"Shake off the dust of your feet" (Matt. 10.14) from mistaken beliefs - An action to indicate that they will have nothing to do with whatever place where Christ is rejected.

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Various Types of Errors Inside Christendom


Each of the church periods foretold in Revelation 2 & 3 were given to warn the church not to make these mistakes through the past 20 centuries. The first three church periods were consecutive, which gave way to the next. But the last four church periods remain with us in full force today.


1. Christendom - loss of first love of Biblical locality: the Ephesus church period in the first century.

2. Pentecostals - false tongues of Montanism, a 2nd Century heresy: an unholy response to the Smyrna church period in the second century.

3. Eastern Orthodox - Constantine "high tower," married to the world: Pergamum church period in the third century and the beginning of denominations and national churches. National churches (e.g. Anglican, Russian Orthodox, etc.) exceed the boundary of Biblical locality.

4. RCC (Rev. 14.8, ch.17) - great harlot of religious Rome:  the fourth century, Thyatira church period, with various many false teachings such as have their goddess in calling Mary sinless.
4.5 ECC - playing couth in the middle of the fence between the RCC and Eastern Orthodox Church.
5. Reformed Calvinists - pride of believing they were premade for salvation, which is included in filling the glass up with less water each time in Sardis revivals church period in the sixteenth century. Baptists (holding to some of the 5 false teachings of calvinism) legalized baptism by idolizing and instituting material-only baptism.
Presbyterians - soul annihilators.

6. Brethren movement in the 19th century - these ones were the Philadelphia church period. God asked that they not lose what they had. When one is objectively accurate, there is the risk of losing that subjective relationship with Chirst.
7. Laodicean church age of "differing opinions" (we are in this period now) - an example of which is The Local Church cult. Though some may be saved in this man-made organization, it is a one man cult shop, now controlled by the cult leader's physical sons that continue the tradition of suing Christians over faith, maintaining false locality through a central hub of product sales, establishing itself as a business enterprise with subsidiaries, and promoting the false teachings of violent screaming mantra, known as the Shouters, and several other heresies such as modalism, calvinism and deification. There are also house churches or private churches (i.e. they often call themselves non-denominational, divisively saying "I am in Christ"), both are too small a scope for the Church according to Scriptural locality.

Various Types of Errors Outside Christendom

Too many to mention


Mormons (God is gods); Christadelphians and JW's (deny the Trinity and Jesus Christ as the 2nd Person of the Godhead); non-OSASers (no faith in OSAS); open theism (God doesn't have foreknowledge). There are actually over 40,000 adherents in the world today.


Other Important Differences


Though some persons may be saved in the above man-made organizations that is the exception not the rule, since God does not employ denominations. Also undesirable doctrinally, are historicalists (ammill. post-mill., preterism), antinomianism (accepting substitution without co-death identification), and bipartite fallen man teachings.


Many other things not mentioned, ought to be obvious to Christians.


Warning About Judging


"Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment: thou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty; but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbor" (Lev. 19.15).


If someone tells you that you can not judge ever, they do this in order to try to cause you to go into passivity. Understand what God is saying!


The Word of God clarifies this matter: Matt. 7.1-6; 7.15-23; 1 Cor. 4.3-5; 1 Cor. 5.1,2; John 12.47; Matt. 23.3; 2 Peter 2.21-22; 2 Tim. 4.14, 4.10, 1.15 - judge the forum owners and moderators for their false teachings (Matt. 7.15) in their unrighteous forums (v.20) - especially by what they teach which is the "fruit" (v.16) of a false prophet, not just their conduct. Sometimes we have to tell what we have seen. When you are falsely judged, say as Jesus did, "by whom do your children cast out? therefore they shall be your judges," (12.27) to mean "they shall judge you for what you have said since you do the same thing you accuse of".

What a strange accusation to accuse that we can not discern. Praise the Lord we can discern, as well as judge when called upon by God to do so (Ex. 18.13-27). "Judge not" (Matt. 7.1) means not to act like a judge or ruler or critical and hairsplitting, which will cause one to lose the two blessings of not being judged or receiving the rewards of the millennium at judgment seat. Yet, we are not to judge altogether either (Matt. 7.5).


Such hand washing of noble ideals of the dogs and the swine close to the door of the church will not accept God's grace of forgiveness of sins. Instead, these swine, church-goers pretending, are unclean, who do not care for the truth. And the dogs are unregenerates also (Matt. 7.6; Phil. 3.2; Rev. 22.15; cf. 21.8 - dogs are in the lake of fire without the Holy City). So let us not cast pearls (experiences received from God) or give holy things (truths in general from God) to many of these forums or their owners or their moderators who continue to promote false teachings.


Praise the Lord, we may discern and judge in right measure pleasing to God.


Troy Brooks