Mark of the Beast 2017

They are trying to outwit you by putting the mark in your arm, not your hand or your forehand. Sam diff. It's voluntary for now! So predictable. All of this is temporary nonsense before Christ returns sometime before the year 2100.



1. Kidnappers can be found.

2. Released prisoners can be tracked.

3. Medical records.

4. Easy payment method.

5. No more illegal immigration.

6. All suspected terrorists tracked.

7. Improved efficiency by tracking habits of employees.

8. Reduce insurance risks.

9. Disallow credit to credit card risks.

10. Amazing life and rescue operations because of the chip.

11. You can know if someone is a Christian or not.

12. Pimps can monitor their prostitutes better and drug lords can keep a tighter watch on their people.

13. Any other ideas, submit your suggestions here.


Cons if you refuse the implant:

1. Can't buy or sell or get employment.

2. Cant get credit.

3. Quarantined possibly in a FEMA Camp.

4. Go to Hell - taking the mark itself doesn't send you to Hell, but it is evidence that you are not born-again, because someone who is born-again has the Holy Spirit in them which says not to take the mark of the beast.


DON'T DO IT!!! The word mark was translated from the ek word stigma meaning to stick into. The mark shall be in, not on. This company (Veripay or Verichip) is offering $50 for anyone who will receive the mark of the beast on their hand or their forehead to be able to buy products, under their skin using RFID (radio frequency identification; eventually GPS). Walmart is moving quickly to install RFID into all its products.,0,438542,print.story?coll=sfla-home-headlines,12543,335428,00.html