Seeing Unsalvation from Revelation 1.3

If you are an amillennialist you have no faith Jesus Christ will return in Person to reign a 1000 years and the need by God of a consummating Great Tribulation. They have their own god, associated with religious Rome (RCC Third Wave Pentecostal movement), the great harlot creating a book that is for the future one primarily for the past of ongoing great tribulations with no consummating Great Tribulation. They are not in reality saved for they blunt the solemn warning at the end of this age, showing they really don't know man, nor themselves or God. They are puffed up (an idol) in inordinate abstractionist, rationalistic Romanism and historicalism, mixing and matching that never comes true, changing their matchings according to their feelings or flighty reasonings. This spiritualizing is unacceptable and very self-willed, not the will of God.

Postmillennialists have similar problems with the only real difference being that they don't consider today as being like the amillennialists' ongoing great tribulations (whereby RCC can control them as a crutch), but instead have an emphasis on social reform done by men denying God's grace towards the coming millennial kingdom since they say it is happening now, though not everyone knows it nor sees God reigning in the 2nd Person. I don't see Him come by lighting stepping down on the mount of olives that is required before the millennium starts, spoken of 6 times (Rev. 20.2-7 plainly, not mystically) in the third last chapter of the entire Bible in a book of revelation no less. They take away the reward of the kingdom of heaven. See Rom. 8.19-23, Is. 11.6-9. These aren't Christians now today either since they also should know better. They are guided by another spirit too attempting to replicate the work of Christ.

Preterists and partial preterists are the same thing as the above, even worse. They are just more romanistically focused, but they wear the same cloth.

Pretribbers (and midtribbers) will take the mark also because they say they will never have to make the choice of refusing the mark, so they will take the mark in the Tribulation because they will be in it not realizing it for their faulty faith. These are like Pharisees too, legalistic onlyists just as posttribbers are. Historicalists are also legalists too and ironically also antinomianalists towards the judgment seat, for no one here seems to be accepting rapture based on readiness and the reward of the millennium so they can live evilly up to the last day, though they convince themselves they are doing good.

Posttribbers (prewrathers) look for the Antichrist first always (for he must proceed first under their system), and since they know the day up to which Christ returns, they can live evilly up to that time, and that is not right, which means they too will be unprepared as they harden their spirit, taking away the hope of the church, and thus, many of these are not saved also. Indeed one's end-time view reveals a lot about their true condition. This is the blessing of Revelation 1.3, to discern.

There is only reasonably one choice - FIRST RAPTURE for the church based on readiness ( the taken, Matt. 24.37,40-41; Rev. 7.9; Rev. 12.5 man-child overcomers, 14.1 firstfruits), otherwise you reject God's desire for you to mature in Him (Rev. 2 and 3) and the hope to receive you to the throne to escape the Hour of trial itself (Rev. 3.10, Luke 21.36); so that you no longer need to be tested for you can no longer be hurt by the second death. We should not take away this hope for this come with the hope of being with Christ to be received at first rapture based on readiness, watchfulness, and keeping the Word of His patience, which most Christians do not do to His desire.

7th trumpet resurrection (the left, 1 Thess. 4.15-17; 1 Cor. 15.50-52, Rev. 11.15, 14.15 harvest), then, is based on a COMPLETION RESURRECTION of all those since Adam who are to be given eternal life also, which ends the church age, and all prior dispensations.

Therefore, the FIRST RESURRECTION (Rev. 20.2-7) is a reigning in the millennial kingdom (time of reward and recompense, reigning with a "rod of iron" with Jesus Christ in Person) and is a "best" "out-of" resurrection from all the raptures and resurrections of Christ's parousia during the Seven Year Last Week Consummation of This Age Tribulation.

Lots of people don't like these truths, but who ever said God cares what people think, since they are hostile to Him anyway. God wants to walk with those who love Him, not those who do not. He does not know these others.

The way, the truth and the life is a narrow path to a narrow gate. Not everyone wants this, especially those in Christendom.

Troy Brooks