Biblocality: Meeting Place Finder for the Body of Christ


The Meeting Place Finder will use Google maps (using Nav Teq/Tele Atlas) through vBulletin, or something similar.  



Who are the elders for your locality, and who are the informal apostles in the Ministry of the Work for the Church in the region of churches where you reside?



“According to the measure of the province which God appointed to us as a measure, to reach even unto you" (2 Cor. 10.13). "Appoint elders in every city" (Titus 1.5).


"And when they had appointed for them elders in every church, and had prayed with fasting, they commended them to the Lord, on whom they had believed" (Acts 14.23).   

Rev. 2.1-7: "hast tried them which say they are apostles" (v.2); commend not to seek power of "Nicolaitans" (v.6 - those who conquer the people); "thou hast left thy first love" (v.4) of biblical locality, for this is the way it was done in the first century Ephesus church period.  

Denominations are derived by the self-servingness of Nicolaitans which usurp themselves in a class system. So which church should I join? The one where Apostles in a region of churches appoint Elders for a locality where a locality is the operating unit of the church. The one thing Satan is ultimately threatened by before the return of Christ is Biblical locality.

What Jesus is look for is the Church to organize itself as a foretaste of what it will be like in the millennial kingdom.

Meeting Place Finder

Christians can find fellowship with correct teaching on the Meeting Place Finder for the body of Christ. Apostles provide their region of churches, Elders of a locality give their church locality, and Elders of a meeting place enter their meeting place. Instructions: Step 1 - Apostles agree to 37 questions and Elders agree with 19 questions; Step 2 - Acknowledge this office in group memberships; Step 3 - Enter your work on the Meeting Place Finder.

"God hath set some in the church, first apostles...thou hast tried them which say they are apostles" (1 Cor. 12.28; Rev. 2.2).


We need someone to believe in, fund and support this effort to finance the programming for the Meeting Place Finder. If you agree with the questions for Apostles and Elders and believe this is a move of God, then your assistance can make this go forward as the latter move of the Church before the soon return of Jesus.



12 Informal apostles are needed: what if 12 apostles (male and female) could agree on what apostle ought to know as revealed by God in agreement with His word! Thus, having authority and agreement, we will set up the local churches (such as, church of Philippi in the churches of Macedonia)? There should be no issues by now since it has been two thousand years since Christ. Yet is this what we find?


I can only say confidently this proper organization of the Church existed in the first century Ephesus church period.


A Meeting Place Locality Finder is needed so we can know immediately where to fellowship on the Lord's day within our immediate local area even within walking distance that is approved by Elders that take care of church affairs and approve all the meetings within the city.

Biblocality Christian forums were created to talk about how to make biblocality a reality! We need 12 informal apostles to come together in agreement at Biblocality Forums to establish agreement in a number of questions and build the Meeting Place Finder for the body of Christ so Christians can find fellowship with correct teaching. The Holy Spirit has revealed intuitively 12 Apostles (6 men and 6 women) will start it then more to follow.  


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How can I trust that they are the Church-body of Christ?


If you agree with the questions for Apostles and Elders when registering at Biblocality Forums, the next step would be to join group memberships (in your profile) to acknowledge you are an Apostle or an Elder. Once approved, you may add your map location on the Meeting Place Finder.

"And God hath set some in the church, first apostles.....[Are] all apostles?" (1 Cor. 12.28,29).  

We may call the Apostles informal apostles: "informal" because we are not longer in the apostolic age of the original apostles, but the same work continues until Christ returns. 

"And he called [unto him] the twelve, and began to send them [the Apostles] forth by two and twostrong" (Mark 6.7).

No filthy lucre. That means there is no product sales, no central hub control, just a locality finder designed by these 12 apostles in agreement. No exceptions of any kind. Nothing wanting for self. And each locality maintains its independency. No hierarchy of apostles. No command and control center. And those in the Ministry or the Work for the Church do not draw a salary.

The strength and power and life of the universal Church is in Christ and then the church in its locality operating as a unit. The quality of the church is dependent on the harmony of the church in locality. This is proper authority and submission and is a miniature of the new city in the new earth.

The unit of the church is the local church (e.g. church of Jerusalem or church of Ephesus).


Are You an Elder of a Local Church, Appointed by a Regional Apostle?


If you are an elder, you are not part of a corporate-style denomination. Nor are you receiving salary for your work. It is voluntary and led by the Holy Spirit.


If you are an Elder of a locality or an Elder of a meeting place, please enter your church locale and meeting place according to already established governmental boundaries on Meeting Place Finder map to help others find where to fellowship in your local assembly (within the boundary of the city).


Submit your map location along the lintels and doorposts (Ex. 11,12) of your region of churches (if an Apostle) or locality (if an Elder). Share the word of God about biblocality, how to properly organize the Church.


To confirm for yourselves a person is an Apostle for your region (e.g. churches of Judea or churches of Asia Minor, etc.) ensure that he or she agrees with these questions. If there is disagreement within the locality they must resolve it an not seek another body for help. Eventually, denominations will no longer exist, but for now all we can do is come out of them.


Usually on the return trip after the churches are formed, the elders are selected after given some time to digest these truths. There is no independent moves in the church.


There are many meeting places in a locality. The best size of fellowship is 50 to 100.  It could be as little as 2 or 3 persons in a remote area, but should not be more than 3000 to 5000 in congested areas (using Acts as the guideline). Otherwise, fellowship is too large and takes up too much time to pass out bread for breaking on the Lord's day.


It is up to members of the body of Christ to make this happen! Keep the word of His patience (Rev. 3.10). Don't be anxious for this to transpire. Come out your respective denomination; don't say "I of Cephas" and "I of Apollos." We know Jesus is going to let Satan destroy religious Rome (Rev. 17) in the first half of the Tribulation (Rev. 8.7ff). The Antichrist is allowed to destroy the Roman Church during the first half of the Tribulation because it carries the name of Christ if only in name and has some similar practices as true Christians.


The only division of the churches is according to biblical locality, not larger nor smaller that an established city. How man has fallen on this crucial point that solves so many problems in today's Church. Wherever differences may lie, they are contained within the locality itself unlike a denomination that would spread like wildfire throughout its jurisdictions.


Informal Apostles ought to give up control of a locality once they have appointed an Elder. They only act as advisors. Though sometimes they fulfill a double role as elder also. Apostles do not receive formal training to be an apostle since their informal apostolic authority is directly given to them by God, not a Bible school or seminary.


The need is for 12 Apostles to come together in agreement: an equal number of men and women.


Praise the Lord!