How Good is Your Logic?

(Pascal's Wager)

This is probably the most profound thing I will ever know. Our self-willed mind is the problem. It thinks it thinks clearly. The only way to solve the problem is to bring in the mind that is like no other fully revealed in purity and righteousness and clarity in Jesus, the Word, that is, the 66 books of the Bible which show the number of Satan being 6 and it is also the number of man because man loves Satan’s ways. Most of mankind will perish (Rev. 20.15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.) Not a temporary fire, but an eternal fire with boundaries like that of a lake separated for ever. God had the foreknowledge of this, but there is something greater than so many who will perish from the fall who deceived themselves. And that is what God wants, which is to walk with the beauty out of Him who He formed into appointed form made in His image. It’s all for Him. And that day will come in the new city on the new earth when that will happen. First the Great Tribulation, then the millennial reign of Christ, then the New City in the New Earth. Gamblers who play long enough always lose.

Hebrews 1.11 speaks of the significance of faith. It is the only verse in the entire Bible which gives us the definition of faith: “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen.” In the other Bible versions there are a number of other renderings that have been given for the word translated here as “assurance,” since this is a most difficult word to translate from original Greek to English. To be most accurate the, this word should be translated as “the giving of substance to” (margin of ASV) or “substantiation,” which thus means that faith is the ability to substantiate a thing that is factual. Darby’s version reads, “faith is the substantiation of things hoped for……”

So the existence of a thing is one matter while the substantiating of it is quite another. Just as you substantiate a painting with your eyes, so is it the same in the spiritual realm. This ability is what faith is. Just as one substantiates their agnostic position or atheistic position, they have faith. The problem is the existence of a thing. Are you believing in reality? As Christians we see “holes” in the faith of agnosticism and atheism because man is not already perfected and he should have been perfected for their has been ample opportunity of the eternity from the past to do so whether through the inanimate or animate.

If there is no eye to see the beautiful colors of that painting, nothing could make them real in our experience, not even the mental gymnastics of our mind of our soul. But if you have the eye that substantiates then you may be pleased and benefited by it. It is the same in spiritual life that commences with initial salvation (John 6.47).

What is faith? Lord is the head and we are the members of his body, figuratively, not literally. And also, Lord being the vine and we are the branches, again, not a literal vine, but a figurative. Lord Jesus is my life and He lives in me by His Holy Spirit. All the facts which Christ has accomplished can be proven and demonstrated in my life, not by works, but by life (justification by faith). You may see that I am different than I was prior to when I was saved, around Jan. 2001, definitely no latter for sure. At that time, from thenceforth, no one could take away this truth once it was received. I remember acknowledging it there and then at that time, and the scenario was vividly recalled. That is why when God gave me eternal life, which is not flighty, He did so eternally, even unto death or any scenario. I know what will happen at resurrection. I will be resurrected and given a newly clothed spiritual body.

Have you heard of
Pascal’s Wager. He basically says that the probability of you being wrong in rejecting Christ’s fact and promise and new covenant has such grave consequences for all eternity in the lake of fire, a real place, that to not believe in Jesus Christ is a form of insanity, literally gambling with your life. We are all born into sin. The difference being, that once we reach the age of accountability, and whatever that may be, that is when you are gambling with your life. We are all written in the Book of Life, and one by one we are blotted out as we refuse God. We remain in the Book of Life if we accept Him or if we were to hear of Him, we could not refuse Him. The problem is that we do not know our own selves and our own sinfulness that blinds us to clear thinking. Yet we carry on in them anyway, almost like zombies, like people living in a Matrix because it is easier, so it seems. But in reality, His yoke is easy, once you get it!

I make this point because I already know the hostile argument that comes forth next. Many who are hostile to God will wager than Christianity has brought more harm than good.  But this argument is not allowed since in the Word of God, God warns us of "religious Rome" in Christendom itself being a great menace, and the harm it will do in the name of Christ (Matt. 7.21) seen in the MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS ON THE EARTH (Rev. 17.4). She is the harlot, the great whore that sitteth on many waters (Rev. 17.1). While Rev. 17 shows us "religious Rome", Rev. 18 shows us "political Rome". There are other arguments put forth, and they keeping coming, but they are all answerable in faith in Jesus Christ. All one needs to do is compare the answers, and in those answers the truth is revealed, substantiated in the proof that resurrected life brings in the fruit of Christ experimentally as promise. And that can be seen in no better place in the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have died for Christ because where they were reached in their lives, in their spirit, in Christ was greater than death. They overcame death. Wow! And great change came about which seems no other way was possible.

Reflecting these facts, is a story of an African tribesman who was sitting under a tree, reading his Bible, the Word of God. A worldly astute man from North America, with a long history of knowledge of the Bible belts of America, who even read the Bible himself (though not according to 1 Cor. 2.13 RSV), came to Africa to visit, and noticed the man reading his Bible under the tree, so he said to that tribesman sitting there, "Don't you know that is food for cannibals. We have long given up such archaic things where I come from!" The tribesman replied, "If the Word of God were not Heaven sent, then don't you know that you would already be my dinner for tonight!"

I have just used pure infallible logic to reach your spirit, but that will never work, because it is not logic (which is of the mind of your soul) that I am trying to affect, nor will even pure holy and righteous logic reach your life since you can never reach God by the mind's analysis. It is your spirit and its functions of conscience and intuition and communion with God that need to be reached, which your form of logic and reasoning is blocking. What is happening is your soul is smothering your spirit, and I am trying to crack open your soul to so that your spirit can come forth and allow God to reside therein. But I can't affect your conscience, because your will is made in the image of God, and it is up to you to come to Christ according to John 6.47. I will never be able to do that for you. All I can do, which is what I have done here, is lay down the truth, and then let you compare the truth to untruths and let you decide, but remember, such analysis still at the end of the day is not saving grace. At the end of the day, saving grace and eternal comes when you make the choice to believe in Christ according to John 6.47. There is a limit to what I can do for you, and what God will do for you in His mercy and pity for you. Beyond that you must employ your sovereign will to choose. And that is why there is a heaven and a hell.

Praise the Lord!

Troy Brooks