The Three Main Teachings of Matt J. Slick

Owner of Christian Research Apologetics Ministry - CARM

The three main teachings of Matt J. Slick are (see link):

a) Calvinism, b) Amillennialism, and c) Pentecostal tongues (non-language, non-syntax gibberish babble).

He is appealing to nearly 2 billion souls, almost all of Christendom, that agree with at least one of these three popular teachings. This is how he tries to reel people in at Christian Research Apologetics Ministry to buy his products. Yet none of these teachings are true.

There is no indications in the Bible the gift of tongues was gibberish babble (as was taught in a second century cult called Montanism). The gift of language is the gift to share the word of God in different languages.

Revelation 20.3 says the nations are not deceived in the 1000 years, but obviously they are still deceived with wars and rumours of wars. Therefore, Amillennialism is false.

And Matt erects the idol of Total depravity which says he is unable to repent and believe in Christ to be regenerated so he worships what he believes to be a God who does not provide sufficient grace to all men to have the choice, but that whoever is saved is irresistibly made to. And the preteritioned are given no grace or opportunity for salvation but are sent to Hell even though it was not their fault they were born into sin. This somehow gives his God glory.

I find that there is no support in the Bible for any of these false teachings. If we were to behave this way we would be sinning. How can God's standards be below our own?

Several other problems arise in Matt's beliefs (see link).

d) Slick believes Jesus is a man outside of time and space even though man can't even exist outside of time and space.

e) Matt believes if a person were to choose what Jesus did for us (so God chose us by foreknowing our free-choice), he would not deserve to be saved even though the condition was fulfilled to be saved by grace through faith.

f) He confuses the spirit as being the soul (the fallen bipartite view of man, not tripartite). This teaching is opposite of what the Bible says: we have both a spirit and a soul (Heb. 4.12, 1 Thess. 5.23).

g) Matt is denominational as he attends a denomination and favors congregationalism rather than Scriptural locality, but the Bible expressly speaks against denominations (don't say "I of Cephas" or "I of Apollos") and congregationalism (Paul additionally said, don't say "I of Christ"). He rejects the organizing of the Church by locality even though we see in the Bible the Apostles worked regionally, they found agreement on important truths in Christ, and they had appointed Elders for each locality (city, town) of brethren and sistren.

The common technique attempted by Matt to thwart these problems, is he will say, "these are not essential to salvation." But the Bible also says we shall know them by their fruit which indicates, taken as a whole, he was never born-again in the first place, for he never truly gave his life to Christ.

Slick's fruit is to worship a false Christ who will not return to reign during the 1000 years on earth and encourages gibberish babble that pacifies our will and dulls our conscience and intuitive sense to accept suggestions from the evil spirit. His Christ would have you, again blocking our spirit sense, to pridefully assume you were irresistibly selected rather than genuinely and sincerely coming to the cross as helpless sinners to receive the Lord Jesus as Savior.

We are told to accept contradictions such as Jesus is a man outside of time and space even though man exists only inside time and space. We are told we do not deserve to be saved even though we truly repented and believed in Jesus for our salvation. We are also suppose to believe that the functions of intuition, conscience and communion of our spirit are no different than the mind, will and emotion of our soul so as to not distinguish our outerman from our innerman. This creates confusion in our being. And we are to embrace denominationalism and congregationalism even though this was spoken of against in the Scriptures.

Friends, the Bible says we are not to pray for some people because it is clear they will never repent. Matt Slick is one of those people. He is too far gone now. Not even God can help him now as Matt Slick is stuck in his ways for eternity, eternally separated from the Lamb of God, and decidedly prefers a false Christ.

When Matt wakes up from soul sleep a thousand years after Jesus returns, he will see a figure before him who says to him something like, "Matt, I am the Lamb of God who died on the cross for the sins of the whole world and was long-suffering not wanting any to perish.

"I am the Savior of all men [prevenient grace], specially those who believe (1 Tim. 4.10); not the Savior all men some in each class and place, specially those who believe. That is redundantly nonsensical. Nor am I the Savior of all men though not from Hell, specially those who believe. That is additionally nonsensical, for how can I save someone who believes yet not from Hell? Makes no sense. I never taught total depravity, nor did my Apostles, that you used as an idol to not genuinely receive what I did for you and the sins of the whole world as the grace of my Father is sufficient for all to have the choice.

"You never worshiped me and believed on me when you were doing and believing all these things." Jesus lists them herein, then He continues, "Will you repent now?" Matt will respond effectively, "No you are not my Lord, I don't know you." Then Jesus with a broken heart for Matt says to him, "because you deny me, I deny you before my Father" and then casts Matt J. Slick into the Lake of Fire for all eternity where the Antichrist and False Prophet already are.


Troy Brooks