what He did for us.


Now that we know Christ was God in the flesh, what are we going to do about it? What does God want for us at this moment in time? Where does He communicate His will? There is only one place His will is communicated. That place is in our spirit, but what is our spirit? It is our inner man, unlike our soul, which is our outer man.


What is our inner man? It has the functions of intuition, communion and conscience that run deeper than the functions of our outer man. What is our outer man? It is both our body and soul, all of our being which is not our spirit. Our body is self-evident, but what is our soul? It is our mind, will and emotions. It is where we reason, choose, and feel.


Our spirit on the other hand, does not know the reasoning, volition and sensing of the soul. It knows another kind of sensing, that of the accusation of conscience, intuitive sensing and ability to commune with the prominent spirit in our spirit. That prominent spirit is either the Holy Spirit or the evil spirit depending on whether one has been regenerated.


Before one is regenerated (born-again) inside our spirit resides the evil spirit. This fact is born out because the first God-conscious man, both Adam and Eve who were made in the image of God, did not remain obedient to the Creator, but chose to be disobedient. Thus, sin entered into his heart, as well as the body. Note our heart is between our soul and spirit. You can say that it is the mind of the soul plus the conscience of the spirit. For the soul to receive from the spirit God's direction, what the spirit receives must pass through the heart.


In order for us to be saved, we need to accept God’s redemption through His only begotten Son, whereby the 2nd Person of the Godhead broke into His creation, lived a perfect life as both God and man, and died on the cross because He came to save souls. Why must we accept Christ as our Savior? Because we are all hellbound. And we are hellbound because we are all born sinners due to Adam’s transgressions.


There is not another way, for sin needs to be judged even unto death. If there was another way, then God would not need to break into creation to give His life for atonement as the perfect sacrifice. Since only a perfect sacrifice can attain complete forgiveness, therefore, the sacrifice must be sinless. Only Christ Jesus fulfilled that requirement! This does not mean God dies; it only means, God in the flesh must die. Since God is triune, the Father, Son and Spirit; when Christ died, it was only in the flesh, yet He exists as He is the 2nd Person of the Godhead in eternity past with the 1st and 3rd Persons of the Triune Being-the Trinity. Christ showed He could come into creation, go down to Hades in timeless unawares, be resurrected by the Holy Spirit and raised up to heaven. Heaven, Earth (including the universe) and Hades do not limit God’s ability to move through them. He made them.


Why did God commence all of creation in the first place? Because God wants to walk with the glory of Himself. Why do we have children? Because, we want to be with an image of ourselves, extend ourselves, and share that glory with the world. In like manner, God stupendously glorious, shares His glory for the Kingdom of God.


But there is a problem. Many refuse His redemption through a seemingly endless array of excuses and systems. So what is God to do? He has no choice, since He can not annihilate anyone from the Adamic race, but He can righteously preserve our souls in one of two places – the new city or hell.


The new city is heaven come together with a new earth in a perfect harmony which is without sin. Hell is an eternal separation from God. It is quite elementary. At the Great White Throne those who are to end up in hell will have nothing to say for they will fully be shown why they belong there and accept it. However, there is another problem. The new city given in Revelation 21 is noted as being a certain size which is approximately, for sake of easy reference, about the size of India or half the size of USA.


Now, today, we could estimate that population of India much beyond 1.2 billion souls would be deemed overcrowded. If we were to draw the upper boundary as being 1.2 billion souls that shall be the resurrected-saved according to God’s foreknowledge of the choices we would all make for or against Him in His grace bestowed, we can estimate if even only crudely a savings ratio.


The pre-Adamic men ceased to exist since they, nor animals today, have a spirit of God-consciousness. However beautiful and loving animals are and for our enjoyment, they do cease to exist. There is no record of animals in the new city or the new earth. Pre-Adamic man had a soul (though not a fully developed soul like man made in God's image) like animals, but not a spirit of God-consciousness. Once God gives this, He is righteously obligated to keep it FOREVER either for heaven or hell.


In various publications, you hear the approximate number of Christians to be about 2 billion people today on the planet (the year 2006): 1 billion from the Roman Church and 1 billion divided amongst the other denominations, non-denominations and multi-denominations. There are about 1 billion Muslims. We are left with about 3 billion for various other kinds of beliefs such as agnosticism and atheism.


What complicates this further is that the millennial reign of Christ for 1000 years on Earth has not started yet, and there shall be souls saved from this dispensation as well in addition to all the saved souls since the first Adam. So how do we estimate a a savings ratio??


Obviously, most who say they are Christians are in fact not saved. We may say however, that a greater percentage of those in the kingdom of heaven are saved than is the case for Muslims. We can even say a greater percentage of Protestants are saved than from the Roman Church since the latter hold that Mary was sinless, and clearly the Bible shows her having made mistakes. Protestants have their own problems too such as clinging to the pastoral system brought over from the Roman Church. In many denominations, there has been a carry over of the false teaching of non-OSAS and historicism. Plus, old heresies have been exalted like never before through false tongues of today's popular Pentecostalism and the pride of believing in being premade for salvation through calvinism.


Despite all these differences and various false fruits, what if the body of Christ could consider the Biblical locality the center for the local expression of the church instead of these various competing factions with their contradicting views? Jesus would have reason to return.


Readiness of the Church


At that moment of first rapture, those ready will be taken up to commence the war in heaven (more specifically 2nd heaven). 3rd heaven is where God resides (at the throne), 2nd heaven is where Satan and the fallen angels do their work and interact with the world. 1st heaven is Earth and the universe.


We are shown that many who think they are saved are in fact not. One of Satan’s great wiles is to energize you in your good self, causing you to think you are saved, but are really perishing. He doesn’t care how he gets you as long as you arrive in hell where he will be waiting for you. All he cares about is to find some way to get you to reject new birth (John 3.16). He will employ any means necessary to that end.


Our life in Christ is less about proselytizing than it is about overcoming. You can't keep telling someone to give their life to Christ because you sound like a clanging bell. If so few are actually saved according to spiritual reality, then the objective is not to save souls (though this is important too since to lose even one soul saddens God deeply) as much as it is to allow the redemptive design (in God’s 66 books) to work in us for the deliverance from sin, natural (good self, petty self, environment) and supernatural. This is born out in works according to God’s will by doing the will of God for His good pleasure. There is a very close relationship to overcoming and doing God’s will. The latter will naturally follow.


By fulfilling God’s conditions in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, we may overcome according to Rev. 3.10, Luke 21.36 and Matt. 5-7 (conduct). By studying God’s Word especially consecutively from beginning to end and letting our spirit be reached, the Holy Spirit will crack open the shell of our soul and release the spirit within. What I recommend is the first time your read the Bible, do so with an easier to read version such as the New Living Translation, but as you do so, constantly compare to the Revised Standard Version, American Standard Version and King James Version. They seem to oscillate in the optimal language used. Experientially, I have found the ASV (1901) wins out most often. There is something about the 20th century that has confused things with so many versions. Moreover, there is something about the time prior to 1800s that also seemed inadequate.


It is strikingly obvious that in the 1800s Satan was especially hard at work, but so too was the Church doing very wonderful things. Many cults like Mormons, JW’s and 7th Day Adventists emerged in this time frame to counteract the Philadelphia church period. The great works of God that were intricately expounded on include partial rapture, osas arminian, gap restoration, dividing spirit, soul and body and Biblocality (Brethren). Watchman Nee particular found the writings of this period most beneficial as do I. The objectivity of the Brethren movement benefited the preservation of the Word.


Knowing this fills my heart, but what now? What can possibly come of this? This is the correct revelation in our spirit of God’s Word, but surely there is action to be taken to abide in God’s will that ought to fruition in the Church and bring about Christ’s return, for Christ will have full reason to return. It has already been stated according to Biblical locality. Once this happens in all major cities in the world and thousands of remote areas too, then Christ returns. Satan is threatened immensely. Therefore, that old dragon will take action to try in vain to counter God's action.


Once first rapture (according to readiness) begins, Satan is cast out of 2nd heaven at the mid-point of the Tribulation (Rev. 9.1). The Antichrist is reviled and breaks the covenant with Israel (Matt. 24.15). Armies of 200 million machines amass in the middle east over oil (Rev. 9.16). Consequently, one third of the people of the Earth die in a very short period of time (9.18) through nuclear explosions. Over the coming decade(s) expect Islam to increase their power. For the first time in history they are even larger in number than the Roman Church, and they know it! Their oil will be their bargaining chip and cause the wrath and hostilities of the nations to increase dramatically.


Today, it seems like just common sense to take the implant (mark of the beast) for it is efficient in purchasing goods and requires no wallet to carry around.  Later the Antichrist will force it on us. If we refuse it will prevent us from buying or selling. Some have suggested the implant will be irremovable-perhaps a change in our DNA code or maybe the actual mark is nothing more than a physical implant-a GPS tracking computer chip.


There are many other details that I could go into about the Tribulation itself, the conditions for overcoming, the rewards of the millennium, aspects of the new city and the new earth, and why there are physical bodies outside the new city in the new earth. But for now, what is most important of all, is the need to read God’s Word and have Christ work in us. This requires your sacrifice: your time, your money, your energy, your attention, to rely on God's energy and life.


There is really nothing else to write for this page, for what counts is reading God’s Word and getting it right in our spirit for once our spirit is quickened, it can grow as like any organ to be kept healthy and mature for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. If we take our attention off of ourselves and put it on Christ, the positive change is incalculable.


From resurrection what follows is an eternity of the future. Not just a couple thousand more years, but more than a million, more than a billion, more than a trillion years.


The universe is so large,  there are more stars than all the grains of sand on the earth. We expend so much energy on the matter of the 13.7 billion years it took to create man in His image to form the body from dust (Gen. 2.7, i.e. the evolution of the body). Or we try to figure out the cause of the big bang from these meager physical bodies which have only been around a few decades.


My recommendation to you is what the Holy Spirit reveals to me. Do what God desires of you. Build your relationship with Him. Strengthen and exercise your inner man to the glory of God. Fellowship and worship in humility. I can’t wait to walk with Jesus when He returns. Resurrection life now is the foretaste of that moment to come. I would love to see you there!


If you believe in what has just been said you may be ready to be of help to build the church according to Scriptural locality. All will be made clear if you devote yourself. Click on the "body of Christ" button:


Troy Brooks