Money is the Problem - What's the Solution?

Money serves a valuable purpose as legal tender. The problem is not the money, but the people who make the money, so that all money becomes mammon of unrighteousness. All money is stained by the sin of men in its printing. There is no solution to this problem except one (see below).

Each government has people in control that print money more than it should be or less than it should be. In so doing, they can profit by the printing of that money, anticipating inflation or deflation. When you flood an economy with money faster than the economy is growing, it increases prices generally or to some specific asset class and cause that currency to fall relative other governments of other nations.

Nations will use the USA dollar less and less because it has attached to it over 8 trillion dollars that has to be paid back, which causes the currency to fall. The only way to keep the dollar up relative to other currencies is to stop printing it as fast as other countries print their currencies.

The problem is we have no idea what the Bush administration will do, or the next president, or the one after that. I don't know who the corporations are behind the Federal Reserve, but it doesn't matter anyway. They will always try to manipulate the currency to our detriment, and they will never let us know ahead of time. They no longer quote the M3 money supply figure.

There will be 3 major currencies: the EU, Dollar and an Asian-Pacific.

This matter is so complicated, how do you put controls on the administrators of a country's currency? It seems like an impossible task. The Great Tribulation will come to solve this complicated problem so that Christ as the Head will rule from the Temple in Jerusalem and declare no more money! The Great Tribulation will first wake everyone up to the fact that money is the problem. Then people will listen to Christ when He speaks about the solution. He will be believed for His words are so full of power and truth!

Jesus will say whatever you do now, you must do it without money. If you are going to manufacture 1 million widgets, do it because it will help others as others help you by giving you the supplies to make those widgets. Business will be as usual except without money. How strange that will seem!

People are going to work in the millennium and do all the things they always did, but without the crutch of money. Jesus will just declare that it is so, and people can either abide in this truth or suffer the consequences as Jesus will reign with an iron rod.

Do you think there is going to be money in the millennium? It will be outlawed. Remember the world is already fallen apart where 1/3 of the people of the earth die and the earth is scorched by nuclear holocaust. It will already be a mess.

How odd it would be for a ship merchant to travel from one country to another to unload a shipment of goods and not receive anything in return. Eventually one day that is how it will be. People will enjoy the work they do as their contribution without desire for financial gain. People will talk to one another to make it happen. They will have to. There is no choice, since money is outlawed.

Does it seem like to you it would take a million years before we could actually treat each other this way? Do you really think Jesus is going let sin go on for a million years? How absurd! The season is near, and by season I mean sometime this century the signs appear that Christ will return in Person, and all will know it! Guess what else goes away? Taxes. If there are no revenues, then there are no taxes.

How then can there be accountability? How is the accountability measured for Christ to reign with an iron rod? Since God knows all things, nothing is hidden. No matter what you do or don't do, He will know it. He knows every single hair on your head. Is this really so hard to believe?

Those who still refuse God's way, will suffer the consequences. God's wrath will come upon them. Even many in the millennial kingdom will be unsaved for they just won't believe in God of the Bible, even still, even after all its proofs are unfolded; that is to say, the whole Bible will be fulfilled up to Revelation 20 (millennium-last 1000 years on earth). Only Revelation 21 (new city and the new earth) will yet be unfulfilled during the millennium.

How can someone not believe after Christ returns? It's not really a mystery at all. Satan knows Jesus is God, yet still he rebelled. So shall it be in the millennium. Though many know Jesus is God, they will want to still find ways to exalt themselves above Him. There will still be yet some hidden sin in the millennium. This is mostly private hidden away sin in the recesses of the minds of men, but God knows!

In the millennium, everyone will just give to one to another what is needed. Sounds like fantasy right? It's not. By the authority of Christ and His power to reign He will demand this of everyone.

Know that money is both a benefit and a problem. It causes us to transact more efficiently. On the other hand it causes us to do things that are wrong for the sake of having more money. The latter will always be the temptation. Money will always be the mammon of unrighteousness. So it must be destroyed, for at the end of the day, it is exceedingly inefficient.

People will play sports for the joy of the competition and love of the game, not for the money. Sounds crazy right? It's not. It's just common sense. This will never happen until Christ steps down on the mount of lives. Man will destroy himself if Jesus does not return. Man will destroy himself with money if Satan is allowed to succeed: Satan unifies the diversity of creation into the mammon of unrighteousness.

It will not take more than 100 years for the implant to be perfected to control men. If you take the mark you won't be saved. If it is forced upon you, you won't lose your salvation if you believe. One may feel immobilized in knowing all this is coming down the pike, but God gives us this foresight for a reason because we are to reject it. Anyone who takes the mark willingly will be delivered to hell. Is it so unreasonable that we are warned about this now? Is not a little immobilization warranted to catch our attention to refuse the mark of the beast? This time of testing to refuse the mark will seem almost impossible to refuse because it will be forced on you.

Troy Brooks