Discovery About the Savings Ratio

Recommendation: since pdf downloads and internet copies are degraded with many errors, do not read off the internet, but get the actual book at your library or order it. No doubt, this is true of the writings of anyone. To give you but one example, there is even errors in copying at CFP, which is the leading authority for Watchman Nee's writings, such as on page 27 in The Spiritual Man in the pdf. It says "untreated life", when the original, says on page 24 in book form, the "uncreated life" of God. This same error occurs again in the pdf on page 49 twice, 81, 204, 431, and 721. I have taken the liberty of reinserting the correct word here. How things become increasingly watered down so it is more palatable to others by slightly altering or giving additional meaning! Now we are not made aware of God's life as being uncreated, but as untreated which opens the possibility of His life not uncreated as His life is untreated by "the use of a chemical, physical, or biological agent." In other words, His life is not influenced by the natural, though it may be possible His life can be influenced by the supernatural rather than being the One and Only uncreated. O ye of so little (or no) faith. Who did this? Was it the publisher or the owners at CFP? Who can say. Since this change was consistently produced throughout, we know for certainty it was deliberate in the spirit of the person who did it, but it was not of God, nor was it Watchman Nee's original thought. That much I know for certain. This happens in books throughout the centuries, but we read those writings as if that could never happen. An author's thought gets changed so quickly.


This mistake relates to the big picture found in the Scriptures: mistakes of the flesh and the effect of the second death still on believers unto loss of rewards. Unregeneration is still rampant, more than most realize as shown in the savings ratio for each dispensation. God shows no partiality dispensationally (Acts 10.34). Why is this so? Because man's conscience only has the appearance of improving outwardly, but it s just more refined, as time progresses. When such refined appearances increase outwardly, inwardly man relegates more of his life not to defiling sin, but to the good self, which is towards the fleshly good of righteousness and noble self, however not led by the Holy Spirit. The good self is utterly useless to God and no less deplorable to God than defiling sin. For God traces the route of all things. God's requirement of us is increasingly gracious NOT to lean on the good self which in turn causes the savings ratio to remain the same until the fullness of the gentiles come in, in this age, and the age to come, in which the nations are done away with. The last abrupt act of Satan called the Last Revolt (Rev. 20.7-9) at the end of the millennial kingdom, shows man had yet some hidden sin looking back upon the millennium, after which man sins no more, and utterly relinquishes the good self of the flesh. God provides this non-partiality so as to be equally fair to us all in each dispensation ("God is no respecter of persons" or "God shows no partiality" Acts 10.34) upon the Adamic man whom has God-consciousness and self-consciousness and world-consciousness when God breathed His Spirit into the body from dust to create a soul life and spirit life and physical life. Though God did not say how long it would take, it did take.


Though we may say the savings ratio is the same in each dispensation, surely we can give God some leeway to make the savings ratio worse in OT period, perhaps slightly better in the dispensation of grace, even better in the millennial kingdom as we move through the end of the millennium. I only wish to give God leeway in this regard, but keep the spirit of the savings ratio intact. Perhaps God is more lenient in the OT in fact, so immediate after Adam's fall in the age of innocence, not so lenient in the Church age because Christ came in Person (we are without excuse), and then again, more lenient in the millennium because of reigning with an iron rod. Or, He may be most lenient in the OT, less so in this age, and even less in the millennium do to the fact we ought to know better. The non-partiality is God's way of saying we ought to know better given what we know now. For example, Christ reigning in Person in the millennium will judge us with a higher standard expectation of obedience than if we were in the patriarchal period or the age of conscience after the fall. After all Christ will actually reign with an "iron rod" with His overcomers in Person so this obviousness not only ought not to be questioned, but nor should we give into even an iota of our good self. You really get the prominent sense there is increasingly becoming these two camps: the saved and the unsaved the more and more we move forward; pulling farther and farther apart between the noble and the righteousness of the unsaved and the Christian. The battle is over the flesh's good side as it tries to exalt itself. Men will do and say many things are acceptable, and it will seem good to the world, but they are done in their own strength, not according to God's will by leading of the Spirit. How Satan will be pleased to retain the good self for eventually it will succumb to the lusts of the flesh. And if not, even still Satan has that one when they leave their body of flesh and blood if they do not come to Christ. Eternity future truly is a placement for those who have received new life and not for those that have not; those with new birth, not those without;  those in the new creation, not those who remain in the old creation (old man or old woman). Praise the Lord there is a hell for the unregenerate to separate them from us forever. I can think of no greater love than this loving act of God in addition to God giving His life for us to redeem us and to create us in the first place in His image. Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus!


Troy Brooks