6 Major Sins of Leeism

"For every tree is known by his own fruit" (Luke 6.44). "Men will believe the lie" (2 Thess. 2.11) of the divinity of man. Be "not doubletongued" (1 Tim. 3.8). Don't "bear false witness against" (Ex. 20.16; see Deut. 19.16, Prov. 19.5, Matt. 26.59, Luke 18.20). "Treat others the same way you want them to treat you" (Luke 6.31).


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I think it is important we stick to the 6 major teachings of The Local Church, so we can hold those in Lee camp accountable instead of continually letting them off the hook by their not addressing these problems (i.e. always skirting around the facts): calvinism (pride in believing in being premade for salvation), suing for faith, modalism (saying the Father is the Son and the Godhead is a Person), altering Watchman Nee's writings (e.g. limiting affection only to love and defining desire strictly only as hate in their LSM version of TSM), calling oneself God (in any way shape or form), and violent screaming mantra (which is neither prayer nor reading to yell 2 or 3 words aggressively repetitively).

Also, can we please stick to why it is wrong to have a central-hub command and control centre of LSM for filthy lucre, and no Apostles (which is rejecting Eph. 4.11). If the outlets of the lsm/lc system are without Apostles, then their outlets are taken care of by false Elders since those Elders are not and never will be appointed by Apostles. All this seems like quite a reasonable assessment succinctly summarized. If only we could maintain the focus on these specific problems instead of always filling pages with other matters, perhaps you will help this organization to, sincerely, find the way of the Dodo bird which is God's will and inevitable.


A deceiving steward, who runs a leeist forum for leeists, wrote, "It is really important that we speak up and tell people that the ministry of Witness Lee is the best, because Brother Lee has never deviated from the Word of God." Is this not idolatry? For no man has never not erred. Let's see if he erred and if his erring is a false fruit of unsalvation which shows Witness Lee was an unsaved tare trying to look like the saved wheat. Taken as a whole these six sins produce a compelling argument for why Witness Lee was never born-again. I think one of Satan's greatest ploys is to make a person think he is saved when he is not so that he never becomes saved, having entered into a false salvation and baptism of the evil spirit.


Witness 6 Sins of Leeism


First Sin

Calvinism pride of believing in being premade for salvation which is based on their belief in Total depravity. They use this term. It is a contradiction to say a person is Totally depraved while at the same time claiming they have the choice, for if everyone is Totally depraved then everyone will reject Christ. Not much of a choice! How could a Totally depraved person ever receive Christ? Yet the Bible says Jesus is the "Savior of all men, specially those that believe" (1 Tim. 10.4), providing sufficient grace to all, and not "Savior of all men TOTALLY DEPRAVED, specially those who believe." If everyone is Totally depraved yet some are saved, it must be by irresistible regeneration: that is how we derive deep down inside they believe "in being premade for salvation." However, they don't teach irresistible regeneration (not outwardly), so they contradict themselves. All five teachings of calvinism are false. OSAS Arminian, which agrees with God's way of salvation, can easily expose the puffiness of "stacking the deck" in Calvinism. I have spoken to scores of Leeists, and they always defend Calvinism and Total depravity in some form or another, yet all 5 points of Calvinism are false. If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it's probably a duck! Take for example this Incident with a Leeist. Reject Calvinistic teaching. Watchman Nee was OSAS Arminian. Leeist are often found saying along the lines they have up-leveled from Watchman Nee. If so, why does the Holy Spirit urge me to resist and reveal the diabolical opposites of the LSM Cult from what Watchman taught? Dave Hunt would simply respond, What Love is This? Total depravity is wrong. God has provided sufficient grace to us all: "Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth" (1 Tim. 2.4), and He is "not willing that any should perish" (2 Pet. 3.9), for "He is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the whole world" (1 John 2.2). "Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out" (Acts 3.19). "Believe...and thou shalt be saved" (Acts 16.31). Repent and believe in Christ to be regenerated. If you think you are Total depraved that you can't repent and believe or you think someone else was not given the grace to be able to do so, Satan has already planted a seed of deception in your heart and has gained a foothold in your mind on this matter. As soon as you hear or see a Leeist use the term Total depravity question him and challenge him right there and then.

Second Sin

Violent screaming and brainwashing mantra in repetitions to control its cult members so that they do not think for themselves; confusing emotion for the spirit, living in the soulical and not walking after the spirit. Listen to their audios and watch the videos to see something very unholy if you must, but I don't recommend it for it is not healthy for you. This prayer-reading is neither prayer nor reading. 2 or 3 words chanted over is not reading and God has never asked me to pray this way. Watchman Nee, of course, disagreed with such antics as being artificial and forced. Nee had things to say about repetitive screaming as artificial behavior.

Third Sin

Suing Christians for their faith by attacking "one of the least of these my brethren" (Matt. 25.40) to put him into bankruptcy, shutting down his or her ministry financially and even going so far as to threaten me. These are a few of the suing attempts. More detailed explanations of each incident are given on the Misreading Nee page. Appealing to Caesar does not mean suing Christians for their faith, for Paul did not even sue those who did him wrong so that nothing could be held against him. Since the Lord Jesus was humiliated on earth, can we seek to glory by suing for faith? Since Jesus was crucified as a robber, can we court the favor of the world? Since Jesus was slandered possessed of a demon, can we look to the praise of men and the courts that we are most clever and rational? Such conditions would reveal the inconsistency of having a relationship with the Lord. "If any man would after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me" (Matt. 16.24). Imagine if Jesus sued Harvest House for $136,000,000 in such filthy lucre? I believe with all my heart and soul and spirit that leeists are truly lost in the world, clinging tightly to it and do seem to refuse the principle that "the world hath been crucified unto me, and I unto the world" (Gal. 6.14).

Fourth Sin

Modalism is one of their favorite teachings. Oh, they love the doublespeak! Leeists do teach modalism, no matter how much they say they don't believe it. It is in actuality denying the Trinity of God's 3 Persons as distinct in the Triune Godhead. It is a pridefully puffed up teaching to think "God is a threefold Person" and the "Father is the Son" (these are quotes of Witness Lee) to get leeists to think they are onto something brand new to self-exalt themselves with as the most spiritual people that ever lived and mark themselves unique in all of creation even above all of Christendom. But what this teaching actually conveys a heart willing to alter God's Word (Rev. 22.18,19) with eternal consequences.


The Godhead is not a Person. The Godhead does not have folds or modes. The 1st Person is not the 2nd Person. How absurd to say the Godhead is a Person of 3 Persons to confuse the meaning of Persons in the Trinity. Satan is the author of confusion. This is confusing the meaning of what God's 3 Persons are and debasing the Godhead down to man's interpretation narrow-minded thinking. They can't understand how the Father is not the Son and how God's 3 Persons are not a Person. In the Godhead what is the point of saying there are 3 Persons, only then to say the 1st Person is the 2nd Person and mentioning of a 4th Person to these 3 Persons!? Please do not speak of the Father as being the Son. What is the point of saying the Trinity is 3 Persons; then, in doublespeak, saying the Triune God is a Person? The Godhead is not a quaternity of 4 Persons.


Let such pet teachings which are unproven in Scripture simply die on the cross. What they do is disrespectful to God's Word. For leeists also say that they are God, just like that. But a leeist is just a person. Could it be in their confusion, since a leeist is a person and claims the Godhead is a Person, therefore since they believe they are a person of God, they must be God too? These two ideas of modalism and theosis are being used together, yet have long since been considered a heresy to the Church. The rallies around modalism (albeit simultaneously denying it) by leeists have never been able to reasonably and adequately explain the plethora of quotes by Witness Lee and Ron Kangas and others with the same usage and vein by leeists for decades even to this day.


With regard to 2 Cor. 3.17, "Now the Lord is that Spirit," the emphasis here is on the word "Now," for the Lord has risen to the right hand of the Father and has given His Spirit to indwell as the veil is now rent. Never be so overassuming as to think this means the Lord is the Spirit in the sense they derive it, the prime teaching of modalists. Misreading the Scriptures is not a humble position to take at all. Considering all the Scripture that keeps the Son and the Spirit distinct (and we can find no verses making them the same in all regards), there should be no excuse for priding oneself on the special teaching of modalism, all the while saying they are not modalist. This is doubletalk. The infamy of the doubletongue by leeists truly excites the flesh and I am sure they get off on it. As the doubletongue is given energy, sin begets sin, and you will see more doubletalk in future episodes, for it is like a drug and can't be stopped. Rationalization upon rationalization never is a sign of repentance.


In Witness Lee modalism, does it feel like those in the dark are leading gullible souls down a path of destruction? No matter how hard they and Witness Lee try marry Witness Lee to Watchman Nee by altering the latter's writings, creating new writings and by other means, Nee and the little flock had no affiliation with them later on. If Nee was released from prison, his chastisement would be palpable against Witness Lee. For example, Nee said, "Always remember that God has committed Christ, the Holy Spirit, the word, and the light to the church. Today she is able to give light, word, the Holy Spirit, and Christ to men. The one difficulty is our uncleanness, our impurity" (The Ministry of God's Word, p. 243, CFP white covers). Christ and the Holy Spirit are spoken of separately which are also distinct from God the Father in the Godhead. Jesus Christ is the 2nd Person of the Godhead. The 3rd Person is the Holy Spirit which is God's life. The Holy Spirit is the life of the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit has eternal life. The life of the Godhead is eternal. The reason men will confuse God's simple explanation of His 3 Persons is because of "uncleanness, our impurity". Recall John 14.16, "And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever." If there is another comforter besides Jesus, then they are not the same, thus Jesus is not the Spirit. Read verse 17-20 to see the different use of words "him" and "I".


The heresy of modalism is given by a false witness ("christianmomof3"). I am saddened for her three children because she will teach them the same as she believes.

Fifth Sin

Calling themselves God. For example, Ron Kangas, a false teacher and leading lsm'er, says he is God. Never call yourself God ever! Christians are not God in life, nature or grace. Christians have God's life eternal, His nature and grace. We have His indwelling Holy Spirit also. Witness Lee is not the Acting God, nor was Paul. There simply is no such thing, for to say so indicates someone was not God but now is, or was God but isn't now, or that there could be more than one God. Please reject the LSM LC cult and Witness Lee in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and God will protect you from them. Witness Lee wrote, "Because the Father, the Son, and the Spirit are all one with the Body of Christ we may say that the Triune God is the 'four-in-one' God. These four are the Father, the Son, the Spirit, and the Body. The Three of the Divine Trinity cannot be confused or separated, and the four-in-one cannot be separated for confused" (Witness Lee, A Deeper Study of Divine Dispensing, p. 203). Sure they can be confused. Witness Lee just confused them even though they are not the same. Sorry to disappoint, but nobody is "God" but God and nobody is "becoming God...." That is the pride of the fall to think so: "ye shall be as God" (Gen. 3.5).


In an LSM publication, A Deeper Study of the Divine Dispensing (p. 54), Lee states ”My burden is to show you clearly that God’s economy and plan is to make Himself man and to make us, His created beings, God.” On page 53 we read: “We are born of God; hence, in this sense, we are God.” In the same publication, Lee refers to the Triune God as now the ‘four-in-one’ God, with man as the fourth person. Sounds like they are taking from the playbook of the Quaternity of the Roman Chuch.


Sixth Sin

Bearing false witness against Watchman Nee's writings, altering his writings and creating new writings said to be his that are not. "Thou shalt not bear false witness against" (Luke 6.31). The end result is to alter man's tripartite nature, even though they themselves may claim man has three parts. For example, one of the 3 major aspects of emotion is not "hate", but that is what Witness Lee believed by altering Nee's writings to say this. Watchman Nee never said hate was one of the 3 main aspects of emotion at CFP which is not related to the lsm/lc cult! Watchman Nee said clearly in agreement with the rest of The Spiritual Man (see the proof) that the 3 major aspects of emotion are (1) affection, (2) desire, and (3) sensing and feeling. These 3 aspects also have their very own 3 separate chapters too, even naming those chapters by name. There are no "Hate" chapters. Ridiculous! How are you ever going to escape this cult if you are unwilling to address these things by being intellectually honest with yourself? I did not write this article in vain!


Why limit the emotions of affection to love only? Why limit the emotion of desire to hate only? Why use an odd term, "affected" to replace our sensing and feeling? Constricting man's emotions is a way to control people, and that is exactly what Witness Lee knew he was doing.


How evil is your life and your organization, run and operated by Witness Lee's physical birth children who were not directly commissioned by God for anything in the Church. See "Bearing False Witness of the Spiritual Man". Careful comparison reveals a very strange spirit mistranslating and adding what was not in the original, even upwards of 30% more text. There are various other alterations, such as John Pester's altering first rapture, and my random selection of another text to compare in Ministry of God's Word.


Central Hub for Filthy Lucre

There is also a misconception that the lsm/lc cult operates according to Biblical locality. They don't even have apostles. Instead, they operate under false locality by a central hub for filthy lucre (to distribute lsm products), thus, not abiding in Biblical locality. This is easily seen from different perspectives, not the least of which, when the lsm organization sues someone, often times, many of the outlets of lsm get involved in the suing process together as though they are one large corporation-a board of directors at the center with its boutiques, but not apostles directly commissioned by God. Biblical locality, instead, has apostles directly commissioned by God and are in agreement!


How is this problem solved in the Church? There should be a Meeting Place Finder for the body of Christ on the Internet in which apostles show their solidarity on basic principles, doctrine and teaching. But our selling products from this center is unacceptable! With a clear conscience, we would prefer no one to blame us for such behavior! A Meeting Place Finder needs to fulfill the role of a questionnaire by informal apostles so the Church can know we are in unity on various matters and so the Church can have confidence we were directly commissioned by God for the Work. That is all the Meeting Place Finder is for and should be allowed to do!


In this way, each locality maintains its independency, and we confidently know the Elders of a locality were chosen authentically by Apostles for a region of churches.


Not Even Born-Again


Some may come forth to say they reject these false teachings, yet they still can't leave the lsm/lc. This is an indication they are still controlled by the demon of leeism. Only when they are finally able to walk away, are they free, and even they much deliverance may be needed. It is possible that the reason they can't walk away is because they are in it just for the social experience and are not even born-again.

The Little Flock Refused The Local Church


Watchman Nee was of the little flock who reject even to this day the lsm/lc cult. Stephen Kaung said "Witness Lee went too far," and others like T. Austin Sparks and Angus Kinnear obviously rejected Witness Lee's corrupted false locality and some of his doctrinal errors. Watchman Nee could not say anything about this cult of Witness Lee because it began after Watchman Nee was imprisoned for life. Many try to take Watchman Nee as agreeing with them. Some other cults misuse his writings as well, not just the lsm/lc cult. Nee's writings at CFP expose their misreadings and alterations. Nee's accusers such as Richard Fisher, Dana Roberts and quite a few others who try to desperately marry Nee to Lee are also easily exposed.

Complete Opposites


Watchman Nee was osas arminian (non-calvinist), non-suer, trinitarian (non-modalist), non-screamer, held to Biblical locality (non-central hub locality), and did not bear false witness of history and others' writings as did the mind of the unsaved soul of Witness Lee.

The authority for Watchman Nee's writings are at Christian Fellowship Publishers (which are the white covers) called the "Complete Works of Watchman Nee". They are not the "Collected Works of Watchman Nee" at lsm. Living Stream Ministry is notorious for creating new products every year or so said to be of Nee's. Comparing same source work, it is undeniable that the lsm/lc takes liberties which are as much as 30% longer in translation. After all this time still producing new writings said to be of Watchman Nee from lsm for filthy lucre! Enough already! We get it already. You are looking for profits to build your lsm/lc organization. In order to do this, you need to build your product base and increase your distribution outlets. Such cults fashion themselves after corporations! And corporations, 200 years ago, came into being from the written codes by the Roman Church and Protestant denominations which all exhibit the pastoral system. Yet none of these is how Biblical locality works according to the Scriptures.


What Do You Do Now?

You can find the link to CFP ("The Complete Works") from the W. Nee website. I almost made the mistake of ordering from lsm when I was first introduced to Nee's writings, so be careful! I wouldn't want you to regret it after it is too late! To protect yourself so as not to be deceived, read the 5 Deeper Truths. If you would like to fellowship well pleasing to the Lord, please join Biblocality Forums, or if you would like to discuss these matters, there is the Local Church discussion forum.

Be sure to visit Misreading Nee for additional proofs which really are just extensions of the 6 major sins of leeism. These sins are held close to the bosom of The Local Church, and they won't give them up!


Conclusion - An Unholy Trinity


These findings are a summary of the conversations with lsm/lc members and from reading their writings. The Holy Spirit reveals there is demon possession involved which is the same demon that owned Witness Lee, its founder, to control him and create this entity called The Local Church.


The character this demonic force takes on is that of always deflecting away from these 6 major sins of leeism, never confronting them honestly and openly. There is always some excuse! The vague redirections and accusing others to skirt around the issue are their false fruit. Therefore, their sins remain no matter what kind of measures they take to thwart. Some time after Watchman Nee was imprisoned for life, Witness Lee began to hatch his plans for his cult, unfettered from Nee's authority in the Church as an Apostle. The Holy Spirit has clearly revealed to me in no uncertain terms Witness Lee was used by the supernatural forces of evil to make Watchman Nee look goofy by false association so that these 5 deeper truths remain verily rejected and cause some to think Nee believed in Lee's teachings.


What is Satan's aim here? It seems the Church has suffered because Of Witness Lee causing careless or gullible souls to misconstrue Lee's beliefs for Nee's. I for one know of no ones writings deeper and more closely aligned with the Word like a glove than that of Watchman Nee (CFP & CLC). Therefore, we may reasonably conclude Satan wants to delay the Church returning to her first love of Biblical locality as long as possible. I think Satan knows he can't win, so all he can do is delay and delay. When the Tribulation starts the Bible says Satan knows his time short. Satan is the great Restrainer who up to now has withheld his Antichrist and False Prophet. When I think of the unholy trinity of Witness Lee, Living Stream Ministry and The Local Church, I recall what Jack Sparks said in Mindbenders, that the cults he covered in that book were fairly impotent, but The Local Church has potential to be incredibly evil, though time will tell. Satan's replication is he was and is not and is to come. Witness Lee was, is not, and some great leader in Living Stream Ministry and The Local Church will soon be upon the world.


It has been 50+ years now and still no repentance from these 6 major sins of leeism has been forthcoming. Ask yourselves, do you think they will ever repent? Not likely. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ will return to destroy this organization-a little harlot.


Love, in Christ,