Osama Bin Laden

In an April 29/04 audio-taped message, someone purporting to be bin Laden said that "after the strike of the New York blessed days, thanks to God, their losses exceed a trillion dollars. Their budgets have been in deficits for the third year in a row."

Yet George Bush thinks deficits are a good thing. He thinks more debt, has stopped Osama's work. Making debt larger and larger is the key according to Bush, since his children can take care of the burden. What matters is now is what counts. That is quite a coupe.

Everyone thinks, therefore, that more debt is a good thing, and everyone is going to be alright except for the other guy, the guy they hate. Everyone will be so happy, except the other guy, the guy that is wrong. Praise the Lord for more debt for it makes Al Qaeda happier and USA happier, simultaneously. Satan is happier, and God is well pleased too. Osama thinks it hurts the USA, and USA thinks more debt helps USA. Interesting. Oh I am sure USA is right, they are always right.

Troy Brooks