Questions for Apostles and Elders - 37 Questions

This is an early draft of the questions for Apostles and Elders. The more matured version is found here.

The authority granted to the 12 apostles today (the first 12 that agree) and more apostles to follow ("then of all the apostles" 1 Cor. 15.7) for these questions is by the Holy Spirit in agreement with the Word of God, Jesus Christ; this is our calling to give to ensure to members of the body of Christ the authenticity of the informal apostles who are directly commissioned by God with authority to choose elders who take care of church localities (and the many meeting places within each locality): "being built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus himself being the chief corner stone" (Eph. 2.20). This is not some test to determine if you are a Christian, for if you believe, you most definitely are saved (John 3.16,18; 6.47). Do not let the evil spirit make that accusation in your heart that these questions are a test of your salvation. The great accuser who accuses day and night will attempt to trip you up at every turn, misreading the purpose of these questions.

Now, if you can answer affirmatively, resoundingly and affirmatively yes, to all of these questions, the church ought to hold nothing against you and have no reason to believe that you are not an apostle if you say you are, assuming there is no other issue at stake; or, if you say you are an elder of a locality, you can immediately say who the apostle was that selected you. Though the apostles need to believe these matters below entirely for brothers and sisters in Christ to be able to trust in their authority, "elders" is a relative term. Irrespective of the spiritual condition of a particular church locality, the elders of the locality who take care of the whole locality are the ones who rise up to the do the work of representation for the church in handling church matters, who have been selected by regional apostles. The elders of a locality establish and accept and approve the elders of the many meeting places in their church locality so others can find a place to fellowship on the Lord's day close by within walk distance for a particular meeting area. Elders being a relative term should at least agree to the first 19 questions which are very basic truths in the Word of God.

Once you are ready and have fulfilled the condition set forth here in these questions from the Word (John 1.1), click on the body of Christ button to testify you are in the Ministry of the Work (Eph. 4.11) and for members of the body of Christ to find a meeting place to fellowship on the Lord's day.

 1) Do you trust in and believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, living Word and God in the likeness of flesh who was raised from the dead on the third day from Calvary at the cross?

    a) Do you believe Jesus died for you to atone for your sins (substitution) and the sins of the world as your Redeemer, Lord and Savior?

    b) Have you repented and come to the cross?

    c) Have you died with Him that day on the cross, raised with Him in resurrection life, and experiencing a foretaste of heaven now?

    d) Do you have your "hope set on the living God, who is the Savior of all men, especially of those who believe" (1 Tim 4.10b)?

    e) Having died on the cross with Christ, receiving power over sin, do you desire to bear the cross in daily experience to deny self and take up the cross to forsake the world?


2) Do you believe God is Triune, that is, the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit?

    a) Do you believe that the Father is not the Son?

    b) Do you believe the Holy Spirit is not the Father?

    c) Do you believe Son of God is a Comforter, but not the Comforter the Spirit?

    d) Do you believe God's three Person are co-equal and co-inherent?

    e) Do teach that the life of the Father and the Son is the Spirit, and the Godhead's three Persons are spirit?

    f) Did God the second Person (Who is spirit) empty Himself of His independent attributes to break into creation to be a man in which His human spirit when He was a man is not the Holy Spirit?


3) Do you believe God is not more than three Persons and not less than three Persons, that God's 3 Persons are distinct, but not separate?

    a) Do you believe it is wrong to say the Godhead is a Person or one of the three Persons only, since the Triune God is fully three Persons?

    b) Do you believe it is wrong to say you are God, a God-man, or God in life, nature or grace, which is not the same as having God's life, nature and grace?

    c) Do you believe it is wrong to say that God is gods or beings?

    d) Do you believe the Godhead is of one substance?

    e) Do you believe the Godhead can not be so mentally these three Persons that you would misuse Scripture to rationalize God's three Persons out of context?

    f) Do you believe the Trinity of the Godhead is revealed intuitively in the spirit first before being mentally understood in the soul?

    g) Do you believe you are not a god?

    h) Do you have God's life and nature?   


4) Do you believe Jesus Christ will return in Person to reign with an iron rod with His overcomers for the last 1000 years on Earth - regeneration of the world and time of recompense - before the New City on the New Earth commences?


5) Do you believe that in all men being made in the image of God, what God longs for is to see man make the free choice for Him out of that gift of being made in His image, so that God can grace the man with the gift of eternal life as well as come into the man's spirit indwelt by the Holy Spirit?

    a) Do you believe predestination and to be drawn by God is by God's foreknowledge of our choice (free-will) rather than pre-making the person to choose, be called or chosen?


6) Do you believe that man was created out of His glory (His divinity) for the New City and New Earth?

    a) Do you believe what God of the Bible desires is to walk with His matured believers, presently, with Christ in them by the Holy Spirit, having the kingdom of God in them now, then at His appearance in Person on Earth after the Great Tribulation for the millennial reign and after that in the new city and new earth in the new heaven?


7) Do you believe that when you are saved-born again, new birth-right there and then you have received eternal life which is eternal and can never be taken away, because once what God gives by His infinite foreknowledge His uncreated eternal life it shall last forever?


8) Do you believe that there is such a thing as a fleshly or carnal Christian and a matured or spiritual Christian? (Rom. 7.14,19; 1 Cor. 3.1)

    a) Do you believe that the larger portion of all believers, though all saved, do not overcome in Christ before leaving their bodies of body of flesh and blood?


9) Do you believe the universe is billions of years old, but that the first Adam was made in God's image about 6000 years ago when God breathed His Spirit into the body from "dust" (Gen. 2.7) to create a soul life and a spirit life?

    a) Do you believe that the "dust" spans all the time it took for God to create the body?

    b) Do you believe God did not disclose how long He took to create in Gen. 1.1?

    c) Do you believe Earth was created perfect, and then after Earth's earliest ages of sin, which were made desolate in Gen. 1.2, God restored creation in the six "summary" days?

    d) In observing the vast glory of our universe where nothing in nature happens all by itself, does this reveal to you the Uncreated Creator God of the Bible must have created and by comparison, it is clear none can compare to the love of Christ?

    e) Since there has not been an eternity of the past of causes and effects, otherwise we would have had an eternity to be perfected yet we still sin, this proves everything in nature and the cosmos was created?


10) Do you believe eternal life is eternal preservation of the spirit and soul and resurrected body of the resurrected-saved in the new city?

   a) Do you believe God's promise to love us for 1000 generations since the first Adam (and the verse this pertains to) which extends through into the new city and the new earth?

    b) Do you believe eternal life extends beyond the promise of the 1000 generations forever, even though we may not know all the details God planned for us as yet?

    c) Do you believe God's foreknowledge is infinite, and He is all-knowing in foreseeing everyone's salvation (and who entered into the new creation) or unsalvation without exception, and when we shall receive a newly clothed resurrected spiritual physical bodies to be raised?

    d) Do you believe God knew who would be raised to the Judgment Seat (for believers) before the millennium and Great White Throne (for believers and non-believers) after the millennial kingdom, known even before the foundations of the world?


11) Do you know experientially men and women are tripartite: in your inner man, having a spirit of God-consciousness (with the main functions of intuition, communion and conscience); and your outer man, having  a soul of self-consciousness (comprising the mind, will and emotion) and body of world-consciousness (with physical sensings we make contact the world with)?

    a) And do you know therefore, the soul and body constitute our outer man, while our spirit is our inner man?

    b) Do you believe the soul life is in the blood?

    c) Hence, do you seek after the dividing of your spirit, soul and body (Heb. 4.12, 1 Thess. 5 .23) to distinguish was is of the spirit and what is of the soul as well as following the former, walking after the spirit and like Jesus poured out His soul life to death (Is. 53.12) but committed His spirit to God (Luke 23.46)?


12. Do you believe hell is not annihilation of the soul, but eternal suffering, separation and punishment for the unsaved (the unregenerated) once they are resurrected to the Great White Throne (after the millennial kingdom) to be judged, then cast into the fire?


13) Do you believe baptism is with water or without physical water in burial and resurrection with Christ?

    a) Do you believe baptism is a sign of identification with Christ and with the Christian community to let your brothers and sisters know you are a member of the body of Christ?

    b) Do you believe baptism of water and the Holy Spirit is for service in a public testimony that your sins have been washed away and are forgiven and to come out of the world system?

    c) Do you believe baptism of water and the Holy Spirit is an appeal to God for a clean conscience?

    d) Do you believe that baptism of water and the Holy Spirit should be "not laying again a foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God, of the teaching of baptisms [i.e. water, Spirit, fire]" (Heb. 6.1-2, Matt. 3.11)?

    e) Do you believe if, after many years, one was not put through the water, then there is no demand in the church for it thereafter if the believer is already known by the church, she or he has already come out of the world?

    f) Therefore, do you believe one should not lay again what was an established foundation of repentance in public testimony?

    g) When burying oneself in baptism with the aid of a church member, because it is done with your full consciousness, this renders infant baptism as being done vainly?

    h) Is baptism for burial because you have died and don't want it (the old life) anymore?


14) Do you believe the Bible is the complete Word of God, no more and no less than in the 66 books from Genesis to Revelation?

    a) To add or take away from these 66 books of God's loving Word is a sin because it would be an attempt at changing Christ (John 1.1) in your heart? (Rev. 22.18,19).


15) Do you believe Pentecostals' tongues is not Biblical tongues?

    a) Do you believe this first wave movement of Pentecostals' tongues that began in the late 19th century is not a gift of the Holy Spirit?

    b) Do you believe it is actually to confuse the emotion of the soul for the spirit to fuse the two so as no to be able to discern your inner man from your outer man, or inner woman and outer woman?

    c) Do you believe it requires the alteration of the Word of God?

    d) Do you believe it has the appearance of being harmless, supernatural or emotionally acceptable as it was designed for the tares and to deceive brothers and sisters in Christ?

    e) Do you believe it is falsely claiming a language that is non-linguistic?

    f) Do you believe it does not flow from a quickened spirit in its mediums of babble & psychic gibberish?

    g) Do you believe that the interpreters of these false tongues are inconsistent in their psychic readings of gibberish babble?

    h) Do you believe the teaching of repetitive mind drowning, which its users called pray-reading, is not of God?

    i) Do you believe the shouting and screaming mantra is neither prayer nor reading?

    j) Do you believe shouting mantra is violent?

    k) Do you believe both of these practices (Pentecostals' false tongues and mind-droning) which create passivity, are used to control people by confusing their emotion as being their spirit?

    l) Do you believe Biblical tongues are "other languages"?

    m) Do you humbly accept no other use of tongues is spoken of in the Scriptures than described in (l)?

    n) Do you believe the tongue are known by the one speaking in tongues (otherwise, it becomes passivity), but the hearer may not understand the tongue spoken?

    o) Do you believe tongues are a gift of languages to spread the Word of God to other nations of other languages?

    o) Do you believe tongues are a supernatural gift from God to speak forth other languages?

    p) Do you believe tongues are a sign to those that do not know those languages to show that those of other dialects can also receive salvation, praise and thank God in those tongues they know? (As for example, for the Jews, who observe believers of other languages of other nations praising God of the Bible)?

    q) Do you believe false tongues of Pentecostalism was practiced in the second century under Montanism, and today, it has simply been given a new name?


16. Do you believe in the purpose of laying on of hands, is in being joined to the body of Christ, the Church, after one is born-again?

    a) Do you believe that laying on of hands speaks of removing individualism to occur after a public display of baptism?

    b) Do you believe to have the laying on of hands is the symbol of one's willingness to accept the judgment and authority that God sets in the Church?

    c) Do you believe laying on of hands is to accept one's readiness to the authority that God has arranged for him (see Acts 13.2-3)?


17) Can women be apostles, evangelists, prophets, shepherds (teachers, pastors), elders (bishops), and deacons?

    a) Do you believe Mary was born into sin like you and I, and she made mistakes as disclosed in the Bible, which stemmed from the flesh, her overassuming and sin?


18. Do you believe apostles today are still commissioned directly by God to appoint elders to take care of a Biblical locality (Scriptural city or remote area) which constitutes the boundary of a local church and its many meeting places within run by Elders of meeting places?

    a) Do you agree that you are not a member of, and God never divides the body of Christ by, any denomination (e.g. "I am of Apollos"), non-denomination ("I am of Christ"), congregation or church corporate structure?

    b) And, if (a) you say you are not in a denomination or a non-denomination, can you also say you are not protestant, western orthodox, eastern orthodox, oriental orthodox, roman catholic, or any other qualification other than Christian?

    b) And, if (b), can you allow yourself to say that you are fellowshipping in a locality, the only means by which God divides the church? Can you truly say this? (please see question 32 which helps understand the purpose of question 18 and 19).

    c) Do you believe a Biblical locality is a Scriptural city or remote area taken care of by elders? (e.g. the church of Ephesus in the churches of Asia Minor; the church of Jerusalem in the churches of Judea; the church of Edmonton in the churches of Alberta, Canada; or the church of Remscheid in the churches of Germany).

    d) Do you believe the Ephesus first century church period love that was lost is Biblical locality?

    d) Do you believe Biblical localities are identified according to already established governmental boundaries (yet, without affiliation to the state)?

    e) Do you believe that apostles, besides preaching the gospel, work regionally from regional centers to appoint and train elders to take care of Biblical localities?

    f) Do you believe that Elders of meeting places take care of the many meeting places in a locality whom are appointed by the Elders for that Biblical locality? (optimal meeting sizes 50 to 100; maximum 3000 to 5000 in congested areas).

    g) Do you believe Biblical localities are like miniatures of the Universal Church and of the New City on the New Earth in the New Heaven?


19) Do you agree to the Apostles using the Meeting Place Finder for the Body of Christ to appoint Elders?

    a) Do you accept the authority of the Apostles who agree in the use of the Meeting Place Finder for the Body of Christ to establish, appoint and record Elders of a locality, by you submitting your meeting place on the map under their approval whether you are an Elder of a locality with a meeting place, an Elder of a meeting place or a Christian though not an Apostle or Elder?

    b) If you are an Apostle for a region of churches (and either an Elder of a locality or a meeting place), do you accept the agreement of at least twelve Apostles (and more to follow) to use the Meeting Place Finder for the Body of Christ to appoint Elders of a locality?


20) Do you believe when Jesus died on the cross at 3 p.m. on Friday, April 1st (Nissan 14), 33 AD, He was first captured on Thursday so that He was in the heart of earthly Israel for 3 days and 3 nights?


21) Do you believe breaking the bread at the Lord's supper that we do in remembrance is not actually the body of Jesus Christ, nor is the wine the actual blood of Christ, but figuratively speaking?


    a) Do agree the Lord's supper should not be done if it is not done thoroughly, worthily, examining ourselves, together respectfully?

    b) If not done according to the Scriptures, there is the possibility "for this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep" (1 Cor. 11.30)?


22) Do you believe in the Open Bible where the major Bible versions are approximately 99.5% the same, and we should not consider one better than the other because they all have their strengths and weaknesses?

    a) However, there maybe a version that is more suitable for us personally in our comprehension?


23) Do you believe when you go to rest in timeless unawares  to sleep, your death just like that of the Lord Jesus Christ, will bring you to the good side of the third part of creation called Hades or Sheol, Abraham's bosom, which is not heaven, nor is it hell (lake of fire)?


24) Do you believe you will receive a newly clothed resurrected body during consummation of this age - the last week (7 years) - to be raptured to the throne (Rev. 7.9) in 3rd heaven at first rapture or to the air (1 Thess. 4.15-17) at the last trumpet, and that no one is in 3rd heaven yet?

    a) Do you believe being raised in the spirit is not actually entering 3rd heaven literally because none can come before the high priest naked?


25) Do you believe that the first resurrection (Rev. 20.4) is the "best," "out-of" or "out-resurrection" from the total raptures and resurrections (general resurrection) of the saved during the last week consummation of this age at the end of this dispensation of grace?

    a) Do you believe the first resurrection are those chosen by God out of all those that are called (all the called are all the saved)?


26) Do you believe that first rapture is included in the first resurrection?

    a) Do you believe to be accounted worthy to escape the Hour of trial that is to come upon the whole world for God to receive you to the throne at first rapture, you need to be ready to be received (Rev. 3.10, Luke 21.36) such as maintaining the conduct of Matt. 5-7?

    b) Do you believe in order for (a) to occur you must keep the word of His patience, remain watchful, abide in His good works set for you, and allow the full redemptive design to perfect you by delivering you from sin, natural (petty self and good self), and supernatural?


27) Do you believe only the martyrs during the Tribulation will be raptured three and a half days after they go to rest, like the Two Witnesses?

    a) Do you believe the first rapture shows us, as well as the martyrs during the Tribulation, there are "advanced parties and harbingers in every sphere" which is a "ripeness and readiness to harvest"?


28) Do you believe "outer darkness" is a dimension created by God (mentioned three times in the Scriptures by name) which is outside of the light of rewards of reigning with Christ: an accountability in the way God deals righteously (His way of doing things) with non-overcomers in Christ, whom shall experience loss of rewards concurrent with the millennial kingdom?

    a) Do you believe there is no fire or furnace in association with outer darkness?

    b) Do you agree that this agrees with God's holiness (His nature)?


29) Do you believe upon reaching judgment seat that if you have not overcome in Christ, God will burn off the dross of your works that are not His will with the use of the lake of fire so that He can put you into outer darkness, outside the light of the reward of reigning with Christ for the duration of the thousand years?


30) Do you believe an informal apostle (worker), even an elder, should not draw a salary in the four-fold Ministry of the Work for the Church and should not sell products in the name of God?

    a) Can you truly deny yourself in this way as an Apostle of region (informal worker), even as an Elder of a Biblical locality or an Elder of a meeting place?

    b) See 1 Cor. 9.15,18.


31) Do you believe Israel - the elect - is the chosen nation (the first nation that God revealed Himself to) in which it has a covenant with God that awaits fulfillment?

    a) Do you believe the new covenant has been given to the Church - the elect - beforehand?

    b) Do you believe not until Christ steps down on the mount of olives in Person, will Israel's promise be fulfilled?

    c) Do you believe in this covenant promise whereby God assures the nation of Israel a remnant will receive their covenant earthly promise of a Messianic Kingdom to rule as the center of all nations to the Euphrates River during the millennial kingdom?


32) Do you believe Israel shall not reign as kings (ruling over the earth) and priests (which means drawing near to God), since only overcomers who suffered in Christ "shall be priests" and "shall reign" (Rev. 20.6) as kings during the last 1000 years on earth - a heavenly priestly ruling on earth?


33) Do you believe reigning as kings and priests, overcomers shall receive the reward of reigning over cities or remote areas in the millennium?

    a) Do you believe today we are undergoing the final manifestation of the body of Christ which relies on the testimony of the local churches according to Biblical locality?

    b) Do you believe these Biblical localities are needed to prepare the way for the return of Christ to reign with an "iron rod" over these cities (or remote areas) with His Overcomers?


34) Do you believe God and the Lamb will be at the center of the New City?

    a) Do you believe the resurrected-saved are the spiritual foundation, inhabitants and pillars of the physical New City (which comes down from heaven) in eternity future?

    b) Do you believe rewards will done away with inside and outside of the new city to realize perfect harmony?

    c) Do you believe then, no more distinction will exist among the nations in the new earth?

    d) Do you believe it shall take 1000 years in the kingdom reign (third aspect of the kingdom of heaven) to build the new city on the new earth?

    e) And, do you believe that the resurrected-saved do not procreate an longer as the inhabitants of the New City?


35) Do you believe God gives the size of the new city because He already knows how many can fit its size and because He is showing us how few are actually saved?

    a) Do you believe 1.2 billion souls (resurrected-saved) is a reasonable estimated upper limit for the new city given the size of the population and specifications of space, with walls 216 feet high on a surface of 1379 x 1379 miles?


36) Do you believe the nations will be those outside the New City in the New Earth with bodies of flesh and blood who were transferred livingly from the last generation at the end of the millennium in a spiritual condition of eternal sinlessness?

    a) They will continue to procreate physically and receive renewal from any physical weakness by entering the gates of the New City to receive from "the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations" (Rev. 22.2)?


37) Do you believe the new city John viewed from the great high mountain that he was taken up to in Revelation approximately 95-96 A.D. was in fact a vision from the largest mountain in the solar system, Mount Olympus, on future Mars?

    a) Do you believe the reason why the new city on the new earth will be on future Mars (without the sea) is because the old earth will be burnt up (also, without the sea) when the millennium ends?

    b) Do you believe based on these facts, we are left with no other possible conclusion than to believe the planet that can be easily traveled to will become the New Earth?

    c) And scientifically speaking, do agree the laws of nature, which God created, could make this possible? Mars could be oxygenated when the technology is discovered. Mars has 1/3 the gravity of earth. It's atmosphere is much lower which would be much easier to do than on earth if earth lost its atmosphere.

    d) Do you believe it is a fact the sun is considered a small star and will continue to expand so that the earth will be burnt up by the sun within a few billion years

    e) And do you accept the new city will transform into 1379 x 1379 x 1379 miles and walls 216 feet thick which will leave the solar system for us to venture out after God said He would love us for 1000 generations (Deut. 7.9, 1 Chron. 16.15, Psalm 105.8)?


Twelve Apostles