The Source of Faith


God is the source of faith. The meaning of God being the source implies more than just His giving us faith. It means we have faith, or increased faith, in God. In other words, the reason why we have faith or faith increased is because there is a certain quality in God that induces us to trust in Him.

The questions we should be asking is not "Do we have faith?", "Is our faith enough?" These questions become irrelevant. For these questions actually keep us in darkness and drive us to despair. What we should be asking are such questions as these: "Is God trustworthy?" "Is God believable?" "Will God relinquish His promise?" Are God's power and love real?" Our problem lies in always looking to our own side. Hence the more we search, the less we can find our faith. But if we can turn our attention to God's side, we shall immediately discover the faith that begins to rise in us. We ourselves are not the source of faith. No wonder that during introspection we could find faith nowhere! So, the more we look at the true source of faith - at God himself - and wait and meditate on Him, the more faith we shall have.


Watchman Nee (Word of the Cross, CFP, p. 117)