The Big Picture


Mars (tentatively) will actually be splendidly beautiful. It will be easy to oxygenate since the atmosphere is only 7 miles high. It will be easier on your weary bones (especially your back) in which the gravity is 1/3 that of earth. Perhaps mount Olympus, the largest mountain in the solar system, the size of United States, was the mountain John was taken up to to see the new city from by the power of moving beyond our dimensions. Let me explain.


To get into this, the leading movement by the brightest minds in the world are following this movement, about the Sparticle. These theorists agree today that string theory and brane theory must be brought together to explain the cosmos more effectively. And in so doing they realize that there must be 10 dimensions that must operate in a specific way utilizing what is called the M theory (which its inventor likes to call the Matrix theory, while others accuse him of it being an upside W for the first letter in his name) which requires the addition of one more dimension to make 11. This was needed because there was 5 competing views of string theory, but with M theory, by adding an 11th, this allowed to have one unifying theory of all things. The 5 were as if looking upon the one unifying theory from different perspectives. They were all right.


As I understand it, there are the 4 dimensions we know of in our universe (the 3 directions + time), which are obvious, but encapsulating those 4 dimensions is another 4 dimensions (maybe heaven above). What divides these two 4 dimensional realms is a thin layer of 2 dimensions, the total adding up to 10 dimensions. However, these scientists speak of brane theory as being like a loaf of bread cut into membrane slices which are different realms and we are in one of those membranes tied down to it.


The only way to escape into that dimension above (or to these others) is through gravitons and God receiving you. Amazingly, gravity which uses gravitrons, which is both the largest attracting force in the universe and yet ironically the weakest at the same time. For example, apples fall from the sky, but with one arm I can lift that apple up with the greatest of ease. As it turns out it is actually not so weak at all. It only appears weak because those gravitons particles are made of strings that have no loose ends. Think of strings that vibrate and as they vibrate they can do different things creating different quarks and thus different particles, a neutron or a proton, etc. Normal strings have two ends that tie down to their dimension. But gravitrons have no loose ends in their strings so they escape the brane that we are on in the loaf of bread and escape to other branes. This escaping, actually means gravity is the largest force of all, even above EM ironically (what constitutes light and other attracting forces), the strong force (S) of the nucleus, and weak force (W) in quantum mechanics breaking apart the neutron and proton of a nucleus. In the beginning at the big bang SW were combined able to be calculated. But the unifying theory now combines all these, theory of relativity (G) with EM + SW.


I see the brane theory more like the brain theory with 4+2+4 as described above and maybe God is the 11th. We live in this brain. As the universe expands by dark energy which is greater than dark mater and matter pushing in, it would seem in the middle their is this gapping hole, or trace of nothingness. This could be like a place designated a hell as the thin layer we are on continues to expand outward on the membrane we are on. Today's leading thoughts suggest that two branes collided to create the big bang. And the only way for a black hole to operate is by the utilization of these 6 other dimensions that contain tearing in our dimension with loops of strings that contain that tearing allowing for black holes to exist. Crazy stuff.


In gravitrons it is that seemingly inherent weakness that allows for that escape above through that think layer of 2 dimensions, into the those other 4 dimensions of God's realm where His throne currently sits and where the New Jerusalem above is. It is in such a place that judgment is administered by God to the air the placement of every person (soul) into one of two eventual real tangible places, in which God respects the intrinsic lives made in His image, to hell or new earth. If theorists need 11 dimensions to make their theories work, is it really so hard to believe that God has a dimension called hell? And heaven? Of course not.


Eternal punishment on the old earth that has passed away is hell which has the oceans (lakes) that have become a lake of fire in judgment and eternal separation from God.


God and the Lamb enter into His creation (Rev. 22.1,4) and bring heaven and earth together right there in the New City on the New Earth (Mars, tentatively). This is why the Scriptures reveal to us that the kingdom of heaven passes away after the millennium while the kingdom of God then continues on.


God occupies the center of the New City (that is New Jerusalem from above coming down to the new earth) on the New Earth which takes 1000 years of the reigning of Christ in Person to pave the way for the New City building.


After this, when God has completed His loving kindness at least unto a thousand generations God promises this in the Bible). From Adam to the end of the millennium will be about 200-300 generations scientifically calculated. Then that leaves 700 to 800 generations in the New City and beyond, and we ought to then at some point turn that new city into the dimensions described in Rev. 21 of 1379 x 1379 x 1379 miles to leave the solar system. First the walls are 72 yards high on the new earth, then because 72 yards (216 feet) thick on this new superstructure. This is my best estimate and as far reaching as I can fathom at this point.


Eze 1:22   Over the heads of the living creatures there was the likeness of a firmament, shining like crystal, spread out above their heads.
Eze 1:23   And under the firmament their wings were stretched out straight, one toward another; and each creature had two wings covering its body.
Eze 1:24   And when they went, I heard the sound of their wings like the sound of many waters, like the thunder of the Almighty, a sound of tumult like the sound of a host; when they stood still, they let down their wings.
Eze 1:25   And there came a voice from above the firmament over their heads; when they stood still, they let down their wings.
Eze 1:26   And above the firmament over their heads there was the likeness of a throne, in appearance like sapphire; and seated above the likeness of a throne was a likeness as it were of a human form.
Eze 1:27   And upward from what had the appearance of his loins I saw as it were gleaming bronze, like the appearance of fire enclosed round about; and downward from what had the appearance of his loins I saw as it were the appearance of fire, and there was brightness round about him.
Eze 1:28   Like the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud on the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. Such was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD. And when I saw it, I fell upon my face, and I heard the voice of one speaking.

Troy Brooks