Why Do You Still Have a Headache?

At least 99% of People Have Headaches Unnecessarily

It is best to allow the pain and not take the drugs ever again (this is vital) for the drugs compound the problem (for you have taken more than enough already), dulling your mind, which Satan loves an so does the pharmaceutical industry. They don't care about you. They care about profits. Many of you have the pain every day to such a degree you have even tried to commit suicide. The headache is because of confusing physical pain for emotional pain. It is as simple as that. It is one thing to tell you that or myself that, and it is another thing to implement a solution to the problem and actually do something about it in a real authentic way. As you know there is 101 solutions out there but not one of them really work. Some blame the weather, some blame stress, others blame...I am giving myself a headache just thinking about it. Is there a better way? Of course.

The solution, the best one, is to give up more to Christ, and that may include doing drastic things like dropping work, school, relationships, money, and other distractions like Jesus Christ did, engrossing even more in the Word in meditative patient reading so your intuitive spirit is awakened (quickened) so that that the source of these pains are extinguished, placed on the cross through seeing the truth of a mistaken assumption (s) that is ultimately the cause of the pain. You don't even need to understand, but let it happen, and it will happen in this way. This is the best way.

For non-Christians though another approach is needed because they still do not believe in Jesus Christ. I do not want to give you this other way because it is a copout for it is still refusing Christ. It is for the unregenerated, to lead him or her to Christ. You would give lots of truth without bringing up God, a method without the Bible brought up. That is done by using a "crowbar".

It works like this. First ask yourself "what are feelings?" Acknowledge, "bits and pieces of information about yourself". Now implement the crowbar. Say to yourself "I feel....." and the first word that comes up without thinking using the crowbar is your point of contact for this is your intuition in motion. Then what you ask yourself is "when did I first feel this feeling?" You are immediately taken back to a time when you first felt this feeling. Then you ask yourself what was going on at the time, but more importantly ask yourself "what was I feeling additionally?" and "after a good 10 or 20 emotions are intuitively brought forth within you inner woman (man) reliving that scenario and totally lost in it, ask yourself, "what am I assuming?" As you ask yourself this question, and various assumptions precisely defined should be stated verbally and in your heart.

After you speak them, then ask yourself the vital question, "what is the truth of that assumption?" The trick here is you have to hone in on the one that is the cause of the problem for there may be several, but maybe only one of them is the real problem. The problem is you have no idea and are totally incapable of yourself be able to figure out which one it is otherwise you would have done it already (an interjection - You can't locate it yourself because you yourself are the source of the problem all these years being unable to locate the matter. A man or woman who is beside you in this process implementing this strategy will be able to guide you to that particular scenario and assumption and let you see the truth of it by letting you come to it yourself, though be careful, for if it is done superficially it will be all for nought).

After which time, you will make a connection and there will be emotional release because you will have hit upon some fantastic truth in your life that subconsciously you had been holding onto for so long. This comes about when you ask yourself, "what is the truth of that assumption?" An answer comes, and then you cry and fall apart out of nowhere, and you don't even understand totally why. You did it! You just unlocked the problem. You! Even after it is revealed you may still not fully understand; that is more than reasonable since you are not God. The point is you have released some untruth of what some demon has held upon you. For within lots of assumptions is some part truth and part untruth. We hold the assumption despite the untruth of it. This is a pyramid of error in our lives to do this further convoluting reality.

This particular scenario incidentally may not be the incident of concern so you may need to use the crowbar again and find where you first felt that feeling again to isolate the incidence that is primarily the source of the problem. But realize it is not the event itself for that is merely outward things, rather it is the assumptions and hurt in your heart that must be released that is being confused translating into the physical activity above your neck that causes those headaches so that no longer do you know the difference. It is at this point when you make real headway you then as yourself, "who do you blame?". If your answer is this, that or the other thing, then you still need to go through the above again.

By the way, list everything you still blame. Do not leave one stone unturned for it is in that last stone that is the cause of the problem. As you come back to your awareness out of this regression and reopen the lines of communication to yourself, now ask yourself this question again and again, "who do I blame?" You may say the sky, the ground, a person, a thing yet again. Ask yourself again, "who do you blame?" When you finally come to the realization, you blame you, then you did it, praise God!. Then ask yourself, "can I let it go?" If not, go through these steps again, all of them, all over again. If you say yes, then you did it.

One last question is needed, "can I take back the blame, responsibility for myself, my actions and the consequences of my actions, control over my feelings?" If there is an intuitive sense that yes I believe you will wake up the next day no longer needing the drugs and would rather have the pain instead. If you had really been released and unlocked, the thing that needed to be unlocked (rather letting God unlock it for you), the pain will be gone for good FOR REAL. And you may not fully know why. This is man's way of dealing with this problem, but this is as I said not the preferred solution.

The preferred solution is God's way of course by the Holy Spirit through the Word of God, that is increasing your devotion, time, effort and energy to God more than you do now. The reason this is better is because all this self-regression is not healthy. God never asked us to be so introspective. It is an endless pyramid of self-regression and it is impossible, even with someone guiding you along exactly in this approach, because that person helping you is not God. That is the problem always isn't it is that we don't do that giving ourselves totally to Christ and then suffer for it? That is what it really comes down to which is a reflection of our love for God in that pursuit and so we end up having a problem as a result even headaches that haunts us year after year. Some of us should keep ourselves as enuchs for the sake of the kingdom. I am in that place right now. I know relationships are distraction. Paul wished everyone could be single.

For those of you who are serious about what I have just said and are Christians, these experientially derived answers came from the Word of God in the dividing of your spirit, soul and body, and the best work ever done on such dividing came from the book, The Spiritual Man. Though this is a perfect work, you may, for a very few, need additional spiritual warfare as a last line of defense against the supernatural. That information is found in the best work every done on spiritual warfare, and is found in this book, War on the Saints, and is also a perfect work, the best ever completed known to mankind. It is advised you not embark on this book unless you have read through completely the Bible once and The Spiritual Man at least once, and reading through The Spiritual Man more than once is very beneficial in addition to reading the Bible as much as possible.

Please do not read past any chapters until you are certain you got it right to the best of your ability. And don't be deceived by those who accuse you of relying on your own ability (antinomian calvnists, pentecostals, historicalsts and premillennial onlyists) for you not, since God is asking you to know these things, but do be careful of mental gymnastics, since God never asked you to be a mental gymnast. If you don't understand something, then come back to it the next day, and the next, meditating on the what is really being said. The first writer is a man and the second is a woman - they are both vastly more intelligent than you or I, gifts to the church. If you would like additional facts of my experience, here is my further testimony.

If your pain is so unbearable, and you don't feel you have the patience for Christ to deliver you in the Word, and you need quickening because the pain is so unbearable, then I am willing to help you and be that catalyst that sits across from you in this deliverance, but you will have to fly out to where I live to engage in 4 hour sessions for two weeks. That is the cost of commitment up front. You will need to get a hotel also or some place to stay for up to two weeks. I won't charge you for helping you since I refuse to be accused of filthy lucre in the name of Christ for it is the delight of the Lord to see you released from these vile headaches;  that are telling you that something is wrong, that care is needed, that you need to gather additional information, that your rationalizing is the source of the problem, that is your reasoning, and justifying which are covering up what is really going on at the center.

Troy Brooks