Scientific Evidence

Many people think science disproves the Bible. But the God of salvation and the God of creation are the same. Every now and then science may disagree with the Bible, but usually science just needs time to catch up.

For example, in 1861 a French scientific academy printed a brochure offering 51 incontrovertible facts that proved the Bible in error. Today there is not a single reputable scientist who would support those supposed "facts" because modern science has disproved them all!

Here are some other examples of science “catching up” with the Word of God.

9. The ancients believed the earth was held up by Atlas, or resting on pillars, or even seated on the backs of elephants.
What does the Bible say in Job 26:7? ____
What do we know to be true? ___
God revealed the facts of cosmology long before man had any idea of the truth.

10. For centuries man believed the earth was flat.
What did the prophet Isaiah, writing 750 years before the birth of Christ, reveal in Isaiah 40:22? ____
What do we know to be true today? ____
Isaiah explained that the earth was a globe centuries before science discovered it.

11. When Ptolemy charted the heavens, he counted 1,026 stars in the sky.
What does Jeremiah 33:22 say regarding the stars? ____
What do we know to be true today? ____

12. When the black plague was killing one quarter of Europe's population in the fourteenth century, it was the church — not science — that helped overcome the dread disease. The leaders in the church noticed the instructions given by the Lord to Moses in Leviticus 13:46.
What instruction does he give? ___
What do we know to be true about germs and how to stop the spread of disease today? ___

How did these men of God know the truth of science long before the rest of the world discovered it? They were moved by the Holy Spirit to write the truth. God's Word is not filled with errors. It is filled with facts, even scientific facts.

13. If the Bible has proven true in these circumstances, what does that imply about its truth in everything it says? _____