Revelation 10 is the Pivotal Chapter

I realize what I am about to say is very difficult for almost every Christian to understand but it is 100% true. You just need to allow it to sink in as you pray over these words by the Holy Spirit in agreement with God's word. This information takes you down the narrow path with wonderful blessings (Rev. 1.3).

Please try to picture like a lock tumbler how events unfold in Revelation. Rev. 6.1 to 11.19 are the major points with chapter 6 referring to the past 20 centuries which are general in nature. The 5th and 6th seal occur shortly before the Tribulation commences. Ch. 7 is the interjection, and includes the first rapture according to readiness, before the 7th seal opens up the 7 trumpets of the Tribulation. So far so good, I hope you understood that. Stay with me, because this is very precious.

Just as the 7th seal opens the 7 trumpets of the Tribulation, the 7th trumpet will pour out the 7 bowls (God's wrath) near the end of the Tribulation. Near the end of the Tribulation is another visionary interjection that takes place from the 6th to the 7th bowl in Rev. 16.12-16 (battle of Armageddon). The 7 bowls last 24 months, because the 6th trumpet (2nd woe) is 13 months, and the 5th trumpet (1st woe) is 5 months (see Rev. 9). The 1st, 2nd and 3rd woes combine to last a total of 42 months. This 42 month period comprising 30 Biblical days each is called the Great Tribulation, and the Tribulation is the full 84 months. The Tribulation is Daniel's 70th week, considered a "unit of seven," like each of Daniel's 69 sets of seven. Revelation 7 occurs at the start of the Tribulation, speaks of the first rapture "before the throne" (Rev. 7.9) and eternal blessings for all the saved. God's promise is also given to protect a remnant of Jews (7.1-8) to preserve the nation of Israel from where Jesus will reign on earth for 1000 years in the 3rd Temple (no sacrifices though).

Revelation chapter 10 is the pivotal chapter of the book of Revelation. The "little book" (10.2) is the same book Jesus held in chapter 5 that only He could open. Would Jesus wait 2000 years to begin opening it? No, of course not! Because the 7th seal contains the 7 trumpets, the 7th seal can't be opened yet, because the 7 trumpets (the Tribulation) haven't begun yet. But the first 4 seals have been opened. The 5th seal is opened when the martyrs are raptured before the Tribulation and the 6th seal is opened when the very rare H3 Solar Eclipse in 2013 and Total Red Blood Moon in 2014/15 take place (6.12). This will be the 8th occurrence of the Red Blood Moon since Christ that fell on Passover, Tabernacles and again on Passover and Tabernacles.

John sees the opened book in Rev. 10.2,7,8, but this is a vision so the book is not opened (fully understood) until the blowing of the 7th trumpet since the "seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished" (10.7) and 11.15 distinctly declares at that time the kingdom is come.

The angel who is Jesus tells John to "prophesy again" (10.11) showing the prophesy is divided into two parts. The first part is from the first seal when Jesus died on the cross to the seventh trumpet (these are the major points of the past 20 centuries and Tribulation; and the second part (details) is explained from the end of the 7th trumpet to the New Heaven and New Earth. The second part can be applied properly to the Seals because with the blowing of the 7th trumpet the 7th seal is completely cracked open and thus, fully understood. The 7th trumpet when it is blown allows us to understand the Seals in their entirety. What happens at the start of the 7th trumpet? The general rapture and resurrection (1 Cor. 15.23, 1 Thess. 4.15-17) occurs at 11.15, for "there were great voices in heaven, saying...."

Since the book is opened and all seals finally broken at the sounding of the seventh trumpet, additionally it can be said leading up to that point, the first part of the little book is sealed while the second part is opened because we are furnished with the details of 12.1 to 19.21. Hence, John is to prophesy again to unfold the details of the major points of the Tribulation. While the details are John's prophesying again, there is still a mystery of how to apply those details to the major points in 6.1 to 11.19.

If you believe in partial rapture, you will understand "Come, Lord Jesus" by Watchman Nee (CFP white cover only) and be at peace with it. If you believe the wide path popular views of amillenial, postmillenial (partial preterism), preterism, pretrib, midtrib, prewrath and posttrib, you'll miss the mark and have this uneasy feeling because you had to twist the Scriptures to make them fit your end-time view. I have put myself in their shoes to think as they do which requires contorting one's thoughts in unhealthy ways that is damaging to my spirit and soul and body. However, I have put myself in their shoes and can address the sickness that pervades each of these views.

The first part from 6.1 in this mystery age to 11.19 is a mystery to most people, or they convince themselves it is the Tribulation, already happened or commensurate with the trumpets and bowls. Hence, the varied many end-time views. The second part of the prophecy is opened (fully revealed) by the time of the blowing of the 7th trumpet since 10.7 clearly states that at the sounding of the 7th trumpet the mystery of God is finished, but also in 11.15 it is distinctly declared that at that time the kingdom is come.

Very carefully understand the second part of the little book or scroll commences with the seventh trumpet but not its sounding because the 2nd half of the book is a second preaching from 12.1 to 19.21 after chapters 6 to 11 are written down in our hearts. The understanding of the details of 12.1 to 19.21 are opened in John's call to "prophesy again" yet not fully understood by most to expound upon the major points from 6.1 to 11.19. What is it about the 7th trumpet that unfolds these truths? The general resurrection and rapture is at the "last trump" (1 Cor. 15.52) which is "the trump of God" (1 Thess. 4.16).

As Watchman Nee agreeably points out on page 114 of "Come, Lord Jesus (CFP white cover),"
"The second part commences with the seventh trumpet (yet not its sounding) and continues on to the new heaven and new earth, that is, from the time of 12.1 to 22.22."

In other words, the reason why the 'second part' commences with the seventh trumpet is because: a) the details follow about 6.1-11.19 in 12.1-19.21 for John to "prophesy again" about; b) the unfolding of the meaning of the first part with the details of the second part is only fully understood at the sounding of the 7th trumpet (Rev. 11.15). 


Troy Brooks