Bringing Together Pre- and Post-tribulation Rapture Believers

The dissension continues because both of you are trying to defend an untruth. Neither of you are appreciating the fact that both of you are holding onto an assumption, each of you and that assumption is appealing because within that assumption is a part truth, but neither of you see the part untruths that you are holding onto that make up your assumption.

While one doesn't realize that because of his overassuming he is teaching that the church will not go through the Tribulation, and thus when they do go through it they will not realize it and many shall be deceived, even taking the mark for they think in their mind they are not taking the mark since they have not been raptured at first rapture yet. Do you see how deceptive this is, and it is not of God therefore that would hold to this only-ist position. This is a blatant misuse of the Scriptures and Rapture for self having nothing to do with the cross of Christ.

The same goes for the post-trib rapture proponent for he holds onto a part truth also but forsakes the untruth and thus is deceived by the untruth within his assumption. What is his assumption? It is believing that the church must go through the Tribulation. But the reality is the church does not have to go through the Tribulation. So he hardens himself to this belief that they must go through which does not reflect God's loving hopefulness to escape the Hour of trial based on readiness. But God has provided a promise to those who are ready to be received and matured onto sonship.

Whether you suffer from overassuming of pre-tribulation rapture expectations or hard thoughts of post-tribulation rapture onlyism, either way you will be deceived.

Only a believing that the first rapture is about readiness and 7th trumpet resurrection is about completion of the raptured church will you then be able to discern God's will at end times, not before.

It is as if there is something blocking both of you not to be able to see this.

Troy Brooks