Deliverance for a Pre-Wrather

Your end-time view is a reflection of your personality.

You are not a historicalist: that is, not rationalistic preterist nor lesser rationalistic partial preterist (mind rationalizing, traditionalizing, mental gymnastics); not social utopian fantasy post-millennialist (emotionally mystical, unable to explain the solution but insists it exists) nor spiritualizing everything like an amillennialist (self-willed dogmatic allegorist, the worse of them all for it is in the will that is the problem). All of these things are functions of an unrenewed soul and un-quickened spirit, not in Christ, and that is good that you are not one of these. For some we can help them with their rationalizing and others with their inordinate feelings, but to help those with their self-willed good intentions is virtual impossible task.

It is good too that you are not a hardcore post-tribber because they are historicalist also. They are one step away from becoming full historicalist like the above. Their problem lies in that they can't see Christ coming for His Saints vs. with His Saints so that in this hardness they will take away the hope of the church. They are like rationalists, just to a lesser degree than the preterists.

A pre-tribber is an overassuming man and is like post-millennialists appealing to emotion of the soul. That leaves the personality type of pre-wrathers and partial rapture believers, the least unreasonable of the bunch.

But can we be so accurate with God and God so with us to know the truth? Yes. What is wrong with prewrath? Though it does not suffer the emotionalism of a pretribber or a postmillennialist, and it is does not suffer the rationalist view of a preterist, it does suffer something.


Like amillennialism, you are dogmatic self-willed in believing that there is only one resurrection/rapture at the last trumpet and that is all there is too it as far as you are concerned since you have the best onlyist position. You know you are right.

Yet God is finer than this. He reveals something sweeter. To be received at first rapture based on readiness and at the last trumpet based on completion of the church, and that is a complete parousia motivating you to overcome in Christ. No longer does parousia become a narrow onlyist but spans the time of the last week seven year Tribulation consummation of this age.

From will to mind to emotion to spirit, these are grades of hardness to softness of the spirit in Christ. Notice in the historicalist, the degree of hardness works down from will to mind to emotion, but in the premillennial view the hardness works just the opposite, from emotion to mind to will so that in ranking the different views of hardness to softness of spirit, this is what we find:

1.Amillennialist (lots of will)

2. Preterist (will and mind)

3. Partial Preterist (mind)

4. Post-millennialist (emotion)

5. Pre-trib. rapture onlyist (emotion)

6. Post-trib. rapture onlyist (mind)

7. Pre-wrath rapture onlyist (will and mind)

8. Partial rapture (God's original - perfect in spirit, body, soul and mind)

Notice 4 and 5 are very similar in emotion; 6 and 7 seem to compete with 2 and 3, while the nemesis of 1 is really 8.

Troy Brooks