Readings of Watchman Nee by someone else:

- spoken by Angus Kinnear, who did a biography of Wachman Nee, and who was the son-in-law of T. Austin-Sparks. Realize, carefully, that both T. Austin Sparks and Angus Kinnear did not get Biblical locality.


Blood of Christ

Body in Christ

Cross of Christ

Eternal Purpose

Holy Spirit

Reckoning of Faith

Two Creations


Stephen Kaung (on Nee):


A Modern Day Vessel

The Lives of 5 Men Part 1

The Lives of 5 Men Part 2

- in listening to Part 2, the phrase "Recovery Church," was mentioned, but in all of Nee's writings (at CFP), never once did he use this phrase.

The Life of Watchman Nee