Matt J. Slick the Owner of CARM is Not a Christian

Please stop giving your money to Slick who keeps asking for it from you! This is called "filthy lucre" (Tit. 1.11, 1 Pet. 5.2).

Quick Summary of Matt's Popular Teachings

"I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before thee life and death, the blessing and the curse: therefore choose life, that thou mayest live" (Deut. 30.19).


Normally, I wouldn't concern with myself with most Calvinists since they "draw back unto perdition" (Heb. 10.39) and God says not to "gather up the tares, lest ye root up also the wheat with them" (Matt. 13.29), but Matt Slick tries really hard to promote his idol called Total depravity which he says nobody has been given sufficient grace to have the choice to receive what Jesus did for us. I find this so utterly evil and obnoxious, so contrary to God's word in verse and after verse, the Holy Spirit is showing this is a great evil the Church is confronted with. Only those such as Matt Slick who claim they were irresistibly selected, not having had to repent to the cross as helpless sinners, are not preteritioned (passed over). This pompous proclamation on a pedestal is without the genuine repentance and faith in Christ to be regenerated where we Christians encountered the living God.


"For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them" (2 Pet. 2.21). In other words, Calvinists do come close to the door of salvation. They preach the word, share many things in the Scriptures, yet they are not saved, so it would have been better they had never even heard the name of Jesus so they may at some later date be more susceptible to hearing the gospel. And it would have been better they never heard of Christ because their experience in Hell will be even worse now since they refuse so much grace given to them by worshiping a false Christ.



Irresistible Grace is Insufficient Grace


Matt Slick doesn't understand John 1.13: "Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God." Those who are saved are not because they are born of the blood (procreation), nor of the flesh (passion), nor the will of man (by planning or "will worship", Col. 2.23), but of God. It is God who does the saving, not our will, and requires our choice to save us. Since God is relational in His Three Persons, He is relational with us. He enjoys our positive response to His sufficient grace bestowed upon us all. Grace is not sufficient if it is irresistible. Salvation is a gift from God and freely obtainable by any of us. "We have also obtained access by faith into this grace" (Rom. 5.2), "for by grace are ye saved through faith" (Eph. 2.8), NOT "saved by irresistible faith through an irresistible grace." You can't will yourself ("will worship") into being saved by assuming you are irresistibly selected as Calvinists do. God never saves such deluded and selfish souls.


Salvation is by His resistible grace and conditional election, for God supplies sufficient grace to all, affording all human beings with the choice; that's why He pleads with us, calls us to repent and woos by His Spirit, otherwise it is just a charade which is morally bankrupt. This verse has nothing to do with god of Calvinism claiming we don't have a choice and people go to Hell just because they were born into sin with no opportunity, mercy, love or grace of God to be saved. Are faith and works contrasted as opposites? "By grace are ye saved, through faith;...not of works" (Eph. 2.8-9); "But to him that worketh not, but believeth..." (Rom. 4.5). Therefore, we can come to God in faith and can reject the notion we cannot unless we are irresistibly made to, or should I say, as Calvinists assume pridefully they were made to.


Be careful of what a person calls love, mercy and grace. Matt Slick thinks locking his mother up in his basement permanently so she doesn't take poison is loving. If a person doesn't have the free will to be saved or go to Hell do they really have free will? Slick would have you believe we are just robots for that's what it comes down to effectively. Where does morality play in that when there is no grace that is sufficient to be able to respond to Jesus' atoning sacrifice? People are then just instrumental value not intrinsic value to God. To Slick we are just tools or pawns in his CARM game. I am sure you are getting a sense of the evil we are dealing with here. God's wrath is upon Matt Slick. Make no mistake about friends!


Unethical Behavior


Matt Slick writes,

Now, please note that in the chat dialogue that follows, Troy Brooks condemns the idea of saving someone against their will (which isn't what Calvinism teaches, btw. Instead, generally, Calvinists teach that God first regenerates a person and then they are able to put their faith in Christ.). Anyway, he condemns what he considers God forcing someone on people against their will, but he has no problem at all doing the very same thing to me. I have repeatedly asked him to not email me, not sign up on the boards, banned him, and to leave me alone. Yet, he seeks to force himself upon me, CARM, and forums, against my will.  Now, doesn't that show you what kind of a person he is?

I don't want to talk to Matt Slick but I do want to expose him because he is a false Christian and deceiving potential new believers even some Christians. He still has free will to give his life to Christ even though he tries to ban and silence Christians who continue to expose him on his forums, so my faith is quite unlike his. Instead of a person being led to Christ, Matt Slick manipulates them into his false Christ then asks for their money. He should be exposed on his forums so I encourage everyone to expose why Matt Slick is not saved on his forums. Be careful because he will silence you hastily at the very mention of his name to conceal the truth about what he is up to. It seems to me to be a double standard that he speaks against others but nobody is allowed to speak against him. This is not treating others as he would like to be treated. This is very egotistical.

Satan has a doubletongue. Observe. Matt Slick says, "saving someone against their will which isn't what Calvinism teaches," yet he also says "Calvinists teach that God first regenerates a person and then they are able to put their faith in Christ." I had faith in Jesus before I was regenerated. By having faith in Jesus I was then regenerated. We are saved by faith through grace. Free will is no longer actually free as a switch that his god turns on and off. How is that not robotic? Every single person who is irresistibly regenerated under his scheme not only according to Slick is able but none are unable to refuse the cross. How is that free-choice?

If I consider it evil to send people to Hell for no other reason than they were born into sin and without any opportunity for salvation should I not expose Matt Slick? I should do the right thing should I not? Obviously Slick wants me silenced. He will have to kill me like that murderous Protestant Pope of Geneva John Calvin did before that happens. I like how the Church can operate underground as we are persecuted. I encourage more Christians to sign up anonymously on his forums using a proxy or other method to register at CARM (Christian Apologetics Research Ministry) to expose his deception, but do be aware he keeps very close tabs on key phrases used and uses other tracking methods to ban people. He even asks for your real name if you he talks to you in the forums or chat and if you don't give it, he bans you. His is probably frustrated with all the web pages and domains that he has about himself that he still can't get this article about him off of the first page when searching for "Matt Slick" in Google.

God of the Bible never regenerates someone so they are made to believe, but they are regenerated because they believed in Him. Amen.


Spiritual Authority and Discernment


Watchman Nee said it best on page 42, volume 1 of The Spiritual Man (CFP white covers only),

"THE MAN GOD FASHIONED was notably different from all other created beings. Man possessed a spirit similar to that of the angels and at the same time had a soul resembling that of the lower animals. When God created man He gave him a perfect freedom. He did not make man an automaton, controlled automatically by His will. This is evident in Genesis 2 at the time God instructed the original man what fruit he could eat and what not. The man God created was not a machine run by God; instead he had perfect freedom of choice. If he chose to obey God, he could; if he decided to rebel against God, he could do that too. Man had in his possession a sovereignty by which he could exercise his volition in choosing to obey or to disobey. This is a most important point, for we must realize that in our spiritual life God never deprives us our freedom. Unless we actively cooperate, God will not undertake anything for us. Neither God nor the devil can do any work without first obtaining our consent, for manís will is free."

What I am proposing to you is that Matt Slick is demonically possessed and has given up control of his being to evil spirits. He has accepted any old spirit that came over him that told him he was irresistibly selected. If Christians can be deceived and we certainly can be, how much more those who enter into a false salvation as Matt Slick has?

Watchman Nee also wrote on page 21-23, volume 3,

"A passive mind. Broadly speaking, an empty mind differs not too much from a passive one. Strictly speaking, the empty head means not using it whereas a passive one means awaiting some external force to activate it. The latter is a step beyond the former. Passivity is to refrain from moving by oneself and instead to let outside elements move one. A passive brain does not think by itself but allows a foreign power to do the thinking for it. Passivity reduces man to a machine.

"A passive state is most advantageous to the evil spirits for it offers them an opportunity to occupy the believerís will and body too. Just as a darkened mind is easily deceived because it knows not what it is doing and where it is going, even so is a passive mind prone to attack since it has no sensitivity whatsoever. Should anyone allow his head to cease thinking, searching, and deciding and to no longer check his experience and action against the Bible, he is practically inviting Satan to invade his mind and deceive him.

"In their desire to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit many of the Lordís people feel they do not need to measure, investigate, and judge by the light of the Bible all thoughts which seemingly come from God. They think being led by the Spirit is being dead to themselves and obeying every notion and impulse of their brain. They follow especially those ideas which arise after prayer; hence they arrange for their mind to be passive during and after prayer. They halt their own thoughts and their other mental activities so as to be ready to receive the ďthoughts of God.Ē And the result is that they become hard and obstinate, having no reason and carrying out many harsh, pertinacious and irrational things. They do not know: (1) that prayer will not transform our thoughts into godly ones; (2) that to wait for divine thoughts during and after prayer is to invite counterfeits from the evil spirits; and (3) that Godís leading is in the intuition of the spirit and not in the mind of the soul. Not a few saintsóignorant of Godís will that He does not wish man to be passive but rather to cooperate actively with Himóspend time training themselves to be of a passive mind. They induce themselves to not think in order to possess Godís thoughts. How can they not understand that if they themselves are not using their brain neither will God use it nor put His thoughts into it. The principle of God is for men to control the whole person with their will and to work together with Him. Only the devil would exploit the opportunity of a passive mind and seize its control away from men. God has never wanted men to receive His revelation like a robot; it is the enemy spirits alone who wish it that way. All passivity profits them, for they gladly take advantage of the folly and passivity of Godís people to operate in their mind."

This passivity and control Matt Slick is under brings him into other false teachings such as "gibberish babble" false tongues of Pentecostalism and teaching the millennial kingdom is now even though Revelation 20 says, "that he [Satan] should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season" (v.3). To claim the nations are not deceived now, which would be Matt Slick's position, is so unconscionable you can see how far his has sunk into the abyss. Often a number of false teachings converge in a person to show how deplorable his condition has become. "Ye shall know them by their fruits" (Matt. 7.16,20). Let us be thankful Matt Slick's interpretation is a false one, and the correct one is that "ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet" (Matt. 24.6). The end of this age is not the end of the world which occurs 1000 years after.


Isn't it interesting how Matt Slick time and again enters the discussion to talk to me on his forums for a short while even though he knows it's me. It's like he stops all activities to come talk to me. And then when he can't handle it anymore he bans me in the middle of the conversation. So I am not allowed to post on his forums but he says he wants me to call him on his radio show? I feel like he has got a noose around my neck and he is yanking on the cord by his restrictive controls. You can see for him the pain is too much to deal with the truth patiently. It is not that the truth is unreasonable but it is unloved.

Matt Slick writes,


"We have to ask what kind of a person would spend the time to register more than 20 accounts in order to spam Christian forums, so that he can attack and insult others?"


My purpose is not to attack and insult so why sin bearing false witness? I don't want people to be like Matt Slick lost in self, unsaved and headed for Hell. I would not wish upon my worst enemy where Slick is going. I've never spammed CARM forums. One of his staff members said, we have decided not to ban you this time because you often have thought provoking comments. But their temporary tolerance didn't last long. Understand the reason why CARM staff inevitably ban is because though at first they may have had good intentions it becomes too painful to hear the truth so they end up banning you. Typically if you mention anything negative about Matt Slick in a post, you will be banned for life. Obviously, we are not dealing with a very competent bunch of people or an open environment conducive for fair discussion.


Slick's forums are more accurately labeled "Christendom forums" because a Christian forum is owned by a Christian, not a false Christian. The purpose is to expose not to attack or insult, but I can understand why someone who is being exposed may feel like it is an attack or insult, because he is a living a lie and doesn't want to have a change of mind. He wants to remain in his sin of...


Assuming You're Irresistibly Regenerated


Matthew J. Slick, the owner of Christian Apologetics Research Ministry, says he is not going to Hell like others are who are born into sin and were given no grace or mercy to have any opportunity to be saved. According to him, they were preteritioned (passed over) like Hitler did to the Jews on their way to the gas chamber just because they were born that way. And this gives Matt's god wonderful glory! There are many false gods but they all have two things in common. They are really just idols made by men, and they are made by men in their own selfish and corrupt nature.


The true God of the Bible provides sufficient grace to us all to be able to respond: "whosoever is of a willing heart" (Ex. 35.5). Everyone is invited to be a child of God. If we don't behave this way towards fellow man we are being unrighteous, but God is justified in being evil towards us? How can God's standards be less than our own?


There is not two salvations, just one: we are not regenerated then saved, for salvation is regeneration. A letter was sent to Matt Slick to call for him to repent of his false teachings, but he is unwilling. The immorality of his position he is locked into makes it virtually impossible to repent. Besides Matt is so old now, I am not aware of anyone who gave their lives to Christ as old as he is. If you are not saved you may yet give your life to Christ but it it is too late for Matt. He is too far gone and too invested in his theories. His behavior follows after his kind of salvation, one of pridefully assuming and asserting without evidence. Matt Slick operates like an unethical lawyer instead of walking in the spirit intuitively by the Spirit of Truth. An unethical lawyer doesn't care about the truth. My prayer is that those who are saved as well as those considering Christ be careful of his deception.


It is not enough to take a verse of the Bible and insert into the text your idea of irresistible grace and limited atonement or unconditional election and no free-choice to be able to come to the cross by the grace of God. if the verse does not explicitly say it then you can't claim it. This is the problem with Calvinism. There are no verses that explicitly say what they want it to say so they have created idols, e.g. Total depravity is an idol, for man is not Totally depraved if he has been given sufficient grace to have the choice. There are many verses that explicitly teach God is the Savior of all men (1 Tim. 4.10) given sufficient grace to all to be able to respond, and God shows no partiality (Acts 10.34), therefore He would not condone preterition or irresistible grace which would be showing partiality. There is a difference between reading by the Holy Spirit and without the Spirit. Even a truth received as a truth can be misapplied and thus, not received by the Holy Spirit. One small twisting of Scripture such as man's sin nature can be warped into a false teaching of Total depravity. Man "dead" does not mean in this context that man can't do good. It just means man has lost his right relationship with God. The "death" is "loss of communication" with a pure spirit, not an inability to receive God's grace by faith to receive His only begotten Son.


Let's flip Slick on his head. Why would Slick not be born for Hell rather than for this alleged irresistible regeneration? How can he be sure either way since it was not his choice? Who is to say he is not irresistibly selected from birth for Hell? It is not God's nature to save souls the way Matt wants to be saved by assuming he is irresistibly selected. God wants to walk with those who come to the cross as helpless sinners to receive the Lord Jesus as Savior. This is something Matt Slick will confess he never experienced, because he will not enter into this relationship. He does want this love. According to him, he couldn't because he was Totally depraved. This is nothing more than an idol he erected to justify that he not to genuinely come to Christ. Love casteth out all fear, but it is too scary for him to relinquish control, so Matt remains firmly in control. "Whoever tries to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it" (Luke 17.33).


Matt Slick is never going to give his life to Christ. He is too invested now. I am not saying all Calvinists will never give their lives to Christ, but most will not. Here is one rare exception...



Jesus is a Man Outside of Time and Space?


When someone accuses another by misreading and sinning bearing false witness we are free to take the words of our accuser and turn them back on him. We can conclude then that Matt Slick believes Jesus was always a man outside of time and space something akin to Mormonism.


In discussing the matter of whether Jesus is a man outside of time and space, I wrote:


"The Slick System is for the seared conscience. For example, you can only join his group membership [permission groups] if you affirm these false statements: 'That Jesus Christ is presently true God and true man' ... I don't know any Christians who believe that Jesus is presently man [outside of time and space]. Jesus [as a man] is at the right hand of the Father and presently not man [outside of time and space]."


Slick responded to the above statement where he confused the Jesus in creation as a man with the 2nd Person outside of time and space:

"This is most interesting since he denies one of the basic doctrines of Christianity: Jesus is a man. Troy Brooks claims to know Christian theology yet he denies one of the basics? Obviously, he doesn't know what he's doing."

Slick knows that I believe Jesus is a man at the right hand of the Father so he is just getting off on sinning bearing false witness. This is his specialty. As to the topic at hand we were discussing, how can man exist outside of time and space? We are spacial beings that conform to the element of time. Creation includes the 3rd heaven where God's throne is, 2nd heaven where the fallen angels roam, an 1st heaven is the earth and whole universe. Jesus can be a man in the 3rd heaven, 2nd heaven and 1st heaven as well as Abraham's bosom (hades/sheol), but He can't be a man outside of time and space.


God's Image Ceases to Exist?


Another evangelical requirement of the CARM cult to join permission groups is that you must accept,


"That man was created in the image of God but fell into sin and is, therefore, lost."


We all know what is implied here: Total depravity. Has man really lost the status of being made in the image of God? Are we zombies now?


God's image is eternal but Matt says it is not. Though some are fallen, we all remain in God's image: spirit, soul and body. He doesn't even accept man is a "spirit and soul and body" (1 Thess. 5.23). He teaches the bipartite view of man where soul is interchangeable with the spirit. He knows nothing about how the "word of God is living, and active, and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing even to the dividing of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and quick to discern the thoughts and intents of the heart" (Heb. 4.12).


You Need to Ask This Question?


Further requirements to join group permissions for Calvinist evangelicals:


"You agree that homosexuality is a sin as is pedophilia and bestiality."


I didn't realize this was a problem for evangelicals, but I guess it is a problem Calvinist evangelicals. I guess because the Roman Church who are amillennialist like Matt and so many of their priests practice pedophilia that Matt Slick wants to distance himself from them. Yet this is the very same faith group of Augustine and Calvin sharing many of the same false teachings: infant baptismal regeneration, amillennialism, etc.

The Inability of Calvinists to be Able to Understand

Matt Slick says, make sure you understand what he believes. Alright, let's make sure:

"A system of Christian interpretation initiated by John Calvin. It emphasizes predestination and salvation. The five points of Calvinism were developed in response to the Arminian position. Calvinism teaches: 1) Total depravity: that man is touched by sin in all parts of his being: body, soul, mind, and emotions, 2) Unconditional Election: that Godís favor to Man is completely by Godís free choice and has nothing to do with Man. It is completely undeserved by Man and is not based on anything God sees in man (Eph. 1:1-11). Nor does God look into the future to see who would pick Him, 3) Limited atonement: that Christ did not bear the sins of every individual who ever lived, but instead only bore the sins of those who were elected into salvation (John 10:11,15), 4) Irresistible grace: that God's call to someone for salvation cannot be resisted, 5) Perseverance of the saints: that it is not possible to lose one's salvation (John 10:27-28)."

He aligns himself with John Calvin. There is no mistaking that. The response of Arminius was to expose the false teaching of Calvinism, not the other way around since Arminius came after John Calvin so right off the bat Matt is deluding himself there. He is a historical revisionist.

All parts of his being are not just soul (mind, emotion, will) and body, for man also has a spirit of God-consciousness (intuition, communion and conscience). Leaving out conscience and the spirit of intuition where the Holy Spirit dwells in communion with God?

Remonstrants rejected Calvinism, but they also believed contrary to Jacob Arminius because the Remonstrants did not believe in OSAS. The Roman Catholics are Remonstrants. Arminius believed in OSAS. Arminius said, never once did he ever teach a person could lose salvation: those who are born again "shall never perish" (John 10.28). The OSAS of Arminian is different than OSAS of Calvinism. The latter is irresistibly imposed or irresistibly denied, whereas the former is a relationship one enters into asking God to keep us saved.

Man does not deserve to be saved by God looking to man's response to His saving grace? How impersonally robotic! Oh joy!

It is just a figment of Matt Slick's imagination, an "idol" as it were, that man is Totally depraved, for how can man be Totally depraved when God provides sufficient grace to us all? God's free choice to save a soul is dependent conditionally upon man coming to the cross. God does not save arbitrarily. The inheritance of Eph. 1.1-11 is that God predestinates by foreknowing our free-choice (Rom. 8.29)-the conditional election. When I mention this to Slick, he gets quite belligerent and just says "No!" without reason. He simply self-declares: "Nor does God look into the future to see who would pick Him." Actually, He does because He is all-knowing. In that case Slick is also an Open Theist not having the faith to believe God has infinite foreknowledge to foresee all our free choices He Himself provides.

Talk to any youngster. Never would they think Jesus died only for some, for the child would consider that evil. Their hearts are honest, unencumbered by decades of self-imposed presumptuousness. Matt Slick is confusing our looking back upon our salvation (John 10.11,15) with irresistible grace. I can look back upon my salvation, but in no way should that suggest that it was irresistibly imposed. Jesus died for us all because He loves us all for we are all made in His image, and He is "no respecter of persons" (Acts 10.34). He has no respect for Matt Slick's pride of assuming he was irresistibly selected. The atonement is unlimited. But not all receive His saving grace because free-will allows for the right to refuse it. This is resistible grace.

The Saints need not persevere to stay saved forever. The reason why Calvinists use this term "persevere" is because they really don't know if they are saved or not. It was never their choice, so all they can do is keep working for it in the hope that it all works out. A believer can never lose eternal life, but he can lose the reward of reigning during the millennium. All God needs from you is for you to come to the cross authentically to give you new life. He has given you more than ample grace to do so. The reason this is not understood by Slick is because he doesn't even believe in the millennial kingdom (Rev. 20.2-7) and doesn't want to come to the cross as a helpless sinner to be regenerated. Selfishly it is easier to just assume you are irresistibly selected. But that is entirely delusional since it is not grounded in reality whatsoever!

Matt Slick Doesn't Understand OSAS Arminian

Slicks portrayal of OSAS Arminian:

"There are five main tenets of Arminianism: 1) God elects or reproves on the basis of foreseen faith or unbelief [free-will], 2) Christ died for all men and for every man, although only believers are saved [unlimited atonement, John 10:11,15], 3) Man is so depraved that divine grace is necessary unto faith or any good deed [conditional election, Eph. 1:1-11], 4) This grace may be resisted [resistible grace], 5) Whether all who are truly regenerate will certainly persevere in the faith is a point which needs further investigation [preservation of the saints doesn't need further investigation!?]."

"I was a pastor for 2 years and am ordained.  I am Reformed in doctrine, amillennial in eschatology, contemporary in worship, and believe in the spiritual gifts. (It's tough finding a church that has the same nuances of theological flavor that I have.)"

OSAS Arminians teach 'preservation' not 'perseverance.' Why would there be need for further investigation? Jacob Arminius said he never once said a person could lose salvation. God's "divine grace" is sufficient for all so election (initial salvation) is conditional. We whom are saved gave our lives to the God who keeps, accepting and appreciating we can't keep ourselves saved, rather than assuming we were irresistibly selected without any choice in the matter. The latter is demonic!


'Reformed' is a word which when used by a Calvinist means Calvinism. They high jacked the word from Luther's reformation of justification by faith which is unrelated to Calvinism. They made it into something more than what it is and latched onto it to mingle terms. Luther was not born-again because he was a Calvinistic. He worshiped a false Christ.


Rev. 20.3 says the nations will no longer be deceived in the millennial kingdom, thus they shall no longer war. Calvinists have no faith to believe this. They worship another. 

A Person Deserves to Go to Hell for being Born into Sin?

God predestinates by foreknowing our free choice. God only saves one way. Calvinists profess an "emphasis on salvation" (a quote from Slick). What Slick means is that he emphasizes the need to assume pridefully he was irresistibly selected.

t comforts us to know we were chosen. He graced us with His life. Before the foundations of the world He foreknew our choice to give us His uncreated life. Now that we are saved we know we were called. It is a looking back upon our salvation. I notice that Calvinist get very frustrated when I say it just this way.

Matt Slick said,

Christianity does not teach "When God saves it is deserved in man..."  This is false teaching.  We do not deserve salvation (Eph. 2:3; Rom. 3:10-12).  How can Troy make such a blatant mistake?  Obviously, he doesn't know Christian theology which further explains his other misguided attempts to teach me and others what "real" Christianity is.

Of course a person deserves salvation if he or she repents and believes in Christ to be regenerated. How evil that would be if you had truly repented and believed in Christ then God sent you to Hell anyway. Ephesians 2.3 and Romans 3.10-12 in no way shape or form tell us a person goes to Hell anyway. It says nothing about all men deserve to go to Hell because they were born into sin. Man is fallen and in need of mercy which God amply supplies so we can respond. The reason a person deserves to go to Hell is if they refuse the ransom Jesus paid. Pretty simple.

Stop lying to people telling them they can only be saved if they are irresistibly selected which induces them to believe. Stop priding yourself over others you think were not irresistibly regenerated and there was nothing they could do about. It's entirely delusional! I can you see him snubbing your nose. In reality Slick is forming his evil cult of those who obnoxiously and arrogantly proclaim they were irresistibly selected without having had to repent and believe in Christ to be regenerated. That is a disingenuous faith one that I reject in the name of the Father, Son and Spirit for eternity. Thank you Jesus for your discernment.

Think how evil God would be if He sent a person to Hell for no other reason than they were born into sin. Matt Slick is a sick bastard! Just imagine it.

Jesus Didn't Die for the Sins of the World?

Jesus atoned for the sins of the whole world. This means all have a right to come to Christ. Everyone is eligible.

Unlimited atonement is obvious. "For God so loved the world..." (John 3.16). "And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for [the sins of] the whole world" (1 John 2.2). "He by the grace of God should taste death for every man" (Heb. 2.9). If the Bible really meant just some men then it would have said so.

Popular Teachings

Slick says he is "unique in his beliefs." Unsurprisingly, there are lots of groups in Christendom that believe just as he does. It is hard to imagine how Slick could have picked a more popular set of beliefs:

Don't Break Bread with Matt Slick

Biblical locality is the correct way of organizing the Church though in large part the Church has lost this first love of the Ephesus church period. We need to get back to Scriptural locality so ask the question, which church should I join? A revival is needed to come out of the Laodicean church period of "differing opinions". Fortunately, that revival is the return of Jesus.

This revival will be that of the proper organizing of the Church where Apostles, directly commissioned by God, appoint Elders of a locality who in turn, approve the Elders of meeting places within a locality (city of believers).

'That I Have' - Pride


Slick's closing statement sums up his pride, like that of Satan,


"It's tough finding a church that has the same nuances of theological flavor that I have".


Vanity of vanities and the pride of life! "Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard its spots? Then may you also do good who are accustomed to do evil" (Jer. 13.23). Since Matt refuses to do good and receive Christ to be regenerated, "therefore will I scatter as the stubble that passeth away by the wind of the wilderness" (v.24).


"Whoever will not receive you [at CARM], when you go out, shake off the very dust from your feet as a testimony against" (Luke 9.5) Matt Slick. Step away from the Calvinist after you speak to him a short while. They can't change their spots because they have invested themselves so heavily into the Assumption of Irresistible Selection not much unlike the Assumption of Mary since it is yet another mistaken assumption.


It gets them off having simulated God's redemptive design. They have outsmarted God they think. Their head is stimulated, but their spirit is as dead to God as ever. Not every last Calvinist is unsaved but surely the vast majority are not our brothers and sisters in Christ. The harder the stance a Calvinist puts on the increased likelihood they were never born-again in the first place.


Praise the Lord for this discernment! Amen.



Troy Brooks


p.s. for further reading, read Matt Slick's response.