Helpful Clues to Proper End-time Thoughts

Posttribulation is disconcerting to me because it takes away the hope of the church of being kept out of the hour of trial, and instead is a looking for the Antichrist and death first always.

Prettribulation is unfortunate because it guarantees something, that if it does not come true it will not equip the person in the consummation of this age that is so necessary to awaken our conscience which would make them susceptible to do things they would not otherwise do.

Postmillennialism seems to be looking for the social increase of humanistic self-endeavor, taking away the glorious reign of Jesus Christ in Person in His coming theocratic kingdom that solves the problems of democracy and socialism. They will be greatly surprised and unprepared by what is forthcoming for they had sought God by their own strength.

Amillennialism historicallism, like postmillennialism, blunts that solemn warning at the end of this age, but shows a different picture, in that increased worsening tribulations is their representation of their world. The more representative reality is revealed in how we have seen the past unfold by improvements always then followed by great calamity, such as the great reckonings like WWII and other major events that seem to swoon upon us. But Jesus says there will be a Great Tribulation that will usher in the millennial kingdom as well as a Last Revolt that closes all the dispensations of sin.

If we hold these wrong perspectives we may find that we are unprepared not only not to be received to the throne (Rev. 7.9) and stand before the Son of God at the start of the Tribulation at the Consummation of this Age, but we might also discover at that time we are without His strength to deal with a time in which a 1/3 of the earth's inhabitants will die (Rev. 9.18) and an army of 200 million machines at war (Rev. 9.16). There is something very wrong in the historical view when says things have happened that have not happened, and moreover, why would John merely be writing about the past in at 95-96 A.D. and leave us empty handed about the future?

There should be a consideration of this, not allegorizing and abstracting it away for such an effort is impossible since these events have never occurred yet. Only false prophets make such claims. Nor has Jesus Christ returned on the mount olives arrived in the 2nd Person of the Trinity to reign with a "rod of iron" in the dispensation of the thousand years (Rev. 20.2-7) reserved as part of the Day of the Lord for God to walk with His children to set the way for the New City.

This is why preterism is most vile referring matters to being Romanistic importance only, with no guidance for what is to come. Partial preterism is a sugar-coated version from its preterism parent, closely mimicking Amillennialism or Post-millennialism.

If the book of Revelation only records primarily things of the past, then how can the average child of God ever understand it? It would require doctors of philosophy and learned historians to comprehend it! Furthermore, it would no longer be revelation either! Thank the Lord God that He lets us know what is for the future, and does not leave us blinded so that we would then have to be so abstract, which is merely a function of our soulishness, and not touching the Spirit of life in our spirit.

Let us not be an idolater of allegorizations and abstractions that tend to puff up, which are merely inordinate mental gymnastics, taking away the rightful place of the Holy Spirit in our lives in our spirit. Let us no longer bring God down to our level of imperfection, but come up to His standards and calling for our lives to perfection.

Troy Brooks