Is it not evil to worship a god who sends people to hell born that without giving them any sufficient grace whatsoever to have the choice to receive the ransom paid? I am not allowed to speak against Calvinism on most venues like (,, etc.) which allow Paul Washer, a hardened Calvinist, full reign to speak, but as soon as I speak there, my uploaded videos against Calvinism are removed. What love is this? Paul Washer is not born-again. He preaches a love of God that is not God's love that claims to send people to Hell who were born that way and given no opportunity for salvation. The god of Calvinism is unwilling or unable to provide sufficient grace. He irresistibly imposes regeneration on the unconditional and irresistibly limited elect which makes them allegedly repent and believe in him.


C.S. Lewis wrote, "Imagine the delight that is given to Satan, when people are in contact with him and they think they are in contact with the Living God." This is Satan's brightest moment. His most dazzling deception! He has his way of conversion as well. "And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light" (2 Cor. 11.14). Even Satan's ministers come as angels of light, e.g. Calvin, Luther, Augustine, Jonathan Edwards, Pink, R.C. Sproul, John Piper, MacArthur, James White, Phil Johnson, Washer, Fred Driscoll, etc. The god of Calvinism is an evil tyrant unworthy of worship. Stop priding yourself on the delusion you were irresistibly regenerated and others were not given this forced election. Love that forced is not real love. If you are a Calvinist, you were never born-again. Accept it. If you were you could repent of Calvinism right here and now by the grace of God and conviction of the Holy Spirit! Amen.