Some Principles of Interpretation to Be Garnered from Matthew Chapters 1-5

The King and the Kingdom of Heave, CFP, 52, by Watchman Nee

Principle 1 Words joined by coordinate conjunctions must be interpreted either spiritually or literally together.

Principle 2 A scriptural truth with less verse support should not be sacrificed for a scriptural truth with more verse support.

Principle 3 All the words of the Bible should be interpreted literally unless such interpretation would approach absurdity. Naturally, parables, visions, and signs cannot be interpreted literally.

Principle 4 A single scripture verse is insufficient to decide on a truth. There must be an “Again it is written” to support it.

Principle 5 Two similar terms within different contexts should not be similarly interpreted.

Principle 6 Parallels are identical.

Principle 7 Interpretation should not be controlled by background, nor can it overlook background either.

Principle 8 Never take one verse as inclusive of all the truth. For example, in the matter of the law, search must be made throughout the Bible in order to discover all the truth about it. No one verse will be sufficient.