Setting Up The Church in Your Locality

The Scripture are exceedingly simple regarding Biblical locality. But how do you overcome the fact that just within your own community, let alone the entire locality, there may exist scores of different denominations?

You have to take responsibility to set up the local assembly unit yourself because no one else is going to do it. Everyone has the crutch of their biased denomination that divides, and we should never divide on a franchise or corporation network of churches, not a person, nor a region, nor even a doctrine. The only division is according to Biblical locality, and meetings take place according to local walking ground of optimally 50 to 100 people as given in the Scriptures

Let's say you have no funds to do it, so how do you start? With courage. Find 2 or 3 in your locality and tell them about true Biblical locality, and if they agree, let them find 2 or 3 more. Gather together first in a house, in the park or anywhere, and let the church build as you meet each Sunday. Eventually, one will rise up as an informal apostle or will come from the region of churches your locality is within to designate elders for your entire locality. And then those elders can assure that each of the meeting places in that locality have elders also who will naturally rise up to do the work of an elder. If the church does not want this it won't happen, but if the church wants it, it will happen. One thing is certain. If the church does not want it, God will punish. He will punish believers for clinging to their denominational, even non-denominational, crutches.

Those in the group that are good at speaking, let them speak. Those that are good at other things (for there are many gifts in the church and for the church), let them do those things, and the body grows because you have reached the truth, and the truth shall set you free. You don't have aspirations outside your locality because no longer is the aim to build the corporate network of churches as the world operates. All you are concerned with is making your locality harmonious.

If you have to move because of your job or other reasons, then you partake in another locality (it would be nice to find such meeting places). If it is not what it should be, then you start a meeting place. Instead of attempting to shut down the denominations in that locality, bring believers together under God's way which is according to Biblical locality.

Men and women try house churches, but fall short of the glory of God because a house church is too small (as it was too small in the Bible also), not seeing the objective of the independency of a locality in claiming the authority that you are the only church of that locality. What I mean by the ONLY church is not to say that those in the denominations are not saved also, but that in a practical way you are abiding in the Word of God for local assemblies. Though there was house meetings in the NT, there was not house churches for the house meeting was part of the church of that particular locality (e.g. church of Ephesus in the churches of Asia Minor). Everyone becomes responsible to make that locality reflect the glory of God. Christians from other localities will copy your profitable experience, and this is harmony in action. God sets up the church this way because He knows man's flesh, even that of the believer.

The impetus for this to occur is the informal apostle selecting elders and having a church locality and meeting place finder increasingly recognized in the church. It takes care of itself, since the truth takes care of itself and shall set you free. Watch it grow. We ought not be surprised by this for it is obvious though it has been forsaken as the church periods of pergamum and thyatira took over smothering the church periods of Ephesus and Smyrna so there is no trace of them anywhere.

The problem of the church can be solved with division no longer occurring on anything other than the church locales, and not on man's ways through denominational systems of power and control. If you want to fellowship in assembly it will be with those of your local church (especially your meeting area) despite all the differences. Let us say goodbye to the protestant and non-protestant mayhem we see today. Are you ready to grow up?

I can see our future. God will not be denied.

Praise the Lord!

Troy Brooks