Biblical Tongues Are Languages Only

15. Do you believe speaking in tongues is a gift of the Holy Spirit to spread the word of God in different languages (discernible linguistic syntax)?

The only time in the Bible a person talks with a voice that is not their own language is when they are demon possessed. Pentecostals are not in the driver's seat; they often lose consciousness when they are being taken over. The modern day tongues movement is nothing more than the muttering and peeping of the demon possessed people in Isaiah 8 & 29 by familiar spirits. Pentecostals, usually, are not born-again. Praise God this is not our future though we have to put up with it for a time.

Do you believe speaking in tongues is a gift of the Holy Spirit for today to spread the word of God in different languages (with discernible linguistic syntax)? The speaker knows what he is saying (Gen. 10.20,21; Isa. 66.18; Mark 16.17; Acts 10.46, 19.6; 1 Cor. 12.10,28,30, 13.1,8; 14.5,6,18,21-23,39; Rev. 7.9, 10.11, 11.9) as was the case at Pentecost (Acts 2.3,4,11), but the hearer may not know that particular language (1 Cor. 14.2,9,11,13-14). The tongue of angels is the same language of our intuitive spirit (13.1) since angels are spirits. Do you believe the mediums of babble and psychic gibberish popularized today induce passivity and confuse the outerman's soulical emotion for the spirit's intuition, thereby desensitizing conscience to block communion with God? If the Holy Spirit must assume management of the tongue of the body and speak then our body has supplanted our spirit in the latter's work.

These false tongues stimulate natural abilities that the still small voice of the Holy Spirit, traceable only by man's delicate intuitive faculty in his spirit, might be suppressed. Such baby talk causes a vacuous mind, stripping them of all reasoning and sense which provides a foothold for the evil foe to accept every one of their teachings regardless of nature or consequence. It prevents them from being able to discern senseless supernatural revelations and various implanted suggestions to recognize their alien sources. Does this give ground to accept suggestions with an improper or blank mind from malevolent spirits? God created man with a mind to be used so "he who hears the word and understands it" (Matt. 13.23) could distinguish between the inner registrations and movements within the spirit's intuition (without words or utterance) from gibberish babble (utterable and wordless)? Do you think the latter is vain, inducing a carnival-like atmosphere, and ego-centric, to claim you have something others don't have?

A passive state is most advantageous to the evil spirits for it offers them an opportunity to occupy the believer's will and body too. Just as a darkened mind is easily deceived because it knows not what it is doing and where it is going, even so is a passive mind prone to attack since it has no sensitivity whatsoever. Should anyone allow his head to cease thinking, searching, deciding and to no longer check his experience and action against the Bible, he is practically inviting Satan to invade his mind and deceive him.

In their desire to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit many of the Lord's people feel they do not need to measure, investigated, and judge by the light of the Bible all thoughts which seemingly come from God. They think being led by the Spirit is being dead to themselves and obeying every notion and impulse of their brain. They follow especially those desires that arise after prayer; hence they arrange for their mind to be passive during and after prayer. They halt their own thoughts and their other mental activities so as to be ready to receive "the "thoughts of God." And the result is that they become hard and obstinate, having no reason and carrying out many harsh, pertinacious and irrational things. They do not know: (1) that prayer will not transform our thoughts into godly ones; (2) that to wait for divine thoughts during and after prayer is to invite counterfeits from the evil spirits; and (3) that God's leading is in the intuition of the spirit and not the mind of the soul. Not a few saints--ignorant of God's will that He does not wish man to be passive but rather cooperate activiely with Him--spend time training themselves to be of a passive mind. They induce themselves not to think in order to possess God's thoughts.