In sum, a fair and balanced portrayal of the Middle East will reveal that one nation stands far above the others in its commitment to human rights and democracy as well as in its commitment to peace and mutual security. That nation is Israel.


Does Trust Spell Trap?


On January 4 the Palestinian religious leadership announced that the PA goal should be the destruction of Israel (  They state that they shall realize the reality of 1967 borders "no matter what it takes" which means more violence. They say that "their grandfather's blood requires this." The "grandfathers" were supposedly expelled from Arab lands by Israel which is just more historical revisionism.  The PA mullahs go on to say that the Palestinians will conquer the same way Muhammed conquered--by the sword if necessary.


I was pleased to hear Rice make a realistic statement: "After ten cease-fires, why should this one be different?" It isn't different is the point. The same PA mantras continue. The "shameful suffering of the Palestinians" is the fault of the Israelis, when it's the fault of PA thugs and leaders. Then there is the issue of the "shameful fence/wall" which has saved thousands of Israeli lives. Then we hear "the occupation must end" except the "occupation" isn't an "occupation." It is land taken by the Israelis in wars in which they were attacked. The land was confiscated for defensive purposes as in any war. But in what other war was it ever demanded that such land be returned so their enemies can turn around and assault them again?


Other than this usual rhetoric, another issue is what the Bible says. I know, few care about that.  You don't read about a two-state solution to this problem in the Bible! In Ezekiel 26, God states an oath that the restored nation of Israel will not be given into the hands of the nations around her. 


President Bush said today that we're watching a process unfold "where people are becoming more trustworthy." Wrong. Since when is Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and other similar groups in the region more trustworthy. The PA is not more trustworthy because terrorists don't change their leopard spots. Hamas can extinguish all the good Rice might accomplish in one suicide bombing. Hamas won about 65% of the vote in the recent elections and obviously many are loyal to this terrorist group, which also operates in America--and not with good intentions. They have a very loyal following from many Palestinians because they also do "humanitarian work" for them.


I fear trust is spelled t-r-a-p and we can throw in the term "strong delusion" as well.


Please continue to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem" (Ps. 122:6). The only way we will see that before the Millennium is if individual Jews and Arabs become followers of Messiah Jesus. It's happening today like no other time since the early church days, so there is reason to be hopeful and positive in that respect.  The more those in that region become followers of "the prince of peace," the more we will see genuine, realistic peace.


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