Revelation About Biblical Locality

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How has the first love been forsaken by men?

Carefully note that the author of a biography of Watchman Nee, Angus Kinnear (son-in-law of T. Austin Sparks), and T. Austin Sparks could not give up their flesh all the way since they could not accept the truth of the body life of Biblical locality in their heart of hearts. I do not even find Stephen Kaung, who has the most sermons on the internet of anyone, or those from the Rivers Magazine, pursuing the local churches correctly. Of any here, Stephen Kaung is the one who ought to know better, being so close to Watchman Nee's writings; but sadly, he is too busy giving speeches, and talking about other things, rather that seeking for the Apostles to come into agreement.

An Apostle for a regions works regionally to appoint Elders of a locality and encourage Elders of a locality to approve Elders of a meeting places within their respective localities. These three worker categories are suppose to be the three main Workers for the Church.

Though these men recognized failed attempts (in the unregenerates such as Witness Lee and his horrible doctrine) at establishing local churches by a false means of a central hub control and command, there is no reason to refuse the independency and boundary of local churches, the only means by which the Church is divided, i.e. the church of Ephesus in the churches of Asia Minor, or the church of Jerusalem in the churches of Judea, or the church of Edmonton in the churches of Alberta. Sects are denominations possessing a party spirit, dividing by "I of Cephas," "I of Apollos," even "I of Christ" non-demons.

Watchman Nee looked for someone whom he could place himself under as his authority to maintain harmony in the Church and to not point to himself. That person was T. Austin Sparks. He did this even though he knew Sparks had major troubles understanding Biblical locality. T. Austin Sparks had a major falling out with Jessie-Penn Lewis, for she said about him that he was copying his work and separating himself from the unity of the Church. This agrees with Spark's not appreciating the body life. Sparks became too ecumenical, too independent, and broke away from Jessie-Penn Lewis' work. This was not right.

It should be noted that if both Jessie and Austin appreciated the fact of Biblical locality, this problem would never had occurred. Few can see this first love that was lost in Biblical locality.

Even worse, Sparks was a Baptist, that is to say, he held some or all of the 5 false teachings of calvinism. These could never be reconciled with osas arminian as agreed to by Watchman Nee (see The Spiritual Man). Closely related to M.O.R.E. (the organization that distributes T. Austin Spark's materials) was Sure Foundation - both located in Indianapolis. The reason this is significant is because Sure Foundation published The Release of the Spirit (Wtchman Nee), which is a book that Stephen Kaung had to later retranslate from original sources because it was so poorly done by Sure Foundation. Only read the white covers! From CFP. Like other horrible translations after Nee's death by various carnal souls, we should only accept the original. Please forgive me if I did not say this as best as could be said, but I am trying to make a very legitimate point here. Understand the affiliations and their work. Much thanks goes to Stephen Kaung (CFP) for translating Nee's working according to the originals.

To this day, since the first or second centuries, the Church has lost it's first love in the Church of Ephesus and does NOT operate according to Scriptural locality with elders taking care of church affairs for the entire locality. Today, God's Word on local assemblies has been replaced with man-made systems of so many corporation-style formats in Christendom. e.g. in Fresno, California, it is not the church of Fresno there, but literally 450 outlets of dozens and dozens of different denominations (i.e. pride of saying, "I am of Cephas" or "I am of Apollos") and non-denominations (i.e. pride of saying "I am in Christ", non-denominational, as would T. Austin Sparks convey). It is the largest company in the city, but it is divided inappropriately, inefficiently, and not as effective as it ought to be according to and abiding in God's will.

Where did these people go wrong? Sparks was too verbose, independent, and forsook Biblical locality. My issue with Kaung is he has too many sermons on the internet and forsook Biblical locality. My issue with Lewis is that she was too focused on warfare and forsook Biblical locality. My issue with Lee is he was never born-again with his horrendous teachings, including central command and control. Get the picture? The very thing that solves problems is the very thing that is being denied in their hearts...Biblical locality.

The Church is not a hodgepodge of confusion. But Satan is the author of confusion. What are you going to say and what are you going to do about it? Do you love God? I know God wants a return to the first love which is Biblocality, but convincing members of the body of Christ is the hard part. Explaining to someone in person is easy, for they always agree with me, but it is soon forgotten and no great impact is reached. That is why I pray on how to convince universally, because it requires a global understanding in the church. In fact, it is basic to me, so should it be a basic truth to everyone in the church.

Watchman Nee comments on Sparks error, "I personally received much help from Mrs. Penn Lewis. Brother T. Austin-Sparks of England was greatly helped by her, too. Brother Sparks was formerly a Baptist minister in the southeast area of London. The Lord showed him the truths concerning the cross, resurrection, church life, and other things" (Back to the Cross, 99-100, CFP), but the Lord did not reveal to Sparks about Biblical locality because he did not hath an ear to hear. The reason Sparks did not receive this revelation is because he was not consecrated enough for the Lord to know this spiritual reality.

Troy Brooks