False Teachers - Ron Kangas, John Pester, Kerry S. Robichaux, Ed Marks




Readers observe, Ron Kangas is wrong with his pridefully false and special teaching, "regenerated believers will be God in the sense of..." No! Believers will never become God in any sense. Never is this idea found in the Bible. Praise God for that! No regenerated believer will ever become God. Mormons also teach a similar thing. They say God is gods, and so too will they be in this God complex they say. They are wrong also. Christians can find no deification of believers in the Bible. Rather, we find the resurrected-saved will be inhabitants of the new city in the new earth with God and the Lamb at the center. This requires no deification of saved brothers and sisters. So reject Ron Kangas for believing "believers become God by loving God". No matter how much one loves God, one can never ever become God. Satan would have you believe you could become God, but that is Satan for you. Realize closely that all the different ways Ron Kangas says you can become God, not one of them in reality can make you God. Not even one. Readers need to be very aware that Ron Kangas is not a Christian, that is, his spirit has not been regenerated with God's life.


There is going to be great deceivers is in our day that will try to replicate God's kingdom in their own revolting way. If those in Eastern Orthodox call themselves God, they too share a similar fate, though you would be hard-pressed to find everyone in Eastern Orthodox that would say they are God. The early Church did not teach this heresy, though I am sure some would like to believe we did. No doubt there were some who were also deceived then as they are deceived now. Nothing is new under the sun. Hank Hanegraff, a defender of preterism, also favors this false teaching of theosis, calling oneself God. He is not a Christian either. We shall know them by their fruit including their false teachings which are abhorrent to God's teaching. Notice so very carefully, that not even one verse in the whole Bible backs such a notion, so this is how you know it is of the flesh of men in will-worship by their own strength in rejecting authentic regeneration into the new creation.


It all becomes quite a dull-minded conversation, hearing those without humility rationalize themselves as God. From the initial mistaken assumption they are God, rationalized in mental gymnastics, trying to convince themselves by their own strength, be assured, God’s wrath is coming upon them. It should be noted too, because the leeist is desperately trying to marry Watchman Nee to their false teachings, that Nee (CFP & CLC) never believed in this false teaching. Praise the Lord! If mr_nonchristian believes this false teaching as well, you know why he is mr_nonchristian. God says we shall know them by their fruit. I truly believe we shall. Isn't it beautiful that a person can write what amounts to an entire book trying to rationalize himself to be God, and all a Christians needs to do is say, "I find nowhere in the Bible where Christians are called God, therefore, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I reject your false teaching, and hand it back to you where it belongs". Praise the Lord! That is the power in the Word of God by the Holy Spirit.


"For ethics and morality alone we do not need a Christian salvation at all" - Yes you do. True morality and ethics can never be separated from God’s life.


"We can become God within" - No we cannot. Though we Christians have God's life in our spirit, we can not become God within, for only God is God within.


Those who call themselves God say the distinction between themselves as God and God is maintained. No it is not! Already at the outset the confusion begins by calling oneself God, a name which is to be only for God. Puffiness teaching is equivalent to stepping where your feet do not belong, dipping the soul of your foot into the fire to see how much pain you can take in a lie. This is masochistic and self-abuse. Christian's can sense the pride of such behavior because we have the Holy Spirit in our spirit guiding us not to be cunning.


Salvation can never include deification since deification is never found in the Scriptures. Even to bear God's likeness is not deification or to become God, for still there is only but one God. Refuse John Pester's proposal that "resurrection man might be made God". I have resurrection life, and still I will not be made God. Christ was already God, he did not need to be "made God". So of men it is not true, that "in Christ, man became God.” Thank God! You do not want to be God ever! This responsibility is beyond all capacity to do so. Christ is already deity, He did not need become deity, and the deity of God demands that man never become deified.


The self-declaration that man will become God in life and nature is a self-exalting thought, because it is nowhere found in the Scriptures. This thought is not in the heart of God, for God has no intention of deifying man. Philippians 2 does underscore the conformity to the image of the Son, not deification; thus, we never say we are God in any way whatsoever. Such a prideful thought needs to die on the cross. Spiritual warfare may be needed if you are already saved.


Deification is a whitewashed grave, outwardly beautiful to its adherents, but inwardly fraught with vile deception: full of dead men's bones and uncleanness on Satan's lies: the very temptation to be God of knowing good and evil: satanification. The only way to be delivered from this heresy is true repentance to the cross to receive new birth, and once saved, the Holy Spirit can work in the believer to assure victory over this heresy. If there is not impetus in the person to seek deliverance from this heresy, you can be sure they are not a Christian, since nowhere in the Bible does it say man is God. Those who want to be deified are driven by the will of man and the possession of the devil.


Regeneration is never for deification. Regeneration never is as deification. Only God is deity, and God alone holds this characteristic of being deity.


If one is not objectively saved by the blood of Christ, they can NOT experience the subjective co-death experience with Christ on the cross. These two actions are simultaneous. Because one does not have these two realities, they would be the tares who try to look like the wheat in calling themselves God. I tell you the truth.


To have the life and nature of God in our spirit by the Holy Spirit, because the very life of God is the Spirit and His nature, then we still are not God in life and nature. We have God’s nature, but we are not God in nature, nor in grace, nor in life. Believe this, for it is true! Though we have a spirit, it is not eternally existing. Only by God's Spirit are we kept eternally to be with God or separated in the case of the unsaved. Again, we can not call ourselves God.


We will never become God-mankind, because there is only one God-man, and thus no God-men. Satan is the author of confusion in which in a word, there is no distinction, to confuse. Do not be a pawn for Satan in  the lsm/lc cult. To have the life of God is to have His uncreated life, eternal life. To have His eternal life requires the Spirit indwelling in our new spirit. In nothing of this transaction that takes place is man ever seen to be God in any way. When God predestinated by foreknowledge our free-choice (Rom 8.29, John 3.16), He had no intention of ever deifying man ever, not even in a trillion years from now, for to do so would be to make us only that which God is.


"We become God in the sense of being born of God through regeneration and then being saturated and permeated with God until we are wholly sanctified, transformed and conformed to the image of Christ, the firstborn Son of God. This process of deification, of becoming God does not efface our humanity. This process of deification, of becoming God does not alter our status as creatures. We shall remain creatures and humans forever." - We do not become God in the sense of being born-again. When born-again, there is no sense in being God. To become God is not possible for to become God is to deny God's uncreation. At new birth the believer is already sanctified, that is, cleansed before God by the precious blood. The blood is for God to make us presentable to Him, so we are justified by faith as well as sanctified by faith, and which gives us a clean conscience in forgiveness to forget our sins because God forgets them. This allows us to come boldly before God. Deification, calling oneself God, does, in the imagination of its user, place one on a plane where they do not belong, and thus, do not receive sanctification. It is a tittle of pride and that is all that Satan needs to find a foothold into the battlefield of the mind. Satan has already one when that happens.


Some are deceived because they are under Satanic grace at the near-moment of new birth to prevent actual new birth. They received a baptism of the evil spirit. And still others may actually be saved, but are under possession by the demon of deification as are most in the lsm/lc possessed by the devil.


“Furthermore, deification certainly does not mean that we shall be exalted to become part of the Godhead or that we shall share God's incommunicable attributes. After we have been deified in full, we shall not be able to create out of nothing, and we shall never be omnipotent, omniscient or omnipresent. Likewise, we shall not advance to the point of self-existence, a condition unique to God. For eternity we shall be dependent on Him for our being. Although we shall be one with God, we shall never be worshipped as God. Rather, we will take the lead to worship Him who lives for ever and ever. We shall not be God by nature but only by grace. God is God in Himself; we are God not in ourselves but only in Him, by Him, with Him and through Him.” – Be “not doubletongued” (1 Tim. 3.8). Man is never “deified in full” or in part. There is not God and another God; there is only God and His creation. There is only one God. In essence this is polytheism to speak of two God’s.


Even though these new Gods, pretentiously thought to be humble, can not do as much as the God, still, they are Gods, so they think to themselves. And in that is still sin an eternal separation from God. We will not be God by nature or grace. It should be noted as well that the confusion can also be seen by some saying they are God in nature and life, or by grace: either way is still false since there is only one God. We are not God in Him. We who are saved are in Him. Praise the Lord! Let the truth set you free.


“There will never be more than one true God over the entire universe. Our deification will neither exalt us to the position of Godhood nor will it diminish the Godhead.” – Your deification will not happen anyway, since it is of Satan to call oneself God in any way, shape or form.



“In Christ, God became man that in Christ man might become God in life and in nature but not in the Godhead for the producing and building up of the Body of Christ to consummate the New Jerusalem. This, in essence, is the truth concerning deification.” – No. The reason why God broke into creation through the Jesus Christ was to erect obedience unto men who were fallen. It was not so “man might become God...” There is no truth concerning deification for it is founded on an initial mistaken assumption of calling oneself God. Watchman Nee explains this best in Philippians what God’s desire was, http://www3.telus.net/trbrooks/thewayofthelord.htm


“God's eternal economy is to make man THE SAME AS HE, in life and nature but NOT IN THE GODHEAD. And to make Himself one with man, and man - one with Him. Thus to be enlarged, and expanded in His expression. That all His divine attributes may be expressed in human virtues!” – God’s eternal plan (we should avoid using the word economy so much economically) is no to make man the same as He so as to call the man God. No. What are we to be? Pillars of the new city in the new earth. In no sense does this ever suggest the need to call ourselves God since we are with God, but not God. A loving God would never call us God and exalt us to such a word of pride and separation from Him.


“We have been born of God. As the Father's children, we have the Father's life, which is eternal and we have the Father's nature, which is divine. However, we do not have His Fatherhood.” – God’s nature is divine and this is the nature that the saved have which the sin nature is powerless against. Having God’s nature does not mean we are God in life, nature or grace. I have told you the truth.

“Christ and his many brothers are of the same source. We are actual brothers of Christ, the firstborn Son of God, having the same Father and the same life and the same nature. He is divine and human; we are human and divine.” – And yet, we are still not God.

“We are the Bride of Christ. The believers in Christ will be the bride of Christ. The type of Eve in Genesis 2 reveals that Christ, typified by Adam, cannot join Himself to someone who is not bone of His bone & flesh of His flesh. His wife must be the same as He is in every possible way short of the Godhead. If Christ were to join Himself to one dissimilar to Himself, that would be an improper and strange union. Adam could not be joined to anything other than his counterparty. In like manner, Christ cannot be joined to those who are simply human and do not have the divine life and nature. Christ is divine and human, and His wife must also be divine and human; then the two, Christ and His counterpart, being the same in life and in nature, can be joined and enjoy a blissful married life for eternity. This requires that His wife, a composition of believers, becomes God in life and in nature. Christ is God becoming man to be our Husband, and we are men becoming God to be His wife. This is a story of a loving, personal and intimate process through which we, the believers become God for the bride of Christ.” – The false part is rejected: that is, we do not become God in life or in nature. We never become God. We have God’s nature and God’s life, which is uncreated life, but we are not God. No man will ever be God in life or nature. We are not men becoming God for this is not the bride of Christ. To say that we are God is an unrelenting pride.


"What miracle! What mystery!
That God and man should blended be!
God became man to make man God,
Untraceable economy!
From His good pleasure, heart's desire,
His highest goal attained will be.
From His good pleasure, heart's desire,
His highest goal attained will be.

Flesh He became, the first God-man,
His pleasure that I God may be:
In life and nature I'm God's kind,
Though Godhead's His exclusively.
His attributes my virtues are;
His glorious image shines through me.
His attributes my virtues are;
His glorious image shines through me."


This poem is not of God because God did not become man to make man God. The reason why other books were not included in the 66 books of the Bible was because they had some error, just like this poem is in error, and could never be included in the Psalms or Proverbs. Leeist like the use the word economy for its underpinnings to seek financial gain as evident by their false fruit suing Christians for faith for $136 million. God's highest goal and heart's desire is to create man in His image to walk with Him out of His glory for His good pleasure. An unsaved leeist says of himself, "I God". There is no love in this statement. God's attributes, image, virtues do not shine in one who says of himself he is God. Satan is working hard in a leeist lsm/lc cult adherent.

Love in Christ,

Troy Brooks