Origins of Biblocality

"And the things which thou hast heard from me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also. Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus" (2 Tim. 2.2,3). If the church were to consistently follow this advice, it would expand geometrically, by passing on what we have learned "for the work of the ministry...till we all attain unto the unity of the faith" (Eph. 4.12,13).

This word Biblocality came to me after some time struggling with the concept of Scriptural locality, but I was finally convinced through this and other articles by Watchman Nee... Which Church I Should Join.

The Journey: The Spiritual Man and Latent Power of the Soul

 I found the Bible difficult to read initially after I was saved in Jan, 2001, so I started with The Spiritual Man (Christian Fellowship Publishers, white cover) by Watchman Nee because someone drew me to it, but I found TSM difficult to read also. I thought what was being said in the first 3 chapters to be very true but I was not totally enthralled yet. Likely, this was due to what Nee said was occuring in the first three chapters of TSM; simply describing what the spirit, soul and body are, which do not get you directly into experiencing the dividing of your spirit, soul and body. So I read a couple other Christian books like The Bait for Satan and Fear of the Lord by John Bevere and The Case for Faith and The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel to then come back to TSM. Then it came alive to me. I began to get it. I was flowing in the Spirit now, and from then on His yoke was easy, and I have never been the same since. Bible reading came alive! It's no fun reading the Bible when you don't feel it and sense it intuitively, but when it opens up, Wow!

One of my experiences while reading TSM and the Bible together was that for about a half an hour I had as best as I can describe it an out of body experience. I remember saying to myself, Please Lord don't let this stop, this is so wonderful! It lasted about a half an hour. Possibly this is what people meant by a Third Heaven experience. I don't know if it was, but it was like Heaven was opening up to me, and I felt I was being raptured and floating in space. I could look down at the Earth. All areas of my spirit, soul and body were in a state I had never been before. I don't know how to put words to what I experienced to give it full credit. Just know that I have never experienced this since in 2001 except on one other occasion but to a much lesser extent. I think that is why my faith is so strong is because not only do I trust God's Word objectively with the 4 Step Perfect Proof for God of the Bible, but that out of body experience I had is something for me to always fall back upon emotionally and intuitively if I do backslide. He gives certain gifts such as this to some because we need it. Others may not not need this, but I did.

I have read The Spiritual Man now at least 10 times completely: this is the ultimate book on Scripture, because if you get into it deeply enough, you really can feel your spirit, soul and body being divided. Nee was so right in this crucial area of life and so, TSM is the best work done to date on the dividing of spirit, soul and body (Heb. 4.12, 1 Thess. 5.23). Writers who avoid this subject I would consider most likely not deeply led by the Lord. I found out Nee had a photographic memory and an extremely high IQ (read A Sketch of the Author's Life at the beginning of The Finest of the Wheat, Vol. 1). He is considered the most famous Christian in Chinese church history, was martyred in jail the last 20 years of his life, and there were 200 Apostles he said were in agreement with him at the height of his Apostolic work before the number of Apostles began to wane. Then I read Latent Power of the Soul. My thought was, why stop short? Were his writings to be dismissed after people I knew stopped short once having highly valued TSM? The Holy Spirit drew me in to read more of Nee!

Rapture and Revelation

Then I wanted to really know Revelation and end-times, so I read the "Rapture" section in King and the Kingdom of Heaven (CFP). I did not yet accept partial rapture (separate rapture), but wanted to be completely unbiased before I decided if it was true or not. I was convinced. Then I read Nee's writings on Matthew 24 & 25 in King and the Kingdom of Heaven and followed with Aids to "Revelation" and "Come, Lord Jesus". Reading through this information was surreal!

Restoration of Creation

Next, I wanted to be sure about the proper creation view in Mystery of Creation. Having done all this, I agreed with Nee's assessment and could prove the case of 1) our being tripartite, 2) separate rapture, and 3) gap restoration.

I Struggled With Scriptural Locality

The one thing I could not accept was Biblical locality, that is, the Apostles worked regionally to appoint Elders of a city locality. I don't know why I couldn't accept it, but I just couldn't. Perhaps it was just the issue, Why does it all have to be centered on the city? I rebelled. The flesh was winning. One of the reasons for my rebellion was I knew of a cult called The Local Church by Living Stream Ministry held this view partially, but they had some false teachings such as modalism and calling themselves God I utterly rejected. I've summarized the 6 major sins of leeism (their cult leader was Witness Lee).

Their cult distributes its generic products and the money flows back to the physical family descendents of its founder who are in control of this system. I have contacted them to try to get them to correct the errors in their version of The Spiritual Man (see Bearing False Witness of The Spiritual Man). Due to their belligerent responses to what is clearly a mistranslation on their part, I knew I was up against demonic forces.

In my struggles, I rationalized to myself the church unit should be the local area around a meeting place within a couple miles walking distance based on local ground rather than a city. However, through much prayerful study and consideration I finally realized the truth that Scriptural locality was true, and by revelation the word Biblocality was given to me by God. I finished reading Authority and Submission, Assembling Together 3, Assembly Life I, and Rethinking the Work II.

Winning the Battle Against Non-OSASers and Calvinists

As I read the Bible I knew I was once-saved-always-saved. Nobody had to tell me that, I just knew it. Salvation could never be lost: this was Nee's position too. It's all throughout his writings and the Bible. Of course, I did not agree with Calvinism at all; even though I knew little it was enough. Calvnists teach the reason you make a choice is because you were saved or given faith first that caused you to choose the cross while others were not saved or given faith so they could never come to the cross. In other words, Calvinists believe indiscriminately, you were premade for salvation like a robot OR premade for hell without any regard for your choice. This is unacceptable, since God does not make us robots or irresistibly impose regeneration on us, but created us sovereign beings in His image with free will. Though fallen we are not totally depraved, for we could yet choose correctly like Abel did who gave a freewill offering or proper offering. And John 3.16 pleads us with to receive Jesus, for He said "whosever believeth" may be saved.

God does not in vain plead with someone to receive the cross as He spoke to Nicodemus if that person is already made to believe or not to believe robotically. God wants to walk with those who receive His life not with those who think they were irresistibly made to believe. God will not save a person the way the Calvinist wants to be saved. The key to understanding why Calvinism is so wrong is to appreciate proper cause and effect. If God were to cause you to do something without any regard first for your choice, then this violates being made in His image. The Holy Spirit with the word of God has convinced me that Satan has produced a facsimile, simulating God's design with Calvinism. The unsaved tares who triy to look like the saved wheat are many including Calvinists. They are unsaved tares operating within the sphere of the kingdom of heaven, but they are not members of the body of Christ. Watchman Nee explains this well in Matthew 13 in King and the Kingdom of Heaven. Not unsurprisingly, Watchman Nee and I agree on God's way of salvation: OSAS Arminianism.

I recall someone accusing Watchman Nee being Arminian, but what they reall meant was a non-OSASer. However, did you know that Arminius in his writings said of himself he did not believe in non-OSAS, only that some verses were difficult to explain. Jacob Arminius remained a true believer of OSAS. This is the opposite of the Roman Church view, the great harlot of religious Rome. Study Revelation 17 to see how she makes drunk the nations with the wine of the wrath of her fornications (Rev. 14.8). William Lane Craig, the great philosopher and apologist, sad to say is also a non-OSASer; so be careful out there, there are many who are really wolves in sheep's clothing.

 What Arminius may have overlooked is those verses which seemed like they could point to non-OSAS were really speaking of losing the reward of reigning during the 1000 years. But if you don't believe in the 1000 year reign of Christ on Earth when Jesus steps down on the mount of olives (Zech. 14.4, Acts 1.11, Rev. 1.7) then you will not have this option available to you. You can see why amillennialism, postmillennialism and all versions of preterism are all heresies. The nations will not be deceived (20.3) during the 1000 years. Obviously, the nations are still deceived: we hear of wars and rumors of wars. Remember, one third of people on Earth with die in nuclear holocaust (Rev. 9.18) at which time an army of 200 million machines shall congregate in the middle east to battle over oil and to attack Israel.

I have tried to help Calvinists with various articles I wrote, e.g Help for a Calvinist, Eternal Life Can Never Be Lost.

The Final Battleground Before the Return of Christ: Biblocality

Now my main focus is how to properly organize the Church. Because Biblocality was the toughest thing for me to accept in Christ though finally realizing the truth, I dedicated this greatest challenge I went through by creating a website,, to bring this into peoples' consciences more. In order to set up the organization that the Son of Man will reign by and reward overcomer believers with there needs be at least some working prototype beforehand. I am confident of this because the Holy Spirit has revealed it to me in the word of God and with other members of the body of Christ who are in complete agreement.

I find that I am complete agreement with Watchman Nee when he wrote on page 123-124 of Ye Search the Scriptures:

In the books of Kings the building of the temple by Solomon typifies the building of the church by Christ. Just as the holy temple was in Jerusalem, so the church which the temple signifies gathers and worships in the Lord’s name. For God’s name was placed in Jerusalem; it was the only place where God was recognized and where He chose to set His name (see 1 Kings 14.21). When Jeroboam rose up to be a king over the separated kingdom of Israel, he set up altars as places of worship in Bethel and Dan. His action was condemned by God, because God was only pleased with worship in the place where His name was set and not in any other place. During times of revival some kings rose up to destroy these altars, but some kings did not destroy the altars. This serves as a shadow of the various conditions during revival times in church history. Afterwards the temple was destroyed, which action is a type of the ruin of the church. Eventually, as we see in the later historical books of the Old Testament, Ezra, Nehemiah, Zechariah, Zerubbabel and others returned to rebuild the temple and the city. Though the restoration never reached the former glory, it nevertheless began to be recovered to the original position. This typifies the recovery of the church which shall be consummated at the return of the Lord. Then shall the church become a glorious church.

In the Short Time We Have Before Christ Returns...

I have noticed people have a tough time with these 5 deeper truths: our being tripartite, osas arminian, gap restoration, partial rapture, biblocality. My calling is to bring this to peoples' attention as it can change their lives as it has mine with such peace and long-suffering. The problem in the Church today is that the Apostles are really not in agreement like they need to be. This problem affects all members of the body of Christ.

The 37 questions at registration and in your profile at Biblocality Forums help to focus in what we should agree upon. God's Plan for Christians and The Plans of the Trinity posted at Biblocality Forums form a complete working model to establish agreement among the Apostles to work in their region of churches and appoint elders of a locality, and for those Elders of a Locality to appoint the Elders of Meeting Places within the locality, and recording their work on the Meeting Place Finder for the Body of Christ.

Praise the Lord!

Troy Brooks