Hostilities Toward God in End Times

(major excuses in refined unregenerates)


Hidden Special Knowledge

Focusing on the 1st century, and because a person studies the 1st century more than others, that gives him some self-exaltation of knowing how to correctly interpret events at that time, but really that person is misreading events, importing his own theories, and thus changing the course of history and the reality of the Holy Spirit given to indwell man after Christ's resurrection. This is a form of Gnosticism, a tactic, and they will warp the events of history and make false claims to deny the Father, the Son and the Spirit.


Confusing Christianity and Christendom

Accusing Christianity of Christendom. What I mean by this is that while the Bible talks about the great harlot, "religious Rome" of Revelation 17 that existed from the time of Christ, others will use the harlot and the little harlots to accuse Christianity of being false. This is nonsensical when the Bible accuses Christendom of the very same thing. Even Jesus Christ said He hates religions.


Pentecostalism, Ecstasy and False Tongues

Pentecostal belief that praying the spirit has now been replaced with praying in the spirit with an unknown spirit, unknown tower of Babel within themselves. Cocoo for coocoo puffs!! There are 500 million of these and there are 1.5 billion RCC that are trying to get in on the gibberish act like those of mystery religions at Corinth engaged in acts off ecstasy cutting off any possible spiritual sense with emotionalisms. This is the 3rd wave movement and is not a little flock. It is a behemoth to deal with. At Christ's parousia in the last week of the 70 weeks, He will destroy religious Rome in the first three and half years of the Tribulation. He will destroy political Rome at the end of the last three and half years. Pentecostalism is a big fat cult that replaces the functions of our spirit with false tongues.


Calvinism "Stacking the Deck"

There are many out there who believe that God "stacks the deck" in their favor, that they are pre-selected, pre-determined, pre-made for salvation and whether they by their own will or not accepted Christ is irrelevant. They believe they were simply pre-programmed that way and others were pre-programmed for hell. This is totally an evil god that makes them believe this killing free-will made in His image. Calvinists are not saved.


Soulish End-Time Views

In this period of Laodicean of lukewarm "differing opinions" many believe in various end time views. Most of these views have a negative or many negative aspects, and that purpose is to dull the mind of the believer and deaden their spirit. See here.


Four Competing Views

It seems everyone is the recovery church these days. Spare me. Recovery, yes. But recovering from what? We can categorize cults and men of self into four categories, those competing views at the time of Christ that tried to infiltrate the Word of God in the first century. We can see the same similarities today in all groups. The four kinds of general groups hostile to Jesus Christ were Ebionites, Gnostics, Marcionites,  and Thomasines.


Irrational and Obstinant

There are those who read the Bible in a way that differs from the Holy Spirit, in that they devise an argument for the sole purpose to disprove Christ or Christianity, and in so doing leave open a flaw in their thinking which they willingly accept, though easily disprovable. What is striking is that when they are shown their error, they don't care to change their opinion still. That requires the mind to shut down, deflect the issue, go on the attack, or in some way circumvent the issue through humor, or some other distraction.


Married to the World

There are those who are simply engaged in the world, or feel the Bible is too complicated for them. The Bible was written for everyone from the simplest mind to the biggest brains. These excuses are totally illogical and lamo, because obviously you do not understand the Bible if you don't read it. Yet they complain they don't read it because they don't understand it. Hello! Mcfly! Is there anybody in there? That was Pink Floyd, lol. That was my attempt at some levity for a very serious condition of those who are going down the wrong path. It is merely a symptom of their true heart for God that they never read the Scriptures The cause of not reading the Scriptures is because as each generation goes by, it gets more difficult to read His Word for sin begets sin, and we are born into sin. We get farther away from the truth and that is why we are urged to read the Bible consistently to preserve His Spirit (His life) in our lives and to prepare the way for the millennial kingdom, making ourselves ready for return of Christ (Second Coming).


The Good Self

Ultimately, there is heaven and a hell, two camps, two faiths. You are either go one way or the other. By thinking there is an in-between solution, I believe you are gambling with your life (gnostics and athiests and new-ager Thomasines), rolling the dice, hoping you will fall into the good nations whom God in the last generation at the consummation of this age (who did not accept the mark of the beast, nor had yet believed in Christ until His return) will transfer livingly into the millennial kingdom (Rev. 20.4-7). Not only do you have to be in the last generation of the last week, you also have to refuse the mark and be willing to not be able to buy or sell as a result. If you are not a Christian, you most likely will not have the strength in your spirit to do what must be done when this decision is forced upon you. Maybe this is the most deceitful of all beliefs, because all your life you think everything is ok. But after all is said and done, God does not save this one, because it is the evil spirit that wants us to believe in the "good self" for the sole purpose of giving Christ no consideration. It is a form of self-worship, even self-exaltation. No matter how sugar-coated that person's wonderful and selfless may appear on the surface, underneath is a man or woman who rejects his or her creator, Redeemer.

(this is a growing list of stratagems and manipulations on the part of men in latter days in their refined, sugar-coated rationalizations)

Troy Brooks