Anton Hein - The Unrepentant Pedophile

For his crime, he remains an unapologetic, unrepentant child molester, and sins of bearing false witness to justify his existence instead of himself truly changing under the hand of God. This is
my reply to Anton's (and Janet's) email to me April, 2005. The owner and editor, Anton Hein of was charged for this crime as recorded in court documents, (type in "Anton Hein" to find out the charges against him).


"The board [] is more about establishing a "cult awareness" hierarchy than it is about helping people. Psychological diagnoses are handed around like popcorn at a Saturday matinee. Anton uses Steve Hassan's list of cults as a bully pulpit for proselytizing his unique perspective on Christianity," said Katie D.


Anton Hein is a convicted child molester and pedophile court documents reveal, "For the crime of 'LEWD ACT UPON A CHILD' Anton William Hein pleaded no contest in Jul 1994 in San Bernardino County Municipal Court and spent about 6 months in jail filed in July 1994. After his release from Prison, Mr. Hein moved to Holland." Normally, this is fleeing probation; where he began his so-called apologetics work. My immediate question is if according to Anton, his "conscience is clear" (his own words), then why does he aid and abet in the sin of bearing false witness (see below) with Richard Fisher against Watchman Nee? This would be his unresolved popping up elsewhere in a new venue, not really accepted nor actually forgiven at all by God, and this comes out in his dealings. If you are not guilty, do not plead no contest. When you plead no contest, you are admitting guilt unwittingly. I am sure this duplicity does not sit well with God of the Bible.


I won't be posting any of your subterfuge at your request, which I have read to be considered merely fluff. This is to establish that the character and behavior of Anton Hein is consistently related, both his unrepentant sins of bearing false witness against Watchman Nee brutally in error, Anton Hein's pedophilia (no less brutal of course), and his subsequent divorce, breaking the laws of God despite one's possible many varied "reason for my [Anton's] divorce," (from Anton's site) Anton's choice words. A plead of no contest for child molestation is an admittance of crime (see court documents of that admittance and today's denials throughout the internet. Anton does not think he has done wrong showing no repentance on his part when he says "I maintain that I am not guilty." This is hell bound. Did Jesus plead no contest for a lesser sentence of the cross?


I have asked you previously not to email me Anton, and waste my time with your empty emails, but instead if you must email me (through means of your new wife), yet again, do so by actually dealing (productively) with the sins of your aiding and abetting these egregious errors by showing substantial change in your policy (remove false posts that are obviously wrong), for as you can see, you hold some serious sins of bearing false witness (breaking the 10 commandments). Don't you care? Moreover, early in 2004 you had given your word (promise) you were going to remove the Watching Out For Richard Fisher article (by late 2004), but that has not been forthcoming, no explanation given, which only shows you are being duplicitous saying one thing, then doing another, especially in light of the truth of the mistaken assumptions given here (recently updated for your benefit and notified as such just recently)....Richard Fisher


The Spiritual Man - this link, and its related links within, are for the purpose to show, if you review Anton's s s so-called apologetics site, that he attempts to marry a calvinist, modalist cult leader Witness Lee to Watchman Nee (osas trinitarian arminian, i.e. God's way), while Nee was imprisoned for life. It was when I began to observe this, that I came about Anton's inner motivations (of an unregenerated spirit) of why he does this which is disclosed in the brutal disregard for the truth of Richard Fisher's piece, bearing false witness against Watchman Nee. In the Leeist, Fisher, and Hein camps, what we are dealing with here is one or more of these man-made problems: calvinistic "pride of believing they were premade for salvation," bipartite fallen men teachings, hostility to partial rapture (which manifests itself into various historicalisms, posttrib onlyism and pretrib onlysim), and probably most significant of all, hatred for church in Biblical fellowship, that is, against Biblical locality. To determine whether any of these statements are true in this paragraph, of what I have said, simply ask the parties concerned what they personally really believe, and you will see what I mean.


Do you realize throwing around the word "ad hominem" so carelessly is selfish, and in fact, what you are doing yourself, as you avoid these pieces of information (in the two links provided) which are bearing false witness and attacking the person instead through erroneous self-declarations. In what way have you tried to deal with these sins of bearing false witness and ad hominem attacks you yourself commit, and aid and abet? Notice your misuse of the term ad hominem. The keyword to notice here is "instead" in the 3 forms of attacks you cite regularly (in a link you link to inordinately in your site, but do not abide in yourself). So what is the truth of this mistaken assumption on your part? When Anton's child molestation conviction is spoken of, it is not done INSTEAD of the facts, but IN ADDITION to as a corroboration of character. Do you see the difference? Therefore, your false accusation is itself abusive, circumstantial, even tu quoque as it pertains to Watchman Nee, as well as me, when you accuse me of ad hominem, attacking abusively my person, e.g. when you said "If that is the way you choose to live your life" (from email dated Apr/05).


Not once do you ever deal with this information. Don't you feel belligerent? Avoidance and denial and deflection is no way to be. Are you a apologetics cult, for one who says he is in apologetics work is not free of himself being in a cult? Are these not the characteristics of one who is in some form of cult mentality? If this is the way you choose to live your life, I hand this back to you where it belongs and let God deal with you as He surely will. Praise the Lord!


Just realize you show you do nothing whatsoever to even try to see these errors of yours. Scary stuff.


All of this behavior is consistent on your part. Now just ask yourself one question, why do you avoid the specific problems in these two links? Why do you not deal specifically? What is it in your flesh that you are holding onto that you can't let go of?


At the appropriate time, a copy of your response will be given to my lawyer, preserved, and used as needed in a proceeding, to show you do nothing in anyway whatsoever to deal with the errors of your sins of bearing false witness, even about your criminal activity in repentance. You (to Anton's new wife) may be attracted to unrepentant pedophiles, but that is not a characteristic of a godly woman or new wives.


I have copied Anton Hein's pages about himself trying to rationalize his sin of pedophilia unrepentantly, thus refusing the forgiveness of Jesus Christ, pretending to be a Christian, causing him to continue in the same sin of errors as aiding and abetting the sins of bearing false witness, fully proven, as shown in the two links above. Sin doesn't go away so easily does it? It just pops up again in another form or even another child molestation. Watch yourself. If you have not repented from child molestation, what is to stop you from doing it again in a hidden fashion?


*** Note: This is a private email message sent to Antoin Hein (and wife apparently).  No portion of this email may be made public in any way without the express permission of Troy Brooks

*** A copy of these emails have been sent to a law firm as needed.


The conclusion of all this is that Anton (psychologically) has pursued bad apologetics work since his child molestation and pedophilia, as an attempt to rationalize his position to the world, but God of the Bible can see his real heart condition, that has not entered into the new creation by a regenerated spirit. How sad.



In Christ,

Troy Brooks