Modalism of Witness Lee Bearing False Witness Against Watchman Nee

Serious Manipulations!

Here we see a false teaching perpetrated by Living Stream Ministry, namely Witness Lee who is the source and behind him Satan. Nowhere in all of Christian Fellowship Publishers or Christian Literature Crusade do you find the claims made below by Witness Lee in his Watchman Nee's writings on the Triune God. Witness Lee did not actually alter Nee's writings in this instance, but his followers confuse Watchman Nee for Witness unwittingly.

Paul Miletus (a Living Stream Ministry cult member) writes on a Witness Lee forum masked as a Watchman Nee forum, the "(Excerpt from 'Messages Given During the Resumption of Watchman Nee’s Ministry (2 Volume Set)' by Watchman Nee)" which was bearing false witness of Watchman Nee since Watchman Nee did not write this excerpt: "Concerning the question of the Triune God, we can say that 'God' is the personal name of the Triune God, that 'Christ' is the official name of the Triune God, and that the 'Holy Spirit' is the administrative name of the Triune God. It is better for us to say the Triune God than to say the Trinity" about Witness Lee as is professed.

Notice that Paul says "by Watchman Nee" when these words were actually someone else about Witness Lee's false teachings since Watchman Nee would never exalt such teachings. What is the common problem of Leeists? Confusing Nee for Lee or bearing false witness thinking Nee agreed with Lee just because Lee says Lee agrees with Nee. Watchman Nee did not believe in modalism. Understand the manipulation of Witness Lee. In the immediately preceding paragraph to the above excerpt, the actual author (Witness Lee or some lackey) wrote, "Brother Lee answered: There is no difference between these two things" to marry what Nee said to Lee said, then proceeded to talk about modalism as though Nee agreed with Lee. It is all very underhanded and manipulative to follow upon the centrality of God then immediately talk about modalism.

Watchman Nee never said "it is better for us to say the Triune God than to say the Trinity" nor did Nee ever say this about Witness Lee saying this. These are equivalent statements, and Nee used the term "Trinity" on several occasions in his writings to refer to the Godhead who is Triune. Understand why the LSM addition makes this bold addition not corroborated in Watchman Nee's writings at CFP & CLC, because The Local Church is against the Trinity of the Godhead. Modalists are not Trinitarians which bespeaks of their unsalvation. Since Watchman Nee never said this, nor did he ever say it about Witness Lee, nor does it belong in a volume of Watchman Nee, we can be certain it is a manipulation to try to make people think Watchman Nee agreed with Witness Lee's modalism.

But, what does Watchman Nee really teach? In Gospel Dialogue (CFP white covers), Nee writes, "'Jesus' is a personal name, whereas 'Christ' is a name corporate as well as personal."

So we find conflicting statements. We must conclude that since the Gospel Dialogue translation agrees with all of Nee's writings from CFP and CLC, then the LSM writing is an addition by the unregenerate Witness Lee to sin to bear false witness against Watchman Nee and to promote modalism by saying "there is no difference between these two things". Yet, Watchman Nee does not teach modalism: that these are just different modal names of the Triune God.

God is not THE personal name, but is the name of the Father. "God" can also be used to refer to the Godhead as a whole. Jesus is the personal name of the Second Person of the Trinity, not a modal name of the whole Godhead. The official name of the Triune God is "God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit"-the Godhead is The Trinity. Jesus is the Godhead bodily.

These mistakes are easy errors to delineate in exposing Witness Lee's corruptions. These issues are about Witness Lee's agenda, his cult, their product sales and really having nothing to do with Watchman Nee. They use his name, but are not in agreement with the Word of God, nor God's children such as Watchman Nee.

Love, in Christ,

Troy Brooks