I need advice to these questions I want to ask, but so as not to upset anyone.

If you can see the sin in pretribulation rapture only view because they overassume first rapture thus when they enter the Tribulation they won't realize nor realize the mark since they assumed they would not be presented with the choice, how do you say it in a harmonious way?

Also how do you say harmoniously that God does not premake men (calvinists) for salvation so that if you believe this you probably aren't saved?

And how do you say if you believe in Pentecostal false tongues which is a medium and use of psychics, that this is also a sign of many who are unsaved?

And how do you say if you believe post trib only is taking away the hope of the church as they wait for the Antichrist first waring themselves up hardening their spirit?

And also how do you say if someone has no faith that Christ will return in Person to reign for a 1000 years is likely a sign of unsalvation? or if they think they can not know the wrath of God by blunting the solemn warning at the end of this age? Or take away rewards of the millennium for overcoming?

And how do you say someone who says he can lose his salvation is also not saved for believing God does not save eternally at initial salvation?

How do you express a man who confuses his soul for his spirit may even also not be saved for he can not see his spirit is his inner man and his soul his outerman?

How do you say to the RCC the co-redemptrix is not true or that physical buildings died on the cross with Christ or so did intermediary priesthood, written code, earthly promises and other judaized Christianity?

I would love to hear your advice on this.

Troy Brooks