Discipling Accusations and More Marrying Nee to Lee

Cephas a Collector of Dead Works, Collected by Calvinists

In the article below offered by the bad apologetics of Cephas Ministry on Watchman Nee, I don't want to give this article much time, since it is just an article of self-declaration, and it gives itself no time or proof. In quoting this piece, Watchman Nee's writings are not "controversial", nor did Nee require "blanket, unquestioning obedience". Of course this is not true. Nowhere does Watchman Nee ever say this. If you read Spiritual Authority you will see it is probably the finest work ever done in the history of the human race on the matter of authority and submission in the kingdom of God; and will touch your heart, mind and spirit deeply, reaching the depths of your inner man.

Watchman Nee's writings are not roots to discipling movements. To give you a lesson in practical logic and clear thinking, if A equals B, and C takes B to equal D, that does not mean A equals D, just because C says B to equal D. A stands alone, and B really does equal A in spite the of the flesh of C. Since C never showed or proved the claim of B being equal to D, then we can disregard it as unsubstantiated. Since A here is the Word of God and Watchman Nee's writings are B in agreement with A; C being Cephas and D being deception, we can be fairly confident such self-declarations are dead works. Though Cephas is non-ecumenical they have a bias, and they and their owners have an unrighteous way of conducting themselves posting untruths vainly. This should now be readily apparent. Just because someone says lots of things true does not justify those untrue statements. This is what the Cephas owners need to overcome in their fleshly lives. It is like having a pride of truth and then allowing themselves to harbor untruth because how could they ever be wrong given the truth that they do believe in.

Watchman Nee never believed in "covering...obeyed unconditionally, and who must be imitated". If they studied Nee's writings in Spiritual Authority they would come to the same conclusion as Nee, but they are into lazy-believism and think that if they post a bunch of articles on their site without doing their homework that somehow they are doing God's work. I dare say they are doing the complete opposite for what is the purpose of teaching untruths for it only deceives others and themselves. And it is a bad habit way of being not pleasing the Lord.

Watchman Nee never believed there should "only be one congregation per city". Cephas is mixing up a man by the name of Witness Lee with Watchman Nee, who taught this, who started a cult while Watchman Nee was imprisoned as Witness Lee tried to deceive many by trying to convince them he was in agreement with Watchman Nee. While spiritual Christians easily see through this farce, some easily deceived do not. The little flock believers and readers of Watchman Nee denounced the Witness Lee cult movement organization and profit center that was set up. Watchman Nee believed, rather, in Biblical locality which are more like "postal districts" in local community that God provides to prevent denominationalism. People love to rewrite history. History is clear about this.

These "secular matters" accusations also are not a teaching of Watchman Nee either. Nowhere can you find them in the Scriptures nor Nee's writings. This is a consummate example of misreading and self-declaration but Cephas and this anonymous critiquer who wrote such a piece on Nee which are really just being hostile to God for Watchman Nee was most faithful and most accurate in the Word, more than anyone in the history of the church to speak of. We know this. It is all too evident by his writings and the integrity of his readers, the meekness and little flock attitude so humble in the Lord, and the many throughout the world today that read his writings privately, silently, peacefully and patiently for they are so good and so well pleasing to the Lord. Truly Nee was a gift to the church of immense proportions.  Calvinist hate to hear this because Watchman Nee was OSAS arminian, who do not believe God premade men for salvation.

It really is a sin to marry Watchman Nee to Witness Lee as this writer tries so hard to do. Now we can see the connection of confusion. Note an example of how Witness Lee altered Watchman Nee's writings to deceive people and find gullible people to give Witness Lee filthy lucre. There are abusive churches who pick up these false principles, but since Watchman Nee does not believe them and Witness Lee does, why bear false witness of Watchman Nee? Are you racist, or what is your problem exactly? Is it because you are calvinist, Pentecostal, RCC member? Tell us your issue - the real issue in your heart. It is like saying Benny Hinn is like Witness Lee too so therefore Watchman Nee is at fault. Watchman Nee is in no way responsible for the sins of Witness Lee or his arguing back and forth with T. Austin Sparks. How can you expect Nee to control the sins of Witness Lee? We can really see the accusations of the evil spirit at work for he is an accuser day and night. He will blame anything, the sun, the moon, a man, a woman, this or that. It is unceasingly mindlessness, and screaming it away does not help. There is no record of the author of this accusation of Nee probably for good reason -  the embarrassment it would cause this person personally. We know they have not changed because they still allow this writing to remain on the internet. If I wrote something like this and then came to the truth, I would seek to remove it and say that when I wrote it I was in error. That is repentance in action.

In the book "The Discipling Dilemma", if you read it you will see the same mistaken identity problem of marrying Watchman Nee to Witness. O the flesh of men know no bounds in their poor reasoning and poor conscience that needs to be quickened by the Holy Spirit and given new life so they can have a renewed mind.

Praise God! Amen.

Troy Brooks

An Article at Cephas Ministries and Various Places on the Internet:

Watchman Nee's teachings are Shown to be one of the Roots of Discipling Movements

Nee, Watchman (1903-1972) Widely read Christian author with some controversial teachings. Nee required blanket, unquestioning obedience. He also taught that all Christians must have a "Covering" - a person who has delegated authority, must be obeyed unconditionally, and who must be imitated. This "covering" does not stop with matters of faith and doctrine, but also extends to personal and secular matters (such as choice of employment, place to live, whether or not to marry, etc.) In addition, Nee taught there should only be one congregation in each city.

Whenever Nee's followers moved into a city, they proclaimed themselves as the only church approved by God in that city. These doctrines have been picked up by various abusive churches and cultic movements, such as the International Churches of Christ. Under the leadership of Nee's disciple and co-worker, Witness Lee, his house church movement, the Local Church (known to it's followers as "The Lord's Recovery") later also became controversial. - Articles - Roots of the Modern Discipline Movement Chapter from an online book called "The Discipling Dilemma". In this chapter, Watchman Nee's teachings are shown to be one of the roots of discipling movements such as the cultic International Churches of Christ. Watching Out For Watchman Nee

[it should be noted that gospelcom.net is a calvinist site and many of the "Various Misreadings of Nee" are from calvinists such as "The Local Church Cult". Calvinism is the pride of one believing in being premade for salvation like a robot.]