What are Some Problems With Pre-millennialism?

Pre-millenialism is God's Word. There is no doubt about that.

What is wrong is when man accepts it in the mind of their soul but their spirit has not yet been reached on the matter. What is meant by this?

Observe the symptoms. If you are one who is always looking for this to be the end as opposed to believing that it could be the end of this age, then you know you have made an idol out of prophecy, and you need to let that kind of mentality go, because true pre-millennialism keeps watchful always learning with a spirit of wisdom and revelation following the leading of the Holy Spirit unto maturity and readiness in Christ. It is when your inner man is reached that you live so perfectly in Christ that there is such joy in His heart seeing your life lived in Christ.

Another problem is being an only-ist, whether that is a pre or post only-ist. When you do this again it is the mind that is holding onto an onlyism and it has negative consequences too, and is not well pleasing to the Lord. But if you bring together pre + post and allowing this depth of the Word to work in your spirit, the blessing is fantastic, so wonderful and well-pleasing to the Lord, His joy and reward for you will be immense. I feel blessed and honored to be able to share this information with you.

Troy Brooks.